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If Eli Apple’s game matched his Twitter swagger dude would be a Hall of Famer. The highest level of pettiness. Lol.

Eli Apple wanted our camera to see this after the #Bengals 8th straight win. @fox19.

Eli Apple Photo,Eli Apple Photo by Jeremy Rauch,Jeremy Rauch on twitter tweets Eli Apple Photo

Maybe the best Bengals locker room moment Sunday from Eli Apple..

If you don’t want Eli Apple talking smack, beat his team lol it’s that simple. Y’all be emotional on this app.

The fact that there are Steelers fans that root for the Bengals AND wanna see Burrow do well is wild to me. Franchise was irrelevant for a longgg time. Now they find a little success and you have clowns like Eli Apple who don’t STFU. And this is who you cheer for? No chance..

Eli Apple has his helmet on and appears ready to go out on defense as Ravens get the ball to open the third quarter..

Eli Apple vs. Kadarius Toney this weekend. Who are you rooting for, Giants fans? And why is it Toney?.

This is pretty much every #BillsMafia    fan in regards to Eli rotten Apple 🤣😂🤣😂 #PanchosArmy.

Eli Apple Photo,Eli Apple Photo by 🇮🇹 Viva El Pancho³🇺🇸,🇮🇹 Viva El Pancho³🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Eli Apple Photo

NFL fans see Eli Apple get beat once then assume that’s what happens every down- Eli has been extremely reliable for us, with Chido Awuzie going down early this season, Eli has stepped up big. Learn from the mistakes and make some plays next week. We have faith in Apple 🍎.

@AdamSchefter Dang. If we would have had awuzie, Collins, Cappa, and not eli apple we would of won too. Oh wait…. We did.😢😢 cry about it.

@DelReid In 50 years, everyone will know who Stefon Diggs and Damar Hamlin are. Nobody will know who Eli Apple was..

@PurpleReignEra Robinson earned a spot in the HoF after cooking Eli Apple like that last. Ivy.

What happened to Bills and Bengals fans being buddy buddy lol. You guys couldn’t take us beating you and are taking Eli Apple too seriously..

I literally don’t mind teams fans or players shit talking after they beat you. The “refunds” comments don’t bug me (it hurts but we would say the same shit if it were us). But Eli Apple’s comment was so fucking egregious. I thought these teams had some mutual respect?! Fuuuck him.

Eli apple seriously the worst nfl player I’ve ever seen Why do they always win when he gets burnt tho 😂.

Eli Apple is so ugly, he threw a boomerang and it refused to come back. #FuckEliApple #EliAppleHateWeek.

These people are playing poker with peoples lives for the benefit of shareholders. US drugs firms AbbVie and Eli Lilly quit ‘extreme’ NHS pricing agreement - The Times and The Sunday Times.

@thekyliewinfrey I want calls in favor of Cincy so we can have a revenge game. I’m petty from last year, I would want watch every touchdown scored on Eli Apple 😭.

I just assume Eli Apple is to Cinnci as what Anthony Brown is to us. Outside looking in he’s BBQ chicken but he’s actually solid and they’d be worse without him.

Don’t let Eli Apple get to you. He’s still one of worst CBs in the league. He knows it and everyone in the NFL does too.

Bengals News (1/24): Eli Apple takes his shots.

Eli Apple Photo,Eli Apple Photo by Cincy Jungle,Cincy Jungle on twitter tweets Eli Apple Photo

@BengalsSnob @WhoDeyHooligan I think they’re using Eli Apple as an example for all fans too. 🫣.

Ironic that a POS like Humphrey supports Eli Apple’s actions. Two trash humans….

Was that an actual tackle attempt on Dobbins by Eli Apple?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Lmao every NFL check Eli Apple deposits should be considered larceny.

Eli AppleのトンデモカバーでTDされたのと、RBを止めきれなかった #Peing #質問箱.

I only played three snaps last season and since have spent all postseason with another knee issue. Despite this, I think I could still do Eli Apple on the simplest of routes. #BALvsCIN #NFLPlayoffs.

Cerdass🙏 #MondayMorning Good Monday Happy MLK Ravens Dior Brendan Fraser Liver Luigi Tess Russ MLK Jr. Eli Apple Sam Hubbard Andrews ディシア CRカップ ハマーン ミカ実装 BAD BOYZ SHOCK 帝王切開 本丸花暦 GYAO ミカくん 博多駅前 エウルア CHANBARA サービス終了 東海オンエア.

@NateGearySports Every time Eli Apple is covering him Sunday the ball should be going Diggs way.

buddy been wrong about the bengals all year and seen eli apple give up a TD and now questioning why he in the league #crazywork.

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