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If you paid just $1 in federal income taxes in 2018, you paid more than Elon Musk — a centibillionaire now worth $151,700,000,000. Quite literally, tax the rich.

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Mr Paul
Mr Paul ()

DATO: $DOGE $ usd vs #POLYDOGE $ usd. Uno tiene a Elon pero circulante infinito el otro finito pero no tiene su Elon, todaví


Elon Musk seems to be right. The Tesla Model S Plaid’s Auto Shift does seem like a pretty intuitive evolution of the traditional gear stalk/shift.

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DOXIE 🌻 ()

hi elon if u send me a check for $5,000 a month i will only say nice things about you for the rest of my life

Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez ()

A currency whose value is based on a tweet cannot be trusted. Moreover, #Bitcoin cannot meet this mandate and still grow.

PlainSite ()

CNBC has been running a factually false front-page headline for pretty much all of Sunday, both before and after it was updated. Elon Musk did not say that $TSLA *will* accept bitcoin again *as* something has happened. He said the company *might* depending on future conditions.

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Eddy ()

@CryptoWendyO $SMGM Because Elon is in. #smegmars #elonforsmegmars

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Forbes México
Forbes México ()

StopElon es la criptomoneda que crearon los detractores de Elon Musk

Rich Freudli
Rich Freudli ()

BTC News: Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will no longer accept payments in USD unless The Federal Reserve and all commercial banks are able to operate by using more than 50% clean energy.😱😱😱

Fast Company
Fast Company ()

Elon Musk’s ‘Teslas in tunnels’ are a $52 million bet on the future of transit

little king trashmouth
Little king trashmouth ()

listening to pre-elon musk and realizing post-elon musk grimes is still getting paid for it

MTMung ()

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✨🌸Lobster Mom🌸✨
✨🌸Lobster Mom🌸✨ ()

Writing a 10 page essay on why we cannot trust the democrats, untied states government, the military, Elon Musk, how UBI and a federal jobs guarantee, and m4a are all attainable and capitalism is completely destroying the world and is the root of all evil to radicalize my mom.

Mike Reingruber
Mike Reingruber ()

More colleges that have committed to the event at Riverside Brookfield include: Elon, Appalachin State, Millikin, Central, Western Michigan, St Mary’s (CA), Toledo, MSOE, Lewis, Illinois College, Army West updates to follow.

Jaime ()

Elon acaba de decir que sigue teniendo posición en bitcoin, oh wow, que inesperado xd Yo por mientras ando concentrado en RIOT y el tweet de Musk me ha dado buenas señales. Nota: Me refiero a riot la empresa de blockchain, no la de videojuegos.

Neil McBeil the Navy Seal
Neil McBeil the Navy Seal ()

@_bawbfromonline it’s so close to falling apart. that shit is COOKED the second elon gets bored of it

Douglas A. Boneparth
Douglas A. Boneparth ()

Rumor has it that when bitcoin mining uses ~75% clean energy, Elon Musk will resume pumping it to $100K.

Lab Rat C137
Lab Rat C137 ()

@FettFat Elon musk, jeff bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerman are going to be the founding members of the legion of doom.

Seeker ()

@SawyerMerritt No insider can 100% predict the future of Elon included. Much love brother 💪

Saygın İşadamı
Saygın İşadamı ()

@ferhandemir25 Bunu duyan ayı yogi denize giriyor aferin aktrol savun beni 💸🤗

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JLx ()

@elonmusk Its has been time Elon, the price is been to long on this low LVL. I believe. Time to drop a bomb and send our coin to the moon.

Seeker ()

@SawyerMerritt Imo, they bought btc at tops and sold out after the Tesla Elon drama. 👍

N A ()

@paraschopra @elonmusk Elon is a Physics graduate, Self Taught SD, Rocket Science, product Design….

Reuters ()

WATCH: The Treasury Department will investigate the unauthorized disclosure of tax records of some of America’s richest people. ProPublica obtained data that indicates billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk paid no income tax in some years

The Babylon Bee
The Babylon Bee ()

Elon Musk Excited To Once Again Be Richest Man On Earth While Jeff Bezos Is In Space

Tim Miller
Tim Miller ()

“Republican voters no longer have any concrete outcomes that they want from government. What they have, instead, is a lifestyle brand.” 👇👇👇

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Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

In 2018, Elon Musk paid no federal income taxes. Zero. Remember that the next time you hear him claiming taxes are too high.

Deema ()

@FartandPee Like Elon musk kinda. Billionaire. Killed innocent ppl in the same way us army does. Stuck up. Idk if it writing is “good” he’s a bad character

ChethanRamaiah ()

@TraderHarneet @piyushchaudhry Next level will be like Warren buffet Ambani Elon musk


Elon Musk liked a tweet from James Stephenson #Plaid #Tesla $TSLA

Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

If you paid just $1 in federal income taxes in 2018, you paid more than Elon Musk — a centibillionaire now worth $151,700,000,000. Quite literally, tax the rich.

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