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@Banditelle_ Does o come o come Emmanuel (by bet u can’t guess who) at 10 in March count too 😂.

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@Emmanuel_Kacou Mais oui sa tué tout le film. J étais énervé ou ils ont abandonnés les ânes là bcp d argent comme sa Djo commandez un autre hélico wesh merde 😡.

@frank_randu Nwanne If these Owerri girls no surrender, make I know wetin cause fresh on pount.

Si tu penses que ta vie est compliquée , penses à Emmanuel Macron. Il est âgé de 41 ans, son premier fils par alliance est âgé de 44 ans, le deuxième de 42 ans, son épouse de 66 ans, ce qui suppose qu’il est techniquement le dernier né de sa propre famille dont il est le père.😂.

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#YellowVest CHAOS: Desperate Emmanuel Macron deploys army tanks in terrifying scenes.

@Banditelle_ Does o come o come Emmanuel (by bet u can’t guess who) at 10 in March count too 😂.

Amigo Emmanuel Gómez García alcalde y Cabildo, el día que ustedes, los que hacen las leyes, entiendan que todos los seres vivos merecemos respeto, por encima de cualquier ideología política, solo.

I feel good on the low. @Emmanuel_Agbai_ Chiboys handwork. If your in owerri Go get yours at Image Maris junction, ikenegbu..

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@duncanpoundcake #Brexit is meaningless as trying to catch rain ☔ in a seive. French Fascist Hitler loving; Stalin wannabe Emmanuel Macron has given permission for French Military to shoot French Protesters. The Sun is now spinning around the Earth which is now flat. MADNESS is ruling THE WORLD..

It is a political rule of thumb that street violence and disorder eventually redounds to the benefit of the party that can put an end to it. Except in rare cases, that is the party.

How Emmanuel Macron Outlasted The Yellow Vests.

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@ScoanYinka Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners, may you for ever remain a blessing. Thank you Jesus..

Around 7,000 soldiers, most armed with automatic weapons, are deployed across France. The soldiers have different courses of action to tackle a range of threats, which include opening fire..

@TheTopComics Mi parte favorita es cuando les dicen que Gus el gato es un extraterrestre poderoso y fiury es solo un humano de amenaza nula y dice creo que esa cosa está descompuesta.

LOL, Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos fans are not loyal. There are about 5 loyal fans in the whole fucking state. The rest give 0 shits unless you are winning at the exact moment they might be watching..

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