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With the 41st pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Pelicans select forward EJ Liddell (@EasyE2432) from 𝗧𝗛𝗘 Ohio State! 🙌 #PelicansDraft.

EJ Liddell Photo,EJ Liddell Photo by New Orleans Pelicans,New Orleans Pelicans on twitter tweets EJ Liddell Photo

My five big steals from draft night, including the Warriors nabbing PBJ and the Pelicans snatching EJ Liddell in the second:.

I’m so glad bulls didn’t pick EJ Liddell, he is one of the most overrated prospects in this draft..


Me amargó la noche el hecho de que le quitaran a Lakers a Jabari Walker y EJ Liddell Me hiciste mierda, temporada 2021-22..

EJ Liddell nasty af on defense 😭 We got a switchable defender and a rim protector 🔥.

Here’s who I took in my NBA shadow draft (random number generator for one 1st round and two second rounds) 12th- Aj Griffin 38th- EJ Liddell 47- Vince Williams UDFA- Dereon Seabron UDFA- trevion williams UDFA-Cole Swider UDFA- Keon Ellis UDFA- Collin Gillespie.

I would’ve also liked to see what we had for trade options with the pick. I thought trading back was seriously in the cards 39. Khalifa Diop: F Terrible. Disgusting. All around a horrible performance. EJ LIDDELL WAS STILL ON THE BOARD and you take another fucking center im livid.

@iztok_franko I really hope this dude was great in the workouts or they saw something because his finishing is terrible man idk if he can fix this lol I feel Ej liddell will be a huge steal dude gives me draymond vibes lol nola will be so so good.

@DP0YLAVINE More potential and a younger player then EJ Liddell, EJ Liddell not going fit well in the NBA..

@PassPassRun man i think the Pels crushed it honestly. Dyson daniels is an easy fit that brings connective passing and should be a great defender from jump and i have no idea how EJ Liddell fell that low he should be in the rotation pretty soon he played the best defense on Paolo all yr imo.

@GeffenReshef Yes I would’ve rather had Jaden Hardy, Nikola Jovic, Wendell Moore, TyTy Washington, EJ Liddell, Christian Braun or Max Christie over either of them..

Rapaz, Herb Jones e EJ Liddell Deus tenha misericórdia dos nossos adversá.

@KellanOlson I don’t understand how he didn’t trade into the 2nd round to get EJ Liddell..

Illinois Natives Max Christie, EJ Liddell both taken in the 2022 NBA Draft @Max12Christie @EasyE2432 READ HERE:.

EJ Liddell Photo,EJ Liddell Photo by Xavier Sanchez,Xavier Sanchez on twitter tweets EJ Liddell Photo

I am very happy with how everything worked out tonight. Dyson was my #1 choice with who has left on the board, EJ Liddell is crazy value at #41, and Karlo will be a nice stash..

@SplashyBeeter @KY_PDX Tbh we coulda just used that pick and 57 to move up for EJ Liddell but🤷🏾‍♂️.

Agbaji was a great pick. Liked that we got Mobley. However, how the heck do you pass on EJ Liddell?.

Love what the Pelicans have done today. Dyson Daniels, EJ Liddell in the second round, and now Dereon Seabron undrafted.

38. MEM - Kennedy Chandler: A- 39. CLE - Khalifa Diop: C- 40. CHA - Bryce McGowens: B+ 41. NOP - EJ Liddell: A+ 42. NYK - Trevor Keels: B- 43. LAC - Moussa Diabate: D 44. GSW - Ryan Rollins: C+ 45. CHA - Josh Minott: C- 46. DEN - Ismael Kamagate: A- 47. MEM - Vince Williams: D-.

@PelicansNBA won the draft again last night, Daniels one of the best defenders in the draft, Ej Liddell is the 2nd round who was predicted first round in most mocks and then if we are looking at Seaborn in udfr then he’s another first round talent to be playing in the G league😅.

@DP0YLAVINE The only thing EJ Liddell be good for us shooting and he will be a very overrated defender in the NBA, and not a good rebounder in the NBA, I never like us picking EJ Liddell..

EJ Liddell, according to @DSamangy’s 2022 NBA Draft app..

EJ Liddell Photo,EJ Liddell Photo by Pass, Pass, Run,Pass, Pass, Run on twitter tweets EJ Liddell Photo

Favorite picks of tonight- Jalen Williams to OKC Tari Eason to HOU Marjon Beauchamp to MIL EJ Liddell to NOP (at 41??).

@JokictheG_O_A_T EJ Liddell 6-7 240 Average 19 points per game and is an incredible defender. NBA ready body and he has the game as well. Trevor keels 6-4 221 NBA body Can shoot and is also a great defender. Does are guys that can help right now. 3&D Watson missing the 3 to his game..

EJ Liddell Pick 41, Pelicans I’m shocked he fell this far so I would love the value here no matter what, but I also love the fit. New Orleans has continuously looked for shooting to help the spacing of their team and Liddell can provide that, similar to Trey Murphy last season.

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