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As terrible as I feel for Dane Jackson, I’m also sick for Tremaine Edmunds. Imagine accidentally putting your teammate in the hospital & having to focus on playing the rest of this game. #BillsMafia.

Tremaine Edmunds an interesting case - elite talent at linebacker but Bills opted not to extend him before contract year. One knock on him is lack of splash plays, which he’s delivering tonight with a sack, two TFLs and pass deflection to set up INT. Will be marquee free agent.

obviously the bad hit on jackson is a mar on his day, but edmunds has maybe played one of my favorite games i’ve seen from him. he was very very good on that interception..


I’m begging Twitter to take a beat and have some grace for Tremaine Edmunds. Injuring a teammate is any player’s worst nightmare. #BillsMafia.


Why is Edmunds even laying that hit when the WR is on the ground? That’s so unnecessary it’s beyond insane… Pray that Dane Johnson is okay but that looked just horrible…😳.

Tremaine Edmunds goes for a dirty late hit and ends up putting his teammate Dane Jackson in the hospital..

I know it was an accident, but after-the-play lunges like what Tremaine Edmunds did, need to be removed from the #NFL. Hoping Dane Jackson is okay..

Evidence is not enough on its own to influence policy change - @BelTownsend #PopCongress2022.

I been saying edmunds was drafted too high for the longest. He’s always been very underwhelming..

Wonderful news for Bills CB Dane Jackson who took a scary hit to the head by Tremaine Edmunds..

Tremaine Edmunds you done messed up, the tackle was already you just probably ended your own teammates career..

Burks was already on the ground why would Edmunds even try to make that tackle?!? If he doesn’t do something stupid, Dane Jackson isn’t hurt..

@DouglieDoWrong The hit by Edmunds was unnecessary. The receiver was already going down, not like he was breaking the tackle. Hits like that should be illegal, 15 yards and an ejection.

@SteelersTres60 Edmunds nomás no pesa, tiene un juego pobre en una zona donde es vital contar con un buen jugador..

@Steelers_Muse Eerily confident. Offense waking up and defense just needs to lock down the edges and limit the chunk plays. Edmunds needs a good pep talk.

@Edmunds_life_ ya as long as we are competitive and learn stuff about the team it’s okay i’ve been fine with the first 2 weeks.

@ReturnofR Seconds of Pressure by Rockpile (featuring Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds). It was their only album, but it was a great one..

@blackyellowbr Recomendo a Terrell Edmunds tacklear os adversários. Fortemente, por sinal..

@SalSports @RyanTalbotBills Tremaine Edmunds, nice move blowing up your own player on a missed tackle.

Accidents happen, but why would Edmunds proceed to try to hit a player who’s already down? Prayers up for Dane Jackson. #BUFvsTEN.

@oQuarterback edmunds fez merda. n precisava ir para o tackle, jogada ja tava em controle. tomara que n seja nd gravissimo com o dane..

What the hell was edmunds doing going for this hit in the first place.


@RapSheet Jackson already made the tackle on his man, this was entirely a stupid move by his teammate Edmunds.

@BuffaloBills @Djack11_ Edmunds planted both feet. The other players on the ground, the play literally over, then he launched. The injury is all on Edmunds. I hope a coach takes him out back at halftime and gives him a whooping’. If anyone disagrees, go watch the reply on Twitter..

@AaronQuinn716 How can you not blame Edmunds? The play was over and he tries a cheap shot on Burks and takes out Jackson.

@record_mexico @TomPelissero No, no fue un choque, Edmunds fue a castigar a Borks y termino jodiendo a su propio compañero Jackson.

@brownsugalesbo Crazy thing is Edmunds didn’t even need to go for the hit, bro was already on the ground. Smh.

@MitchLawsonML Edmunds stupid ass!! These fucking defense players always friendly firing on their teammates alll the fucking time the play was dead no reason to even slide down and hit! And I hope he feels guilty he snapped his own teammates neck! Be fucking smart.

@islergaming @BrettKollmann Every player in the NFL is a freak athlete. And Edmunds stands above most of them. Every player would say he is blameless. But the armchair experts know better..

People blaming Edmunds for this are out of control. It’s a bang bang play and he’s trying to do his job. If he doesn’t go in for the hit and receiver breaks that tackle people are on his back about it. Guys going to feel like shit for about it. Can’t blame him.

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