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💥 Jack Dorsey: #Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work is “necessary” 👏.

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Elon musk having 100% to Republicans in 2016 tracks. He was sick of black people and women having a seat at the table and that’s why he wants twitter to be flooded with nazis. Shame on twitters board for allowing this travesty, and to Jack Dorsey specifically for his part..

@AnadoluEfesSK @olympiacosbc Congratulations! Great game to watch that will be remembered. Good luck in the final!.

Ο Hassan Martin έζησε την αμφισβήτηση μας, πήρε την εμπιστοσύνη του κόουτς και μας δείχνει ένα άλλο πρόσωπο. Ο Tyler Dorsey έζησε την αποθέωση μας, πήρε την εμπιστοσύνη του κόουτς και δεν μας δείχνει κανένα πρόσωπο γιατί είναι ΑΦΑΝΤΟΣ στα πιο κρίσιμα της σεζόν. #OlympiacosBC.

@TwitterSafety Reminder you guys once pushed disinformation in the name of ridding of disinformation..

Για άλλη μια φορά από τα λάθη μας και την εμμονή του Μπαρτζώκα να αφήσει στο κρίσιμο σημείο τον Dorsey αντί Γουοκαπ #OlympiacosBC.

Jack Dorsey Bitcoin Hakkında Konuştu! #Bitcoin #JackDorsey.

Former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Believes Bitcoin is the Internet’s Only Money.

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Props to @USPS for delivering #covid tests just 72 hours after we ordered them. Impressive — or are my expectations just lowered in our 3rd year of this mess?.

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Στα 5:00 με το σκορ 70-71 και το momentum υπέρ του #OlympiacosBC, ο Dorsey πετάει μια βαθιά μπαλιά στον Mckissic που δε χρειάζεται. Α, ρε.

Οταν ξεχναμε στον παγκο τον Walkup και τον Fall,οταν ο Βεζενκοφ εχει 1/8 και οταν ο Dorsey παιζει 2 περιοδους χωρις να κανει τιποτα,δεν μπορεις να παρεις ενα ματς σαν αυτο.

Bal Bartzokas hataları Hakem saçmalıkları Oly’de oyuncu saçmalıkları (dorsey, vezenkov) Sonuç; orospu çocukları finalde 🤬🤬🤬.


Tyler Dorsey praises Vasilije Micic and feels bad he couldn’t give back to OLY fans #F4GLORY.

@Cristian_stel Τους ξέρουμε αυτούς πολύ καλά. Δε χρειάζεται να ασχολούμαστε κιόλας νομίζω..

Texas offered Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey within 24 hours of entering the transfer portal..

Dorsey yapacağın işi sikeyim cidden. Hem foul sokamıyosun hem saçma saçma top kaybı yapıyosun mahallede oynatmam seni amkk.

Serge Storms (25 book series) by Tim Dorsey via @amazon #thriller #BookRecommendations.

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3. Çeyrek sonundaki Dorsey üçlüğü, son 2 dk’da kaçan 3 serbest atış… telafisi ancak böyle bi üçlükle olurdu… eyvallah #AnadoluEfes.


lol crazy ppl care about that like we make money from this shit. only niggas making money from twitter are the investors and dorsey.

Elon Musk : What Is The Future Of Ethereum and Bitcoin ? BTC Pump To $ via @YouTube Maybe worth watching… Elon, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood #bitcoin.

Shervin has supported many charities and served on charity boards like (along with others like Jack Dorsey) and has served as an advisor to the Malala Fund. Learn more here:.

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@CTWpod Very unconventional answer but Ken Dorsey. If he becomes better than Daboll ever was the Bills are scoring touchdowns every drive.


@NoMoreGambIing @elonmusk As another former roommate of twitter founder jack dorsey, it’s safe to say that his vision for this app has been absolutely polished..

@elonmusk I’ve seen enough. As a former roommate of twitter founder jack dorsey, it’s safe to say that his vision for this app has been absolutely tarnished. This acquisition is the worst thing to happen to me since I contracted gonorrhoea. Thanks a lot Elon, I’ll be deleting the app ASAP..

The results are in: Block continues to turn a profit despite a turbulent market..

Jack Dorsey’nin şirketi Block ilk çeyrekte 1,3 milyar dolar kâr etti.

Texas extends an offer to JMU transfer linebacker Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey.

@FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBCDaily should we get Jack Dorsey back? He regrets his arbitrary banning. Or you prefer a nameless puppet that can be controlled?.

@elonmusk Stop talking to your friend Jack Dorsey, and life would be easier for millions of people, including #BTC #TWTR.

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