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Oscar Nominees for Best Picture: All Quiet on the Western Front Avatar: The Way of Water The Banshees of Inisherin Elvis Everything Everywhere All at Once The Fabelmans Tár Top Gun: Maverick Triangle of Sadness Women Talking.

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Oscar Nominees for Best Actor: Austin Butler, Elvis Colin Farrell, The Banshees of Inisherin Brendan Fraser, The Whale Paul Mescal, Aftersun Bill Nighy, Living.

Elvis Photo,Elvis Photo by Letterboxd,Letterboxd on twitter tweets Elvis Photo

you’re laughing. my aunts college roommates brothers buddy from work got the vaccine and walks like elvis now, likely forever, and you’re laughing?.

Congratulations to Elvis Movie for 8 nominations for The Academy awards, including Best Picture! 🎉 Listen to Elvis at Sun here: #ElvisMovie #TCB.

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THREAD OF MARKETABLE COURSES ABROAD/FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES This thread will help you determine what you can study ABROAD and easily find jobs after graduation. 1. MEDICINE ~General nursing ~Registered Mental Health Nursing. ~Occupational Therapy. ~Physiotherapy. ~MBBS/MBChB ….

Fermi tutti! C’era Elvis in via Asiago e non sono stata avvisata!😂.

can you fucking believe this movie was my first introduction to elvis presley. i genuinely cant believe there was ever a time in my life i didnt know this jumpsuited adonis existed and was going to bewitch my tiny female brain.

Além de Elvis e Jeh, outro que precisa ser citado pelo jogo de ontem é a nossa cria Felipe Amaral. O que o Amaral joga de bola é brincadeira. Tem técnica pra sair jogando, se livra da pressão, vira o jogo, tá em todas, morde até o fim pra roubar a bola. Até chapéu ele deu ontem!.

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#Oscars2023 #TheBatman من الاشياء الي ضحكتني انه فلم مثل ELVIS مترشح و The Batman لا.

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@angusdrade Tá de brincadeira, como deixar fora por exemplo: Lennon, Jackson, Elvis, Whitney, 2PAC, bem difícil, não vou arriscar..


@announcerphil Looks great that, hoping for Elvis film too, but that film has definitely caught my eye.

Puedo entender que quieran honrar el logro comercial de Elvis, Avatar: The Way of Water y Top Gun: Maverick, reconocerles por llevar a la gente otra vez al cine post pandemia, pero espero hasta aquí llegue tal reconocimiento, al menos perdieron nominaciones clave..

Elvis forgets the words y A mi Manera via @YouTube I can’t really explain what Elvis means to me. It’s a family tradition….

@janasantlima @Cat_pipoca Gente, o ator que fez o Elvis tá concorrendo e ele é muito ruim. É tanta indicação.

Elvis Presley - Polk Salad Annie Live (High Quality) via @YouTube.

Las originales puertas de la entrada fueron diseñadas por el propio Elvis.

I knew the Elvis movie and Avatar would be nominated for best picture. AUSTIN BUTLER LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR BEST ACTOR!!!.

@natachadiz Para mí el doctor es fan de Elvis Crespo, pero como no se de medicina no opino.

@rossie7dj @greatesthitsuk Rossie this would be easy. Elvis, Billy Connolly and the Queen. Would be my guests. Hopefully they’d all like beans on toast because I’m a rubbish cook! 😂.

Watch Prophecies 2022: Do You See What I See?the ultimate display of this supernatural operation through the peculiar @Prophet_elvis through out the year as you to draw from this gift of God and access the path to your God-appointed dominion for the set times and seasons at hand..

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@nurygglez @Generalitat_cat El Trilerismo y la subvencion es el arma de estos tiempos, quizás les hagan precio especial a algunos..

@elvis_perla εγω πηρα ρουχα εγκυμοσυνης & μαγιο . εκαναν τα μισα 15 μερες και η αλλη παραγγελια πανω απο μηνα.. καποια ηταν πιο ωραια απο κοντα. αλλα η ποιοτητα ηταν λιγο χαλια αν και κοιταξα να τα παρω ολα βαμβακι πχ.. Ενταξει να βγαλεις λιγο μια σεζον παρε αλλα δεν ειναι για πολλα!.

@JIMIN_ELVIS ありがとぉおおお😭💕💕💕 引用までしてくれると思わなくてほんと死ぬほど嬉しい😭💕💕💕.

@julieJudaki Αμ εχω δερματακι ευαίσθητο να χέσω. Ευχαριστώ για τις πληροφορίες!.

@obararyou こんばんはELVISです❗ 今日はあさ03:30起床05:00自宅発し07:15集合場所に集まり08:00〜お仕事❗ 外気温−6℃体感−8℃以下🥶😵😵‍💫吹雪の中仕事してました❗10:00頃地震あって同時刻猛吹雪の為作業中止❗ そして自宅へ帰宅❗ ストーブつけて解凍作業❗とにかく寒かった🥶😵😵‍💫.

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1960 a 1970 El mundo conocía a Elvis, The Rolling stones y a The Beatles.

Please retweet to keep Elvis out there.

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@galamagics @dilaratugces Suç, yeraltı dünyası ve korku gibi cesur konularda filmler yapıyorum. Güzel mekanlarda, güzel insanlarla film yapmıyorum. - Elvis Presley.

Lets have some Elvis fun on Sunday. Please retweet.

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