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Rival Teams Starting To Prepare For Possibility Of 76ers Trading Joel Embiid

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Brian Michael Jacobs ()

Tonight was the first time two players on Philadelphia (dating back to the Philadelphia Warriors) scored at least 17 points in an NBA All-Star Game. Joel Embiid scored 23 and Ben Simmons put up 17. It’s never been done before. #Sixers

مَها ()

@NBA Sucks he only got two shots in the 4th !! The steal from Embiid shifted the momentum IMO

GroundTrader ()

@PompeyOnSixers @PhillyInquirer Keith, we need article regarding Embiid dominance in 4th qtr. Defense picked up in 4th QTR. Kemba was turnovers machine. Spacing was bad for Giannis. He couldn’t score. Embiid was the only player who came BIG in 4th QTR.

Aaron ()

@TheAthleticNBA Imagine having this low of an IQ in your field of expertise. Harden is the best post up defender in the league, and he held Giannis/Siakam/Embiid/Lowry scoreless in those possessions. Way to play yourself @Giannis_An34

Andy Chaney ()

@espnhomer Basically it’s not his fault Embiid is out of shape and can’t make it to the end of a pickup basketball game.

CGhi ()

Fourth quarter of the All-Star game Team Giannis Giannis 0-2 Siakim 0-1 Embiid 2-4 Walker 3-9 Lowry 0-2

Jason ()

It didn’t work tonight because Embiid made a turnaround and LeBron fouled him once for two free throws, but LeBron’s ability to switch onto the best centers in the league like Embiid/Jokic and force them into tough shots is unreal.

Amosc: jaiplayskeys ()

@KateeForbis @Rxbun Exactly!! Like and the crazy thing is Embiid wasn’t even that transcending his first year (semi) in. He had a big game or two but that’s when the “unicorn” was first being introduced to the game the 7 foot 3 pt shooters and he could knock down a few. Yeah that’s her worst take.😅

Martino Puccio ()

@FinallyGodoing Embiid is on twitter all the time and out of shape lol. He’s not exactly a dream

⚡️ΓЯΞУ🌩 ()

Sixers fans booed Embiid during his intro?! Bro I swear that city has the worst fan base in every people wired differently🤡

Michael K-B ()

I understand where they come from, but if you dish it you have to be able to take I love my city. - Embiid on #Sixers fans

Jayson Buford ()

Simmons always reacts the most intensely to a Embiid dunk or layup or 3 pointer and Embiid loves Simmons plays. I kinda don’t get it.

Alex McIntyre ()

the Sixers are doing good things & Joel Embiid is shimmying again. If you’re tweeting about hating the Hive, you have major 🤡 vibes.

Kurt Helin ()

Jimmy Butler turns trolling Joel Embiid IG post into recruiting opportunity

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Mark Kremer ()

@SoNotNita “Fuck you Embiid” *sees Embiid in person* “Omg Joel I’m a huge fan, can I get a pic with you please”

Mactarazzi23 🖤💙 ()

Philly needs to trade b*tch a$$ Embiid I swear, I’ve been saying for a long time that nigga overrated and he thinks he is all that.

Its only Joe ()

@975Mornings @MarcFarzetta Butler had 21 points last night. Omg he honored Embiid. Jo is totes leaving now.


I would shit a brick I follow jimmy and I think embiid is gonna be the next yao tbh so god him in Miami would be dirty

Arthur ()

Auch wenn ich Embiid persönlich nicht mag wäre es das allemal wert, nur um Sixers Fans anzupissen.

Philly Mike ()

@TCutillo23 Entitlement? Are we talking about Embiid or the fans who booed him and are SHOCKED he clapped back?

Koran ()

This is embiid 4th yr playing so we’ll see. And that don’t make u a hofer cuz he went to the finals in his 4th season or make him better then embiid which wasn’t the topic. Embiid has way more skills then Howard. Howard couldn’t shoot fts stop.

FirinSutlac ()

Miami taraftarı gine gerizekalı olduğu için embiidi yanlış anlamışlar embiid po da ananizi sikicez onu diyor

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BasketUniverso ()

Joel Embiid pubblica un post criptico, Jimmy Butler lo chiama a Miami

David Macalino ()

@TyJohnsonNews People want results at this point and don’t want to keep seeing embiid headlines in the newspaper. Didn’t he just have a game not too long ago with ZERO points?

The Natural ()

@MintTerrance @MVPSimmons Embiid dominated him last season, he averaged 31-17 vs the celts, hopefully they realized that b4 making a trade because of that.

Bam Matibag ()

@gabcmal Un nga difference nila. You can place Embiid anywhere and he will produce and be effective. I cant say the same for Simmons. Case in point. Ilagay mo si Embiid sa Lakers. Okay parin diba. Then ilagay mo si Simmons dun. Medyo struggle un fit.

Its only Joe ()

People can’t handle Monday’s, how are they to handle Embiid’s social media accounts?

Russ Urban ()

Good morning y’all. Really just wanna see Embiid go out there and enjoy himself tonight.

TrashTalk ()

Joel Embiid a un message pour Philly, puis se fait draguer par Jimmy Butler : Insta est vraiment un monde merveilleux

RealGM ()

Rival Teams Starting To Prepare For Possibility Of 76ers Trading Joel Embiid

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