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F**k salt, cause Peppa’s here! 🧂 Welcome to the Werkroom, @iamblackpeppa! #DragRaceUK.

Black Peppa winning the first Mini Challenge AND Maxi Challenge I KNOW THATS RIGHT 💅 #DragRaceUK.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Seddera Side⚡️,Seddera Side⚡️ on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

Category is… Ru Are You? 🌟 Serving signature drag, it’s @coppertoppqueen! #DragRaceUK.

A pleasure watching #dragraceuk with @thedannybeard. 👏🏼.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Michael🦒,Michael🦒 on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

RIP Cherry Valentine. Not only were you an incredible drag queen on #DragRaceUK, you were a frontline nurse in the NHS who helped save so many lives! I know the documentary you did, about growing up gay within the traveller community, will have helped so many people!!.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Meh,Meh on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

My claim to fame is that I once had to race to Boots for eyelash glue for @thedannybeard cos a gemstone fell off her face during some filming we were doing for Pride✨ #DragRaceUK.

Ok!!! This is my new favorite entrance!!! #DragRaceUK I STAN!!!!!!.

Scarlett is safe. Gag hahahaha congratulations Black Peppa #dragraceuk.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Stanley Iyanu,Stanley Iyanu on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

How are they gonna put Dakota in the bottom for not having a personality when Starlet was on the top 😭💀 #DragRaceUK.

comienza el mejor track record de la historia de drag race a servicio de la peppa negra #DragRaceUK.

Eu tô chocado até agora com a entrada da Black Peppa, juro que não tinha percebido que era uma máscara, até ela tirar #DragRaceUK.

actual footage of me everytime i see dakota on my screen #DragRaceUK.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by rin ♡,rin ♡ on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

today marks the day where i’m finally free to become a publicly delusional dakota and sminty stan! #DragRaceUK.

Hindi ko na-gets yung mga reference sa #DragRaceUK Keep up naman sa #DragRacePH na nagca-cater for international audience hihi.

Excited to see Danny Beard and Cheddar Gorgeous, as they’re the only two I’ve heard of before Season 4. #DragRaceUK.

I can’t believe they’re still not putting pronouns on the confessionals. Even I have pronouns on my work email signature! #DragRaceUK.

just going to say that cheddar gorgeous, daddy beard and jonbers blonde are all v much solid faves already #DragRaceUK.

Category is… Ru Are You? 🌟 Serving signature drag, it’s @itsstxrlet! #DragRaceUK.


Ru going on about Stratford and two soups, and then she says ve-H-icle and you remember there’s nothing British going on #DragRaceUK.


I’m sorry but has Michelle/Ru even seen the two soups sketch??? Copper Top was literally spot on lol #DragRaceUK.

We all know @iamblackpeppa is winning this, yes? 😻 #DragRaceUK.

Black Peppa with the double win first ep!! I know that’s right 😌😌😌😌 #DragRaceUK.

do they pick the worst pictures for the photoshoot?… like most of the pictures were not good 😭 #DragRaceUK.


Ni que a la Just May le hiciese falta pintarse de cobre para lucir completamente oxidada #DragRaceUk.

RuPaul estaba a punto de sacar la foto de bebe de Black Peppa en la pasarela, ya coronenla! #DragRaceUK.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖐𝖒𝖔,𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖐𝖒𝖔 on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

now why did they do rain on a white backdrop, they just look wet for no reason #DragRaceUK.

now I know you all are not sleeping on Le Fil rn i mean cmon now #dragraceuk.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Matthew Belak,Matthew Belak on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo

Dakota did what needed to be done and she shouldn’t’ve even been there in the first place #DragRaceUK.

Just finished episode 1 of #DragRaceUK and OMFG these queens are amazing but @smintyd BLEW ME AWAY!! I was also blown away by @iamblackpeppa love you both so much already 🥰🥰.

Runaways favs da primeira runaway : #DragRaceUK Sminty Baby Dakota Starlet Peppa.

#DragRaceUK Photo,#DragRaceUK Photo by Juju,Juju on twitter tweets #DragRaceUK Photo
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