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Updated: October 25th, 2021 07:37 AM IST

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Dolphins’ deal with the Texans for Deshaun Watson “could go down this week,” per @McClain_on_NFL The NFL trade deadline is on Nov. 2

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The Dolphins have called pass on a league-high 71% of their offensive plays this season.

Nov. 26, 1995. Marino was 23 of 36 for 254 yds, four TDs and a pick. passer rating. Dolphins lost 36-28 to the Colts. The previous five times a Miami QB put up those numbers, the team one. All courtesy of @Stathead.

Chad, I don’t “act.” I say what I mean. Dolphins not having elite talents Chase or Pitts is not a statement about Waddle. The fact is the Dolphins could have had what EVERYONE pre-draft understood was one of two generational talents and put selves in position to pass on both.

The Dolphins won’t be good until Deshaun Watson is traded, to any team. The looming, hovering cloud is effecting every aspect of this football team. Whether it’s at the deadline or in the off-season, every play/game will be scrutinized until decisions are final

明け方変に目が覚めて、寝ぼけ眼でTwitter見てたからあわあわしちゃったけど、これ本当にトレードなんかされたら向こう10年くらい許せなくなっちゃう気がする。俺たちの信じたトゥアタンゴヴァイロアを信じろ。Our QB is TUA

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So surely continuing to go with the no location thing means that everyone will just default to calling them Redcliffe, as Wayne did twice in the press conference today. Might fade over time but with the team based in Redcliffe + the Q Cup side still the “Redcliffe Dolphins” 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Dolphins’ deal with the Texans for Deshaun Watson “could go down this week,” per @McClain_on_NFL The NFL trade deadline is on Nov. 2

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#Texans are working toward a potential deal that would send Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins that could get done this week. If not this week they still hope they can get it done before the Nov 2 trade deadline.

Texans, Dolphins could have Deshaun Watson deal done this week via @houstonchron


I went to the Jacksonville Zoo this morning and laughed at the dolphins there

George and Alex at NFL London (Via Miami Dolphins) #F1 #Formula1

✅ Monday Morning Headlines ✅ Latest Dolphins Podcasts ✅ Community News #TheBlitz x @Verizon

@pajmanio @neilreynoldsnfl Yep saw this guy as well from dolphins sideline stand, he was brought to a medic behind the dolphins bench. Ridiculous scenes yesterday and I would not be surprised if we lose the ability to have drinks in seats from next year


it would be so satisfying to be on a pristine white sailing boat speeding through the tropical sea, a pod of dolphins swimming alongside, and then when one leaps out of the water beside me I ding it hard with a baseball bat

Dolphins lose ☑️ Patriots lose ☑️ Panthers lose ☑️ Seahawks lose ☑️ Jamal Adams gets embarrassed again ☑️ Goodnight … #Luv

yeah thats what I thought bro dolphins a solid team. I honestly think it was the coke back then lol they had a bunch of money to supply miami with the drug money so it was a good team then. after that miami has been majorly impacted. thats my personal opinion.

I love watching football all day, and yet, after this mornings terrible performance I couldn’t watch a single minute more. Thanks a lot Miami Dolphins.

CSI Twitter is on The Case After Nick Mongeau Called Dolphins Emmanuel Ogbah a Half N*gger and The Rest of the Black Players on The Team Full N*ggers in IG DMs (IG Post-Tweets)

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2 things killed the Dolphins today. Shitty coaching & shitty officiating. Tua ain’t had shit to do with it.

Jaguars snap 20-game losing streak with last-second win over Dolphins in London

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Dolphins have to play next Sunday after that loss in London? Falcons damn well better win

The Dolphins have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars. People need to lose jobs, people.

Tua Tagovailoa is 33-47, 329 yards, 2 TD, 1 bad INT and 22 yards rushing coming off broken ribs. Today taught us what most of us already knew. The Dolphins have much bigger issues than Tua.

Jaguars declined to kick a FG to take TD lead. Failed on fourth down. Dolphins march down field for a TD and now lead by 3. Urban Meyer is not helping his team.

First quarter ends with Miami in the redzone on their second possession. 7-3 Dolphins.

#Dolphins CB Byron Jones (Achilles/groin) has been ruled out for today’s game vs. Jacksonville. Miami will be down Xavien Howard and Jones in the secondary. Kickoff at 9:30 EST.

The #Dolphins will be without their top two cornerbacks today against the Jaguars in London. Byron Jones (Achilles/groin) and Xavien Howard (shoulder/groin) are both out.

I’m up this early for the Miami fucking dolphins lol Y’all better win today I’m not playing

Ever wonder where MarineLand’s dolphins live throughout the winter when the park is closed to the public? These pics were taken behind the scenes at MarineLand. This cruelty must end. #FreeKiska #SaveSmooshi

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The #Dolphins have activated QB Tua Tagovailoa off injured reserve and he’ll start. They also elevated WR Isaiah Ford and WR Kirk Merritt for Sunday’s game vs the #Jaguars.

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