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Knicks acquired Jalen Duren -- and moved him with Kemba Walker to the Pistons, sources said..


The Detroit Pistons. Cade Cunningham Saddiq Bey Jaden Ivey Jalen Duren The future is bright..

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Hearing that yes, Knicks are still talking with Detroit about the Ivey selection - a deal could be made if Duren is available at 11 and they do a package with that pick..

NBA Draft
NBA Draft

Jalen Duren of @Memphis_MBB 😤 2022 #NBADraft presented by State Farm: TONIGHT at 8pm/et on ESPN & ABC..

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If you told me yesterday Charlotte would come out the draft with: - Mark Williams (Ranked #11th) - 2023 1st round pick - x3 future 2nd round picks - Bryce McGowens (Ranked #28th) I would have have given it a B+. Knowing Duren was there hurts, but the outcome is solid..

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Die uitspraak met onderbouwing gaat ongeveer een uur duren. Het Openbaar Ministerie eiste ook in hoger beroep levenslang voor het aansturen van aanslagen waarbij 6 dodelijke slachtoffers vielen. #Holleeder.

Gostei muito do Draft do Pistons Jaden Ivey e Jalen.

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Pistons rapidly climbing up League Pass Rankings with new core of Cade, Ivey, Bey, Bagley, Duren and possibly Ayton 👀.

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Cade Ivey Bey Bagley Duren That might be the most fun starting 5 in the NBA next year.

Nbadraft said Duren player comp is early dwight howard mixed with Chris Webber lmfaaoooooooooooooooooo.

Ok so Duren and Mark Williams are still here… Thunder picked their big man in Holmgren already, but I would definitely take Duren if he’s available at 12 for them. If they don’t do that, Duren probably goes 13 to CHA. Then Mark falls to what, 18? Idk, just dreaming.

Yooooooo trading away Jalen Duren for cash to clear cap space is something the Knicks might seriouslyyyyy regret. Imagine if they dont even get Jalen 😂😂😂😂😂.

Our own @MotorCityHoops and cohost @omarisankofa bring their Instant Reaction and Analysis to the #Pistons 2022 #NBADraft on Thursday night. What do they think of the infusion of athleticism and high upside talent of Jaden Ivey and Jalen.

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This was a perfect storm. Thought Ivey was coming 1. All the hype over Ivey leading upto the draft 2. Reports that the Knicks were continuing their pursuit 3. Reports that the Pistons were hot for Duren 4. Knicks trading pick 11 for assets 5. Duren getting traded to the Knicks.

Jogadora notáveis pro Knicks ainda disponíveis: AJ Griffin Jalen Duren Tari Eason TyTy Washington Mark Williams Malaki Branham #NewYorkForever.

@DaoWalkerr Jalen Duren avait du buzz mais comme vous détestez ça. Je comprend que t’ai migré vers Memphis mdrr c’est tout l’inverse.

Se o Stone conseguir um trade up e sair com Jabari Smith e AJ Griffin ou Jalen Duren eu nunca falo nada de nenhuma decisão dele.

⬆️⬆️⬆️ What Jalen Duren brings to the Detroit Pistons #Duren.

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@YoannTeissier C’est surtout le fait d’être refusé Griffin et Duren qui passe mal pour la commu je présume. Si les deux étaient pick avant, ça aurait été mieux accueilli, ou fait moins de bruit.

@GanchoNba Jalen Duren e Jaden Ivey no Pistons junto com o Cade o Pistons é um dos vencedores do DRAFT, conseguiu o pivô que queriam pelo preço de uma pick de 2025 e não vai gastar cap com o Ayton.

@JoshuaPascoe11 Damn I hope Detroit just make Duren as their Center of the future and give up on Ayton lol.

@rippednhalf Yup. Drafted Duren at 13 then traded him for a whole bunch of nothing. Traded 45 and a future second for 40. Absolutely abysmal draft.

Oekraïne is sinds een week officieel kandidaat EU-lid, maar het zal nog zeker tien jaar kan duren alvorens het land echt kan toetreden..

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realmente podríamos haber tenido a jalen duren y de suplente a mark williams pero nos vamos a volver a tragar otro año del cojo y manco de mason plumlee.

No debes irte de esta vida sin herir tu corazón. Es inevitable , el amor duele y lastima. Pero las delicias que da por poco que duren, son maravillas que debes gozar. Puedes sentir parecido. Aún sin amar. Pero será sólo éso, parecido y nada más #CRL #LiberaTuVerso.

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Net iemand ontmoet die dus bezig is om voor dagbesteding een vergoeding te krijgen. Gaat nog 2 jaar duren maar de toekomst klinkt zo wel rooskleuriger..

De National Geographic was in 2017 lyrisch over de Nederlandse landbouw, wat betreft productie én duurzaamheid. Hét voorbeeld voor de rest van de wereld. Dat zal niet lang meer duren, als het aan dit kabinet ligt. How the Netherlands Feeds the World.

Signed: Cade, Hayes, Bey, Stewart, CoJo, Livers, Olynyk, Lee, Walker Qualifying Offers: Bagley, Pickett, C. Smith Team Options: Jackson, Diallo, Garza, Edwards To Be Signed: Ivey, Duren 2-Way: Boheim, Keys Stashed: Koprivica, Procida Dead Cap: Dedmon, Z. Smith, Jordan.

@DoughboyFresshh @J1gg__ Bro u putting a lot of faith in rookies , who is Detroit bench, Duren is not a scorer and they traded their best scorer , idk.

@GarbageTime98 yes, from NYK. NYK traded us everything we got in the Duren trade then subsequently re-routed him to Detroit.

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