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Bills WR Stefon Diggs darted out of the locker room with all his stuff before some of the Bills coaches were even down to the tunnel area. Practice squad RB Duke Johnson stopped Diggs before he left the stadium and brought him back to the locker room. He left a few minutes later..

I thought Trevon Diggs was the one that just caught that pick and I was so ready to tweet the Tennessee fumble six.

Putting this into the universe. Diggs vs. Diggs. I asked the #nfl on 7/31/22. Asking again 🙃 #GoBills.

Diggs Photo,Diggs Photo by BillzBabe 🦬,BillzBabe 🦬 on twitter tweets Diggs Photo

Diggs needa work on tackling all week because shanahan gonna watch this film and run right at him.

Stefon Diggs is giant baby whenever things aren’t going his way. Same story for him dating back to high school. Bills fans are insane to even mention him with Michael Fucken Jordan hahahahahah.

@BillsSocal If the route distribution/spacing seems off it’s likely how Diggs adjusted his ride to the coverage not necessarily Shakir. And not necessarily wrong. It’s just something that happens..

The funny thing here is that you can tell Peyton is pissed like he’s still playing 😂.

@graham_krackers It’s interesting they have not tried to get diggs to bite once on a deep shot.

@chadp71 In Dak’s defense this is the playoffs, and the rest of the team has inarguably played well (outside of Trevon Diggs’ atrocious tackling)..

@Ray__Diggs That was PI tbh on 3rd tbh but I can’t moan cause officials have consistently let guys play, questionable roughing call on Hicks aside..

days could seriously only get 10 points, with Shakira, Diggs, Davis, Beasley, Cook, Singletary? 10 points! Like this is some bullshit..

@ErikJTurner That makes sense. Diggs probably flattened the route. Your clip also shows how much gravity Diggs gets. DBs are terrified of him..

Micah Parsons is phenomenal, on another note Diggs needs to step up his game asap. #Cowboys.

@Cover1 @GregTompsett The INT to Beasley, the TD to Knox, & the deep pass to Diggs are about the only ones I can think of - coverage wasn’t the problem yesterday imo.

@dallascowboys Diggs island is the size of Australia. Can’t tackle but has good hands . Maybe he should be playing the same position as his brother..

@TapaNava Que? Diggs tiene permitido tacklear y no solo golpear viendo al suelo? Jejejeje.

I know Taye Diggs & Tyrese are 2 different ppl …why do I keep mixing them up 🥴.

@dallascowboys please trade trevon diggs man is dog shit I have no idea how he made it to the nfl 🤯.


Diggs got bailed out by Brady! Diggs has been horrible tonight so far.

@SportsSturm If I’m Brady I throw 5 yard dump offs Diggs way every play. He’ll never make a tackle..

Diggs made a terrible decision early in this drive. Lack of football knowledge to not pinch the runner to the sideline on that 3rd down. Every mistake can beat you in the playoffs. #DALvsTB.

@jonmachota If only Diggs would wrap up instead of whatever he’s been doing throwing his back into guys.

Alot of issues 1st Quarter but can make up for it. Diggs play man not soft, Tank get better shoes, offense give the defense a rest, Micah keep killing it.

@christomasson If we don’t build decent team around him. Jj no one going to blame you if you pull diggs.

I told people he would entertain the Broncos. Payton will too….

@theStevenRuiz @DoctorZdbrg Bro, he threw dimes to Knox, Shakir, and Diggs that were dropped. That’s about 120 yards and a TD. He made some bad decisions for sure, but discounting the limitations HE has to deal with is disingenuous.

@Dymirr_ 😂😂 naw remember u wanted to save that pic when mike evans caught that ball over my guy diggs.


I think Trevon Diggs has been shadowing Mike Evans in man for most of the game and I haven’t seen Mike Evans make any catches yet🔒.

Bro I hope y’all watch the replays. Mike Evans is killin Diggs. But y’all ain’t be able to tell since Brady don’t fuck wit Evans…...

@PatMcAfeeShow @ToneDigz Diggs showing off the skills on the green!! Shout aht to you all on the plentiful supply of Budlight…Whadd??? $ScottyD50.

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