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End of 1st Twitter

End 1st Folsom 7 De La Salle 0. Austin Mack 18 yd TD pass to Mason Norberg. After early TD Cooper Flanagan of DLS playing like a madman on defense..

🏈 R1-3A 🏈 End of 1st Quarter: West Greene - 0 Johnson County - 6 @Tate_Russell @grmedia_.

Friday Night Lights PIRATES 21 Righetti 3 End of the 1st half @JBaileySMSports @caseybuschertv.

End of 1st quarter: Cosumnes Oaks and Davis are tied after the 1st..

Spartans fall just shy of the 1st down in SaMo territory and turn the bal over on downs. Santa Monica takes a knee to end the first half. South trails, 7-0..

@McGuiganGolfer @karonmoser 1st, very sad for Carlos. Yet IMO it was inevitable. It didn’t need to end this way. IMO 1 example: the LEC Orgs & Riot ignored the issue of poaching. Carlos’ MO was defiance & a meme mocking the claim. If RIOT & LEC Orgs dealt w the claims, the situation would be different..

@MidMajorMedia @J_McDonald81 End of 1st Henley leads Cascade 7-6. 2 big plays for each team. Broken play passing TD for Henley. 95 yd TD run for Abrams.

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