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So it was Ozil’s fault, Pepe’s fault, Raul’s fault, the four former captains’ fault, Ramsey’s fault for getting injured and even the fans’ fault - Impressive buck passing from Emery.

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Emery Meyer ()

Frick Park w/ @WillowHillMotel (Who took the 2nd and 3rd photos)

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Reading Hockey ()

Seniors Matt Fiorenza, Cam Lawhorne, Dylan Emery and Sean Barbera make this

Megs ()

emery told me i can’t get a sno cone because it has too much sugar. 🙄 like ok u right but also leave me alone 😂

Iranmusings ()

...Tea the color of almonds, always at the ready, poured from a samovar into clear glass cups, to be savored with the eyes as much as with the mouth. ~Leila Emery 💜 5/8

Rodrigo Zeidan ()

@emery_felipe @MarcosWoelz Eu entendi. Tanto assim que aceitei o pedido de correção imediatamente.

Yan. ()

Emery alichezeshanga Cech kwa final ya Europa after ame agree kujoin board ya chelsea, huyo mzee alikua mshenzi sana

UtdArena. ()

Rather, a good run of form especially when we were comfortable in many games is exactly what United need. Using Emery is an evidence for this point is wrong as Arsenal were often outplayed throughout the run and did not build anything sustainable whereas Solskjær has. Detail.

Hard to Swallow ()

If only folx put the energy used to defend themselves into actually reflecting on what they did/said, and how it affects others.

Pablo Álvarez ()

Central duro del Sevilla FC de Emery. Como un calcetín lleno de canicas.

Greg Brandt ()

Some of the biggest fallers in #Devy ADP D’Eriq King 📉 Ricky Slade 📉 John Emery 📉 Sam Ehlinger 📉

Agu ()

HOSTIA HOSTIA HOSTIA!!!! Que seria la estrella del Sevilla de Emery!!!! No se me ocurre ninguno mejor!!! 😍😍😍

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Emery came for my kinnie whig after i called spongebob a twink

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Dembelismo ()

Veo que Emery esta en tendencias, y la verdad no se porque, pero nunca es mal momento para recordar este momentazo

Kike Marin** ()

¿Emery espantó a Aduriz cuando iba a fichar por la @RealSociedad ? 🤔 Las vueltas que da el fú

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Felipe Emery ()

@RodZeidan Não discordo de nada que você comentou, mas só um lancet é o segundo, o principal é o new England journal

David ()

One of my favorite sculptures in the @PoydrasCorridor. I love Lin Emery’s work! 💙💙💙 #neworleans

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Themme fatale ()

me when I hear billionaires are getting richer during covid19 off the back of the working class

Todd Schumacher ()

Congrats to Gabe Almlie, Nathanial Emery, Ajay Kofstad and Kyle Vonasek on graduating today. #EGFboysgolf

Brandon T. Todd ()

I just voted! It was safe, easy, and fun! vote through June 2nd at the following locations: 1. Ida B. Wells @ Coolidge , 405 Sheridan Street NW Heights Community Center, 5801 Georgia ave NW 3. Raymond Recreation Center, 3725 10th street NW 4. Murch ES 4810 36th st NW

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@vandrott @Emery_Butters Так!! И ты вообще что такое говоришь! Я не готова к такой ответственности! Мне только тихонечко сидеть и ваши фики да треды читать, не более 🥺

Tiempo de Juego ()

⚽️ Emery: He tenido el mismo trato con Mbappé que con los jugadores del Lorca ➡️ Las relaciones desde el liderazgo hay que hacerlas a nivel humano. Sean estrellas o jugadores de Tercera

Kevin McCabe ()

Celebrating a life! Tomorrow morning we honor former Perry Puma pitcher Jacob Medina and the legacy he leaves behind. His friend and teammate Emery Miller joins the Dean at 9:15 on AzPrepsLive @AZSports Godspeed

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Ninjaginger ()

@arianna_emery @tajiinaa I had pretty curly hair when I was younger. I got older and anxiety and stress straightened it and it fell out. It is a nightmare until you loose them.

Rocksteady ()

He was defending the club and his teammates by telling them that Emery is not a coach.

‘ ()

I actually felt for Emery, a lot of disrespect realistically he was let down by the disgraceful attitude by these players and poor ownership. Won’t be surprised if they do the same with Arteta

Zu ()

@AFC_Carys Lacazette fans. Don’t know one that has actual good football knowledge. They all seemed to rate Emery too.

Emmy ()

@samies25 The more I think about this, the angrier I get. The positive atmosphere Arteta has brought is satisfying at least. The damages Emery did, only God knows.

RF9 🇧🇷 ()

Emery was his own biggest enemy at times but the way he was treated by the English media was fucking sickening. Journalists need to draw a line somewhere, mocking a foreign manager for his accent is unacceptable regardless of how bad the results were. Proper disgrace.

Charles Watts ()

So it was Ozil’s fault, Pepe’s fault, Raul’s fault, the four former captains’ fault, Ramsey’s fault for getting injured and even the fans’ fault - Impressive buck passing from Emery.

Goal ()

Unai Emery: 🗣 “We signed Pepe. I favoured someone who knew the league. Zaha won games on his own: Tottenham, Man City, us. Incredible performances. I told them: ‘This is the player I want.’ I met Zaha and he wanted to come, but the club decided Pepe was one for the future.

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☚ #BailandoPorUnSueno Amy Cooper ☛
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