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Updated: November 28th, 2021 09:38 AM IST

🚨 ANDRE Drummond 🚨 The clutch tip-in sends it to double-overtime on NBA League Pass! Watch 2OT between the @sixers and Timberwolves:

Drummond Twitter

Insane sequence to end regulation. DLo hits a 2nd three, the Wolves perfectly take the foul up 3. BUT, when Doc inserts Drummond for the 2nd FT to intentionally miss, Finch doesn’t get a 2nd legit big man to box him out. Easy tip to tie.

Andre Drummond sends the game into double O/T! 📲💻 Watch live on League Pass:

@fymroo It’s funny bc the first time I ever read this tweet I just assumed it was anti-Drummond. Like that’s how much LeBron and AD matters

@SexlandEnjoyer Beyond unbelievable they chose allen over drummond. This is why the cavs are and will always be a poverty franchise. Unbelievably disgusting act by koby altman. This act promotes lice and abnormal hair growth. Shame on you, cavs

@fymroo I mean andre drummond will give u Ad’s latest numbers without all the flailing and falling around


🚨 ANDRE DRUMMOND 🚨 The clutch tip-in sends it to double-overtime on NBA League Pass! Watch 2OT between the @sixers and Timberwolves:

@drummond___ @Bruno_Iludido 98 eles perderam o titulo pro Corinthians, por isso estádio cheio, olhe os anos , sempre anos de conquista, agora do galo olha os anos, sem disputar propriamente o título, isso mano nunca vão poder discutir.

chico buarque e carlos drummond de andrade juntos no quarto episódio do tabuleiro ❤️

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🌟🌟 3RD PRIZE is A family pass for Blair Drummond Safari Park 🌟🌟 To be in with a chance of winning, tickets are £1, purchase by emailing @ by 8th Dec 💛🖤

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@lynne_drummond @rcpsych It’s piss poor Lynne . Have met Andrea in real life’ and know her story and lack of access to correct treatment which is life changing. The collateral damage due to delay is woeful to

“O presente é tão grande, não nos afastemos. Não nos afastemos muito, vamos de mãos dadas.” (Mãos Dadas - Sentimento do Mundo - Carlos Drummond de Andrade) Feliz #judolffoday 🌗

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Huge congratulations to recent graduate Lewis Silburn who has won the RIBA TAG’s Student Design Award of £1000. Our students also scooped 2nd, 3rd and joint runner up prizes; Mungo Adam-Smith, Sian Edwards, George Davis and Lauren Drummond. Bravo all and tutors @SmithTaylorLLP!

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@igor_drummond @unitedcavs liverpool, bayern, milan e acho que apenas esses times tem o mesmo ou mais títulos que ele

✨ Top Friends 🥇 AlexsanderDoug5 🥈 uRonald_sccp 🥉 drummond___ 🏅 nathansccp2 🏅 heitorcnc 🏅 ThiagoBolas_21 🏅 savarinx ➡️

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Que a felicidade não dependa do tempo, nem da paisagem, nem da sorte, nem do dinheiro. Que ela possa vir com toda a simplicidade, de dentro para fora, de cada um para todos. _Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

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Toda manhã, quando acordo, eu rezo “Obrigado, Senhor, por me ter dado a sorte de torcer pelo Atlético.” Roberto Drummond

Many lords have legal expertise & time to scrutinise bills. They frequently challenge bad government

@RelapseRover So sad. I wish we could all work together against the stigma of mental illness. This is also reflected in the stigma of medication. So different to physical illness as I haven’t heard of eg a type 1 diabetic being urged to stop their insulin? So why is mental illness different?

@ElSleepyFloyd That boy was goin innnnnn! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Then proceeded to slander Drummond like it means something. 💀

@embiidhomie @JoeVirayNBA Drummond has a decent Passer’s at the Top of Key which the Lakers could use to run 5-Out Offense, a REAL OFFENSIVE SYSTEM. 4-time NBA Rebounding Champion. Better than DeAndre Jordan.

Man said Andre Drummond missing layups was “ingenious” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@JoeVirayNBA Lakers gave up on Andre Drummond too quick, it doesn’t have to be lob dunks PASS THE BALL EARLIER.


@SI6pod @Michael_Levin drummond really isn’t that bad lol, just needs to not be playing starter minutes. when he backs up embiid for 15-20 a game, he does great

A ver los Warriors tienen como 5 jugadas para el top 10 de las mejores jugadas de la semana -La volcada de Toscano llevandose a todos -La volcada de Toscano destrozando a Drummond -El canaston de JTA que casi se acaba el reloj de posesion -El triple de Poole desde media cancha

I was told by a “Knicks”/Phil/Porzingis fan that Drummond is really good and a steal

@TWlNK_182 what are the chances that drummond goes back to the lakers ala dwight and horford back to the celtics

0-5 FG, 1 point, 5 turnovers, 4 fouls. Like I said, Drummond is not someone GSW needs to worry about lol

@blondedsctrl They had to watch another classy Andre Drummond disaster class, low-key feels bad for them LOL JTA the spark plug king the past couple of contests

@clearypercyy Sure is 💯 and Embiid’s defensive impact is just as good as Drummond’s if not better

Stayed up until 12:30 to have Drummond ruin my damn night… I miss Embiid just embarrassing this dude and going to sleep happy. 😞

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