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Only one will come out on top tonight ... Duke vs. UNC 🔥.

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Я когда нибудь буду нормально есть? Типа не кофе и еще какая то херня (конфеты булки)? Или не раз в день, буквально падая от желания пожрать? А нормально? Нет? Ну ладно.

DUKEのファイナルを15*42から15*40へ変更。 SPNの裏直以降のセクションが合わなくなりそうだけど、トミンを考えるとこれでもショートなんだよなぁ、悩む_(:3 」∠)_.

ACC Titles - Since 1999 Duke: 12 Other ACC Schools Combined: 9 🔵😈 All-Time: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆.

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Congratulations Duke! You make us proud—not enough superlatives to describe this team. ACC Champions🏆 @DukeMBB.

@j_doyle413 @JordanMonts30 Duke will lose to some random squad and Kentucky will beat unc on the other side of the bracket.

@michalpretm Jak na tajnego agenta Kaczyńskiego, to całkiem dobry dorobek 😂😂😂.

@BMW135i_coupe 松本ォはストーカー癖があるだけで美人だし妹想いのいい子だよ!😭ただストーカー癖が((.

明日3/17の名華祭のお品書きです! 大変申し訳ありません私の発注ミスでえーてる百合イラスト本の精細印刷オプションをつけ忘れた為グラデが綺麗に出ていません。したがって200えんとさせていただきます楽しみにしてくださっていた方すみません.

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How flat is Duke gonna be tonight? How bad do we want revenge? How gassed is Zion gonna be? How bad are RJ and Reddish gonna continue to be? 1, 3, 5, in the nation and then we gonna win that bih, write it down..

@DukeMBB Zion thank you. I’m starting to think RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish are going to cost us a national championship with their inconsistent play. RJ forces shots and Cam is a turnover machine. Alex is no Grayson and Frank needs to stop shooting 3’s he is cold as ice. But Still go DUKE!.

@gravislizard @chirasul I mentioned the Sapphire Wand from Hexen elsewhere in this thread. Shockingly Duke Nukem 3D DOESNT have one despite hitting every single other 90s FPS weapon cliche.

うれちい #マシュマロを投げ合おう.

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Only one will come out on top tonight ... Duke vs. UNC 🔥.

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The characters are fully formed and Jordan did a great job of merging the horror and comedic elements within the movie. Winston Duke provides great comedic relief as the happy-go-lucky, CORNY dad. #UsMovie.

The Duke of Gloucester, as Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Masons, will present The Duke of Gloucester Gold Medal Award at the Mansion House in London..

UNC(3)-Duke(5) i natt 0200. Semifinale i ACC tourneyen. Kl 0000 møtes Virginia (2) og Florida State (12) på andre siden av bracketen. Det her er kvelden for å se på college hoops. Første gang tre top 5 lag er i en semifinale i en conference tournament..

The Villa Farnesina # Rome has a room - actually under a stair case - layed out with bright pompeian frescos, painted in 1861 -63 for the then owner of the house the Spanish Duke of Ripalta.

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Middle-aged Duke fan saw my Virginia gear and said “Tony Bennett is the best” before she winked and give me the 👌 sign. I mean she’s not wrong it was just weird..

@michaeleaves @BigBlue_Boss Yah he got suspended indefinitely. And think it lasted one game. After Duke got there ass kicked without him..

I’m more comfortable with Goldwire handling the ball for Duke right now, which is not a good sign..

This game is actually quite sloppy. Bilas is right though. Despite sloppy play, Duke is still dominating by pushing Syracuse’s offense out to almost half court..

Zion Williamson has started 7-7 from the field (not to mention 5 rebounds and 5 steals) thus far in his return from injury for #Duke. He’s shot 50% or higher from the field in 22 of 25 games this season..

Every section in arena is trembling. Duke fans trembling with excitement. All others trembling in fear. BREAKING: Luke Maye just crapped his pants. #GTHC.

Imagine if this dude played for Duke! There would be torches lit right now..

Duke announces that Zion Williamson will return tonight against Syracuse in the ACC Tournament..

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