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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 12:02 PM IST

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  • Get him on the plane. #EnglandSquad.

  • I can’t believe the debate over Jonjo Shelvey and whether or not he should be IN the England squad. The only debate should be who starts alongside him #Nufc #englandsquad.

  • Bloody hell, big (and correct) decision from Southgate. #EnglandSquad.

  • Great news 🙌 Shouldn’t be anywhere near #EnglandSquad #WorldCup.

  • Carson should be going to Russia, he’s a wise head on young shoulders ;) #dcfc #dcfcfans #EnglandSquad #englandsnumberone.

  • Come at me. #EnglandSquad #England #WorldCup2018.

  • Lets be honest. Southgate aint going to take Jonjo Shelvey to Russia because he got more retweet than Jack Wilshere got likes #England #EnglandSquad #WorldCup #Russia2018.

  • No matter how much I look at that #EnglandSquad I just can’t see them making an I’ll call it now, Group Stage or 2nd Round and that’s all she wrote for the Three Lions. #WorldCup2018 #England.

  • Excellente vidéo de la Fédération Anglaise pour l’annonce des 23 joueurs pour le Mondial. La cible n’est pas les médias mais les supporters! ▶️ Par les fans pour les fans ◀️ #EnglandSquad #WorldCup2018 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️.

  • More leaks from the England camp now, Ryan Bertrand is set to miss out on the World Cup squad with Southgate preferring Ashley Young and Danny Rose as his options at left wing back! #England #WorldCup #EnglandSquad #Bertrand.

  • I bet Southgate takes Jack instead of Jonjo 😐 #EnglandSquad.

  • ⛑️Tin hat is on⛑️ Have a look and slag off this England World Cup squad prediction. What changes would you make? #EnglandSquad #England.

  • Everyone going on about experience is needed in our World Cup squad? So you want experienced players who’ve done nothing for their country and always performed well under par? Blood in the youngsters #EnglandSquad.

  • @gunnawinsoon @stevetrendall Time to move on from an England formula which hasn’t enjoyed success since well worth a read #EnglandSquad.

  • Being a YID and how much I hate Jack Wilshere, it’s a joke not seeing him in that England squad! #EnglandSquad #WorldCup2018.

  • Hi @SkyBet what’s the odds on Harry Kane being made captain then the whole squad drowning in his spit during his speach before the first game? #EnglandSquad #England #worldcup #ENG.

  • Harsh on Bertrand if that’s true he’s not in the squad, had a decent, consistent season #saintsfc #EnglandSquad.

  • @SunBets @stevewallwork To be honest they’d both play the same amount of hardly any!! #Englandsquad.

  • Imagine shelvey pinging passes to the likes of sterling,Kane and vardy. Proper counter attacking football! #englandsquad.

  • @JackWilshere would of been great player to come on as a sub to change the game . Southgates a joke only England manager because hes a yes boy to the fa.#EnglandSquad #SouthgateOUT.

  • @England @FA look to be taking Henderson, Dier, Delph and Livermore to the World 4 identical players! Nice to see Southgate looking for creativity in the middle #englandsquad #joke.

  • @jlow88 Southgate doesn’t have the balls to pick Shelvey. Livermore the taxi thief and Lallana who hasn’t played hardly this season shows what a sham his selection logic is! #EnglandSquad.

  • @JackWilshere if you have been left out of World Cup squad goes to show Southgate Hasn’t got a clue Fabian Delph of the most talented English Midfielder of His generation #wilshere #EnglandSquad.

  • Don’t care who’s not in the World Cup squad, main 13/14 win the games , but if Livermore goes its ridiculous his teams been pumped every week all season #WorldCup #EnglandSquad #southgate.

  • People shouting Fabian Delph shouldn’t be on the plane clearly haven’t watched him all season, the guy is class #EnglandSquad.

  • We pick a poor midfielder that got relegated and Schurle and Gotze can’t even get in Germany’s squad? What the actual! #EnglandSquad #WorldCup2018 #England.

  • anyone with any ounce of sense knows some of those players shouldn’t be in that squad. #EnglandSquad.

  • @KieranChambers Just chiming in on a topical news story mate. #WorldCup #England #EnglandSquad #Southgate #Russia2018.

  • I’ve seen more potential in @hperkin9 to be a rock at the back then @PhilJones4 and he got a 6 at gcse pe! There’s also more chance of @jack_davis78 scoring in the World Cup from our holiday in Greece than @DannyWelbeck and I can’t see him being in his prime fitness #EnglandSquad.

  • Only a mug would not bring Andy Carrol to the World Cup, unplayable when fit, surly a good sub to bring on when you need some options. Same old England shit! #EnglandSquad.