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Happy birthday to my keeper buddy @RishabhPant17. Have a good one!.

#DineshKarthik Photo,#DineshKarthik Photo by DK,DK on twitter tweets #DineshKarthik Photo

@DineshKarthik Reverse sweep try cheyapothe maxxxx dhagrki anna But great innings 🔥🔥.

@DineshKarthik Sir I love 😘 your shot in leg side and you are my all time favourite best luck for wrould cup♥️♥️♥️♥️👌👌👌👌.

Off all the batsmen in the Indian T20 @DineshKarthik is the one I respect the most atm. He is providing batsmen a great template on how to use skill, judgement and a good foundation to become a run scoring machine in T20s. Indian Coach material!.

@DineshKarthik आज एक बड़ा योगदान देना समय था आज जल्दबाजी में आउट हुए यह एक बड़े खिलाड़ी पहचान नहीं है.

@Cricketracker @DineshKarthik Well he is underrated power hitter of India. I like his batting approach..

@DineshKarthik You could have avoided that shot at that time. Still entertaining 20balls..

आज भले ही भारत हार गया हो साउथ अफ्रिका से, लेकिन @DineshKarthik का बैटिंग देखकर मजा आ गया! एक अनुभविं खिलाडी को बार बार अंदर बाहर किया जाता था, कभी स्थाई तौर पर टीम मे जगह नही मिला! @BCCI को DK को स्थाई तौर पर टीम में रखना चाहिए! DK best finisher, इंडिया के लिए! #INDvsSA.

#DineshKarthik Photo,#DineshKarthik Photo by Anand Gautam,Anand Gautam on twitter tweets #DineshKarthik Photo

@DineshKarthik Aaj hundred kr skta the aap agar sensibly khelte to 😒😒 aisa chance baar baar nhi aata.

@bhogleharsha Happy with the batting opportunities which the team got! DK @DineshKarthik well played!.

@DineshKarthik The shot you got out to was unnecessary, pl don’t spoil it again in the future.

@DineshKarthik If you can hit straight out of the park, why to try unorthodox could have your day. Anyway all the best for WC..

@DineshKarthik Galat shot tha bhai aapka jispe out ka ownership lena chahiye kya ab to @DipikaPallikal bhabhi se mar khaoge 😂.

@DineshKarthik Kya zaroorat thi sir, reverse sweep khelne ki Abee plz sidha kheliyega.

@DineshKarthik किस्मत means luck with dk so you in team nethier commenter all match for eran.

@DineshKarthik Feel u missed gr8 opportunity to stay at d wickets till end n won d game for India as u came ahead of usual spot! U tanked bowler for 2 towering Sixes already n could have held back from playing switch hit! Wishing Godspeed in WC @ Australia!! 😊✌️👏.

@vp_offl @DineshKarthik Ippadithan thala indha #Arivu paiyanum chennai 28 la vara matchla.

@SunRisers @DineshKarthik India vs South Africa 3rd T20 Highlights.

@yomi2105 @DineshKarthik India vs South Africa 3rd T20 Highlights.

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