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We channeled old Hollywood magic for movie night on @dancingon10! Mum and Dad even came along to see @joshuakeefedancer & I do a little Fred and Ginger! #DWTSau.

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And that lift Josh and I didn’t quite get right in the tango made a come back in our tribute to La La Land and we nailed it (I take full responsibility for not nailing it in the tango) #DWTSau.

Team LaLa! We had a great time rehearsing this weeks group number! Was fun to spend some quality time with Michelle & Aric, Jett & Lily, and Jimmy & Alex. Also I love Broadway Jazz so much, thanks Matt Lee! #DWTSau.

It’s the most fun you can have with clothes on. Movie night DWTSau week 5! Here are some happy snaps from yesterday. All the rehearsals and excess coffee really paid off. And it’s crazy….

We caught up with Olympia and Jarryd after their shock elimination. | @DancingOn10 #DWTSau.

[email protected] may have exited #DWTSau, but she’s danced her way into our hearts & did everyone proud! ❤️👏 Olympia & her dance partner Jarryd join us to reflect on their journey. #Studio10.

@SharnaBurgess ah I’m so excited !! More shows became available for @DancingOn10 so I got tickets to the shows on the 15th and 22nd April!! 😍😭🙌🏼 surely at least one of those times I will get a chance to say hi to you 😂💕 #DWTSau.

The 2 looks of the night. For @courtneyact and @JoshuaKeefe with #DWTSau A group dance first. Then their individual dance . The quick step. To “I Won’t dance “. You both did amazing in both dances. And you both look so beautiful in each dance. 💃🏼😍💃🏼😘💃🏼🥰💃🏼..

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I’d like to say a big thank you to my Australian supporters for helping to keep me in @DancingOn10 for another week! Let’s hope we can keep going a bit #DWTSau.

This woman never ceases to amaze me. She is a very special soul. I am blessed she chose me to be her Mama. 🙌🏾💗 @OlympiaValance @DancingOn10 #DWTSau.

We asked @OlympiaValance about the risque costume she had to wear on @DancingOn10 last night! #DWTSau MORE:.

Did someone say EPIC? Catch up on these show-stopping group dances + more 👇 #DWTSau.

top of the leaderboard 4/5 weeks @courtneyact @JoshuaKeefe could I be prouder?! #DWTSau 🖤.

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We channeled old Hollywood magic for movie night on @dancingon10! Mum and Dad even came along to see @joshuakeefedancer & I do a little Fred and Ginger! #DWTSau.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the original “Roberta “. And @courtneyact and @JoshuaKeefe look very similar. Perfect darlings. And such a phenomenal quick step tonight. 👏👏👏. Congratulations for being top of the Leaderboard once again. #DWTSau 💃🏼😍💃🏼😘💃🏼🥰💃🏼..

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how the ACTUAL FUCK did Olympia get voted off tonight!? yet curtley has been on for so long!!!! Her dance last week was impeccable 😭 #DWTSau.

DANCING with the stars is supposed to be about DANCING, and if the best dancer is voted off, something is OBVIOUSLY wrong! #DWTSau.

I AM STILL SHOOK AS I thought we were heading towards an Olympia v Courtney what via @10Daily #DWTSau.

What an amazing night at @DancingOn10 ✨😍 I was sitting so close to @SharnaBurgess but sadly didn’t get the chance to say hi 😪 it was amazing just being in her presence again though, she’s an incredible judge 🙌🏼💗 #DWTSau #SharnaSquad.

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Final Leaderboard. @courtneyact and @JoshuaKeefe on top again. What a phenomenal quick step. Beautiful!!!.😍. And dancing to “I Won’t dance” From “Roberta “ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Wow!!!. And I can’t believe Courtney sang the song at the beginning. #DWTSau 💃🏼😍💃🏼.

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QUEEN @courtneyact with another incredible performance #DWTSau.

SIZZLE SIZZLE, @jimmyrees bring the 50 Shades of Grey HEAT. #DWTSau.

Real life vampire vibes. Stunning routine @MishBridges 🧛 #DWTSau.

OMG look @courtneyact . 😍😍😍. With @JoshuaKeefe at #DWTSau They are going to be taking to the dance floor soon. With their Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance. So excited. 💃🏼😍💃🏼😘💃🏼🥰💃🏼..

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A Pulp Fiction extravaganza @OlympiaValance #DWTSau 👏.

#ContagionOfLove Drag star @CourtneyAct has selected Indigenous suicide prevention charity Black Rainbow as her charity as she competes on Channel Ten’s Dancing with the Stars ⁦@DancingOn10⁩ #DWTSau.

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