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Win or lose this game, Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe should be in charge of the Leafs next season, and 34, 16 and 88 should all be the core. That’s a hard thing to do, but it’s almost surely the right thing..

Brendan Shanahan: We will not be making changes just for the sake of making changes. The #leafs Prez gives a vote of confidence to Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe..


Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan said that general manager Kyle Dubas and head coach Sheldon Keefe will return for the 2022-23 campaign..

It is rather unfortunate that the biggest thing Kyle Dubas can do to improve this roster is also the thing that will sink his reputation as a player relationship man.

Also says that Dubas will be back next season. No concern about his contract status, though wonders if extension is in the cards. #LeafsForever.


Thoughts on Kyle Dubas’ philosophy around salary cap spending? 🤔.

“Today is the day the Toronto Maple Leafs have shown you that status quo, for them, is good enough.” @ArashMadani breaks down the Leafs end of season news conference where Brendan Shanahan indicated Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe will return Watch here ➡️.

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CORRECTION: Dubas contract is not expiring this year, it expires following next year..

There isn’t a GM in the league id trade Kyle Dubas for. You’re 411 days away from being able to offer Matthews an 8 year contract extension. I don’t want a GM coming in and changing the vision of the team now and have Matthews negotiate with someone new.

November: “Campbell is a Vezina candidate! Dubas a genius!” February: “Campbell cooked! Dubas an idiot!” May: “Why are the Leafs lowballing their starter?! Dubas an idiot!”.

This D corps is gonna win a round. Dubas would be eviscerated if this was the Leafs’ D..

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I thought the 2021 team was the peak of our roster during the Matthews contract. Then we go out and improve at basically every position. I really hope Dubas is around for this offseason and I’m optimistic about what he does.

leave’s fan’s: u can’t dunk on us cause we already dunk on us harder than any1, we r so jaded u wouldn’t believe it, life is pointless, leave’s fan’s 2day: that was basically the conference final’s, dubas is the best GM n the league, let’s run it back, no change’s!!!!,.

Why I think Dubas and co. are very safe. They presented MLSE with a plan. I looked at stuff and it seems to me as an outsider without knowledge of club structure, planning or anything that they are working in 3-season windows. Each has different structure and.

Anyone who unironically wants Dubas gone is an idiot and should have their internet privileges revoked I think.

KOSHAN: Off-season decisions for Dubas will be crucial, but foundation is in place for success Via @koshtorontosun.

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Dubas actually looks so sad because he’s thinking about his favourite hockey team, the Ottawa Senators, losing the draft lottery.

…is repeatable. They could point out how despite limitations (some self inflicted, some not) Dubas navigated the cap to build the deepest team they’ve had since the early aughts. And yeah, they could say it was a right series that came down to two egregious calls..


The biggest mistake of the Kyle Dubas Era still might be picking Joe Thornton over Corey Perry..

Also Dubas and Keefe aren’t going anywhere. You can book that shit. Run it back! Go Leafs go!.

Do I think Nylander is traded this off-season? No. Do I think Dubas will float his name out there or listen to offers for Nylander. Yes..

If your firing Dubas it’s to bring in a different style guy. It’s gonna take an offseason or two before it’s “his vision” I don’t want that flurry of trades and signings happening while you have to sign Matthews You need him as happy as possible to sign that 8 year NMC deal.

Dubas has done some good things. But the overall cap management along with poor drafting, have left the club so thin on the backend and in goal..

Friedman on 32TP says he does believe they want to bring back Dubas and Keefe, but he wonders will they let Dubas come back next season without an extension? He has 1 more year left on his deal..


Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe and general manager Kyle Dubas will be back next season. They received a vote of confidence despite Toronto losing its first Stanley Cup Playoff series for a sixth consecutive season..

All these media cucks sucking off perennial loser Kyle Dubas this AM makes me.

The only quote I want from the Leafs is that Kyle Dubas has been fired. #leafsforever.

i understand that a lot of people are concerned about the forwards and how the leafs can improve stylistically up front, but i think the biggest aspect of the team kyle dubas needs to address this offseason, is goaltending..

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If it’s any consolation to leafs fans, that team is was less screwed than Ontario is going to be after this election. Maybe shanny and dubas want to run for office?.

@bozocat999 @Sid_Seixeiro Dubas is really solid. This coming from an oilers fan that hates the hell out of the leafs. Toronto wins most of the trades/signings they partake in.

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