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🚨 Indicadas ao Oscar de “Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante”: • Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) • Hong Chau (The Whale) • Kerry Condon (The Banshees of Inisherin) • Jamie Lee Curtis (EEAAO) • Stephanie Hsu (EEAAO) #OscarNoms.

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Sincere, sensible hopes for #Oscars2023 nominations tomorrow: Paul Mescal/Aftersun for Best Actor Joseph Kosinski/Top Gun: Maverick for Best Director Greig Fraser/The Batman for Best Cinematography RRR for Best Picture Stephanie Hsu/EEAAO for Best Supporting Actress.

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my main critique of EEAAO has always been that there’s too much jamie and not enough of everyone else and I still stand by that. this nomination only underlines that issue!.

#EEAAO star Michelle Yeoh admits she was nervous on Oscar noms morning — and that awards kudos are “the cherry on the cake.” “This is where everybody comes and pats you on the back and goes, ‘Bravo.’ So thank you for the bravo. I’m taking the roses!”🌹🌹🌹.

Client took out a fantastic TV show that had Michelle Yeoh attached right before EEAAO and no one wanted it. We did get a nibble from one streamer, but “we need a bigger name to pair her with,” but then they eventually passed too..

People who are anti EEAAO solely for the sake of being contrarian you better hope i never catch you.

Just a reminder that we pretty much crushed it with our prognostication in this year’s Awards Journal. Interviews with the Oscar nominees from ELVIS, MAVERICK, EEAAO, TRIANGLE, GLASS ONION, LIVING and more! Still available for free at all @CurzonCinemas 🤠.

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Anyone else trying to relive EEAAO? These books might be the answer. 🥯.

she better take it, i finally watched EEAAO last night and my GOD.

With smash hits like Maverick, Avatar & EEAAO, if the #Oscars ratings are still low, maybe, just maybe, @TheAcademy will finally understand popularity doesn’t automatically mean Oscar viewership, and focus harder on producing a show for those of us who actually care about it..

Genuinely not sure whether it’s funnier to give it to jamie lee curtis in eeaao or Angela basset for what if the avengers were sad.

Yes, and one of them also made a hillbilly horse shenanigans murder mystery a couple of years ago that is awesome. I hope EEAAO wins. These directors are GREAT..

e não é falta de atriz não, o cinema asiático é um dos mais impressionantes do mundo, mas a bancada do oscar não quer isso, ela quer é um filme estadunidense, ppr mais que eeaao represente uma diaspora chinesa ainda é um filmes made in usa.

Escolha 1 facção: Dª Elvira, formadora de bolos e heróis - gostei mt de EEAO, é bom que alivia dessa mesmice Marvel, Avatar, ne Chimpanzé de monóculo, formado na Estácio - PREPÓSTERO: AVATAR É O ANTI-MARVEL, EEAAO QUE É MARVEL -> MULTIVERSO, HUMOR CANASTRÃO, FLASH.

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sorry but the most nominated film going from potd to this is kinda awful 😭 I promise you I really really wanted to love eeaao so bad but I think those really high expectations combined with the behaviour of many of its shooters online have REALLY soured me towards it..

Sekeluarga dapet nominasi semua bruhh, kerenn. EEAAO deserves borong all the awards show, no??? yes mvs.

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eeaao being nominated for the oscars 11 TIMES AND STEPHANIE being nominated as well is such a great way to go on with your day!!!.

Took a shot in the dark and said both Stephanie and Jamie Lee would be nominated for EEAAO. Got 5/5 supporting ladies correct.

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EEAAO getting the most noms as lunar new year just passed… hmm i think its a sign tbh.

im sorry i have to be annoying and tweet about this but ive been reading the chinese dialogue in EEAAO for practice and the laundromat line that makes everyone cry is actually slightly different in its literal translation and it is . imo so much more heartbreaking lol.

EEAAO может пролететь из-за того, что это кино для миллениалов и зумеров, а средний возраст киноакадемиков до сих пор колеблется в районе 60 лет. А за бумеров уже все сказал Пол Шредер..

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Whatever you think of EEAAO, it’s been a wonderful experience for Ke Huy Quan..

Feel like it should be reemphasized how amazing it is that EEAAO is a frontrunner to win Best Picture. Imagine thinking that 9 months ago. Incredible..

EEAAO was my fav movie last yr, but I remember thinking “I loved that. Wouldn’t it be cool if it got an editing nom?” after seeing it back in April. I just didn’t see it as a big Oscars contender. Too weird, too early, too genre, etc. Now it’s got 11 nominations!! That’s awesome..

@PlsWatchGundam Oh I for sure wouldn’t call it best picture. It would just be the most Hilarious thing to happen. Out of all of those I actually really liked Banshees and All Quiet. Although EEAAO or Tár will probably win depending on how up it’s own ass the Oscars are this year..

EEAAO swooping in and stealing the Best Picture award that Marvel has been chipping away at for years is gonna be so funny.

EEAAO being up for best picture is a lose-lose situation because if it wins the discourse will be awful and if it loses the discourse will be awful.


pensando en los tiempos cuando EEAAO era querida y todavía no se convertía en la nueva CODA.

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coming out as a lowkey EEAAO hater. only ke huy quan deserved the oscar nomination from that movie.

I think it’s a super power to take material that by all rights could be insanely cringe and make it work like Stephanie Hsu in EEAAO or Aubrey Plaza in Legion.

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