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If you’re @BizNasty2point0 you gotta look at the bright side that you still have 4 other favorite teams alive. Now onto the biggest tilt of the night in Edmonton where we have our first home game 7 in about 30 years #LetsGoOilers !!!!!!!.

Please be as shocked and horrified over the unmarked graves of these children as you were last summer. The number is growing and so should our demands for action on the TRC Human remains found near Alberta residential school site likely children.

⚡️Ukrainian organization’s building in Canada’s Edmonton vandalized with swastikas. Police are investigating the case after multiple swastikas were spray-painted on the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada’s Edmonton building at around 3 on May 13. Photo: Ivan Lypovyk.

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“Like a ticking time bomb I’m about to explode” EDMONTON, you came in hot like a CANNONBALL last night!!! 🧡💣🖤 check my Instagram for the video!.

Great to meet with Raja Dhaliwal & friends from the South Asian community. These Edmonton entrepreneurs are ready to take back control of their lives from the big bossy government in Ottawa. Join them. And me. Become a member. And vote:.

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One last McDavid thing: he played 151:48 in all situations against the Kings, leading the Oilers (four minutes ahead of Cody Ceci). Edmonton outscored 20-5 in those 152 minutes. This is the best player in the world playing the best hockey of his career..

🧵I am devastated to hear of the violent attacks that happened in Edmonton’s Chinatown last night, leaving two valued community members dead. I am sending my sincere condolences to both affected families, and I strongly condemn these acts of senseless violence. #YEG #YEGcc.

Vancouver -> Calgary -> Edmonton -> Los Angeles -> Calgary -> Dallas -> Calgary -> Denver tomorrow. If you see my family please say Hi..

The Ukrainian National Federation of Canada building in Edmonton has been tagged with swastikas. #yeg.

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The Oilers-Flames Battle of Alberta Had Zero Fucking Chill in Game 1 As Calgary And Edmonton Combined For A 15 Goal Thriller.

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The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames met five times in the postseason from 1983 to 1991, making Alberta the center of the hockey universe..

Der deutsche Eishockey-Star Leon Draisaitl hat mit den Edmonton Oilers die zweite Playoff-Runde in der nordamerikanischen Profiliga NHL erreicht. Im siebten Spiel der Serie gegen die Los Angeles Kings gab es einen 2:0-Sieg. #NHL.

Edmonton hävisi Calgaryssa maaliskuussa 5-9. Nyt meni jo paljon paremmin: 6-9. Tkachuk näihin kahteen peliin 5+2. Kyllähän Edmonton pelasi sellaisen ottelun, että silmiä särki. Ei mitään valmiuksia usein puolustaa. Ylihyökkäämistä, merkkausvirheitä ym. #NHLfi.

Flames had 15 goals TOTAL vs Dallas in Round 1 Round 2, Game 1 vs Edmonton:.

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if he: - Has 23 points, 17 assists, and 6 goals. - is the first player in NHL history with 9 multi-point postseason games. - has done all that within 10 games. he is not your man, he is Connor Mcdavid from the Edmonton Oilers.

@MarcelAndRogie No Doughty. No Arvidsson. With all due respect, the Kings had Stecher on their blueline. Edmonton squeaked by..

The Calgary Flames staved off an Edmonton Oilers comeback attempt for a 9-6 win in Game 1 of their best-of-seven series..

Like 2006, Brown plays his last game in Edmonton like Yzerman..

Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers ‘hunt’ LA Kings in game seven, 2-0 victory.

Edmonton Oilers come from behind to take game 2 in Calgary.

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High Level serves as an emergency centre for the northwest region of the province and has been hosting evacuees since 2003..

The ICE district in Edmonton is buzzing and so am I! This was a crucial series win for the Oilers based on a great team effort! 🧡💙 #LetsGoOilers #YEG.

The highest-scoring NHL playoff game of all time saw the lamp get lit a total of 18 times. hilariously also involved the Oilers the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings saw the Kings win by a score of 10-8..

The Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers 9-6 in the second round of the 2022 NHL playoff. See where that measures up among highest scoring playoff games in NHL history..

With the 20th overall selection in the NHL Draft, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select: Sportacus..

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Edmonton #Oilers Game Review | GM 7 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs | LA Kings @ Edmonton Oilers May 14/22 #LetsGoOilers.

Ticket $400, gas $300 PA to Edmonton run, hotels 2 nights $500, new Draisaitl jersey $280, food $150 = game 7 win to the next round! According to my son it was worth it! I couldn’t fathom spending that much for a game not even the Stanley Cup final (maybe if Pens were in it)..

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the calgary and edmonton goalies were sacrificed to fuel the energy of igor and raanta..

@NHLFlames As an Oilers fan I’ll say 9-6 is flattering for Edmonton. Edmonton had no business being tied 6-6 early in the 3rd period. Very entertaining game though. Hoping it’s a long series. Good W by Calgary tonight..

Calgary outscores EDM 9-6 to take Game 1 of the second round #Flames | #LetsGoOilers.

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