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Updated: November 26th, 2021 05:38 PM IST

CHILLS! Watch Drew Brees lead the Who Dat chant one last time 🖤💛

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@DevonGarnett drew brees wants to the new orleans saints to lower his coffin so they can let him down one last time for good


@cushbomb If Manco had had Drew Brees for fifteen years we’d all be speaking Quechua


@stanverrett True But we did get a glimpse the last two years of post-Brees as Drew missed a lot of games. And his playoff exits were forgettable. Just seems the injuries hit a tipping point on a very solid team

Even Drew Brees’ ‘return’ couldn’t spark enough life in the Saints to avoid an embarrassing 31-6 loss to the Bills

Also love drew brees ended up doing it casting the evening game that even cris himself commented on it lmao

@therealJGH @RobbBeaux Seriously? u guys act like the past 15 with Sean never happened. We can’t have a winning record every year. Why are you guys surprise about the year? Didn’t we all know it was going he either a average team or below average with drew brees gone, the salary cap issues and injury’s

@MarkMaske Turns out it’s easier to be a “QB whisperer” or “offensive guru” when Drew Brees is your QB.

@Heatwave316 I think you are absolutely correct here. Also Drew Brees was more mobile LOL! That’s Pretty Bad!

Saints football without Drew Brees is like Motley Crue without Vince Neil, still a fan, but homeboys be makin sum shitty music

LOS BILLS FRUSTAN LA CENA DE BREES Y LOS SAINTS Ante los ojos del QB leyenda de los #Saints y con un Allen medio entonado, la #BillsMafia aplastó a Así, los de recuperan terreno en la AFC Este y hunden más a su rival que extraña mucho a Drew.

Drew Brees / Brees is down on the field and there are a few fans still left, chanting One more year. #NFL #

@Saints NBC sucks for not showing half-time Drew Brees retirement show to the TV audience. Louisiana Saints fans and out of state fans wanted to see it as much as it was advertised.

My birthday gift from my older sister was a ticket to the Saints game tonight. It’s my one sportsball thing. It’s always fun to be in the dome for a game, even if we had an awful loss surrounded by visitor fans. And Drew Brees was there & honored for his contributions. #whodat

Drew Brees Photo,Drew Brees Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Jeff_Nowak People talk about Great Coaches’s and that’s really bull shit. Great players make Great coaches. What’s the Saints record without Brees ? Sean Peyton is still the Head Coach. End of Conversation. Drew Brees was also 1st Class

I do feel bad watching the saints being blown out by the bills on Drew Brees honorary night on Thanksgiving. the Bills win will help the Eagles in the long run playoff wise as that big win last Sunday helps the tiebreaker situation at the end of the season #eagles

Drew Brees Photo,Drew Brees Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@cathwheely Game? What game? I only recall the Drew Brees commemoration ceremony over here

@Saints To Drew Brees….. the REAL greatest of all time. No, I don’t care that he has only one Super Bowl ring, I’m sticking by what I say…. no matter what.

Drew Brees watching the embarrassment the Saints offense has become, knowing he could play better than every QB on their roster currently

Honestly, wonder how Drew Brees is doing as he watches his former team sputter on offense and have no answer on defense. Bills ballon their lead some more.

A vdd é que a vaca deitou qndo o drew brees se aposentou, de lá pra cá o time conta com a bruxaria dos pântanos do sul #Saints #NFLnaESPN

I can’t believe Saints fans were slandering drew brees when he left and look at us now lol this is laughable at this point

Nesse Thanksgiving eu agradeço pelo Saints não iludir e já mostrar a que veio desde o início. Também agradeço por não ser o Drew Brees nessa despedida melancólica #NFLnaESPN

“Great game the Saints are playing” - drew Brees while the Saints are down 31-6 in the fourth quarter

@RD7_Era Drew Brees made these receivers……. You don’t have that luxury anymore dude!!

The question has to be asked, do the Saints hate Drew Brees and chise to get blown out on Thanksgiving when he is calling the game?

Drew Brees being honored was our only positive highlight of the night. 🖤⚜️🏈🐐

My parents, 20+ year season ticket holders of the Saints, are appalled that Mike Tirico said that Drew Brees created the ‘Who Dat’ chant. Pops is actively searching to bring up @Saints radio in-between grinding his teeth 😂

@NBCSports someone needs to tell y’all the Saints “Who Dat” been around since 1983. Way before Drew Brees. Y’all sound stupid!

I really don’t know if one person has ever meant as much to an organization as Drew Brees has to the Saints

CHILLS! Watch Drew Brees lead the Who Dat chant one last time 🖤💛

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