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The end of an era for the Kings. Next stop for Dustin Brown’s No. 23 is hanging in the rafters in.

Dustin Brown Photo,Dustin Brown Photo by Arash Markazi,Arash Markazi on twitter tweets Dustin Brown Photo

After playing for Germany for many years, Dustin Brown is back to representing Jamaica.

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Woodcroft starts his conference congratulating Dustin Brown on his career. And the Kings organization..

Lewis Kay
Lewis Kay

Salute to Dustin Brown on an iconic @LAKings career. I am forever grateful to him for 🏆🏆and cannot wait to see 23 in the rafters..

Congrats, Dustin Brown, on a great career. Gave everything he had to the Kings for 18 seasons. Two Cups and two Olympic appearances..

Tony Brar
Tony Brar

Also to note coming out of tonight: Congratulations to Dustin Brown on a terrific career. Will forever be Kings Royalty. Captained LA to Stanley Cup Victories in 2012 & 2014. #GKG.

What a career for Dustin Brown. 325 goals, 712 points and 2 Stanley Cups over 18 seasons in the NHL 🙌.

To LA Kings fans, that was one hell of a first round series. It had everything - one goal games, blowouts, goaltending clinics, huge hits, big goals, and everything else you can imagine. Thanks for such a fun ride together. Congratulations to Dustin Brown for an amazing career..

With tonight’s loss comes the unfortunate end of the Kings season. Would it have been great to give Dustin Brown a send-off for the ages? Of course. Would it have been great to shock the hockey world? Absolutely. But make no mistake: This team is just. getting. started..

With Dustin Brown retiring, had to dig up this screenshot from last the best prop run ever..

Dustin Brown Photo,Dustin Brown Photo by Walla,Walla on twitter tweets Dustin Brown Photo

Disappointing end to the #LAKings season, and to Dustin Brown’s #NHL career. That said, it was a successful season for them, especially after making the playoffs in spite of all the injuries, and with the huge black of experience..

Elliott: Kings bid farewell to Dustin Brown and season in emotional Game 7 loss.

@DustinBrown23 As a Blackhawks fan, playing the Kings was always fun. Between are highest points, and the lowest ones, regular season, or playoffs it was always competitive. Thank you, Dustin Brown..

We went through a lot this season. A 1-5-1 start, an unbelievable second half, more injuries than one can count, and the heartbreaking retirement of Dustin Brown. Through all of this, they put up a 99 point season and a very respectable playoff series..

It was a very interesting experience being on a stage listening to the game, having to smile & act happy while Nick was announcing the end of the Kings’ season & Dustin Brown’s career. Good season Kings fans. It was awesome getting 7 playoff games with you. Onto more! #gkg.

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@E77Trevor @Kgill39 He looked proud of them. Oilers also showed respect to Dustin Brown.

Congratulations to Dustin Brown for retiring. One of the best power forwards in the NHL.

At least the people that hate the Oilers can take solace in the fact that Dustin Brown will never play another NHL game.

I am not okay but Dustin Brown is forever my captain. He gave everything to the LA Kings organization including 2 cups. Thank you for everything Brownie💜.

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Woke up sad on Jonathan Quick’s behalf like I usually do. Woke up sad about Dustin Brown like everyone else. Woke up happy that my summer is freed up what it do baby.

Kings, Dustin Brown and a Game 7 loss: 12 thoughts as a season and career end.

my first captain🖤 thank you for everything, dustin brown. #LAKings.

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Me: “Dustin Brown posted a picture of him holding up the cup” My dad, trying to stay as non-emotional about today as possible: “well he has held the cup”.

Elliott: Kings bid farewell to Dustin Brown and season in emotional Game 7 loss.

Dustin Brown (LAK) and Patrice Bergeron (BOS) may have played their last games, two great leaders, irreplaceable team first players will be missed and both should have their numbers in the rafters soon..

This man accomplished more in the NHL then most players ever will. Excellent career terrific captain one of the best to ever do it. Proud of my oilers beating them but gotta give credit to just an amazing career for Dustin brown. He goes out a champion x2 just amazing 🤴.

Thanks for bringing back some joy to watching LA Kings hockey! The future looks bright! Dustin Brown is a King forever🥰.

What an incredible career for Brown, 2 Stanley cups, he’ll likely have his number in the rafters cementing him as an all time great for the Kings, have a good retirement Dustin, you’ve earned it!.

Series didn’t end in our favor but the future looks bright. Helluva a career, as Dustin Brown retires…. Makes ya feel a little old #GoKingsGo.

Thank you for everything. Without Dustin Brown we don’t have two more rings than the State of Hockey. What a ride it’s been..

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