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Seeing Enter Sandman at Virginia Tech is a sports bucket list item. Chills. (🎥: @MrMatthewCFB).

Julius Caesar 向こうだとJの発音が「やゆよ」になるはずだから、そのままローマ字読みっぽいのすると「ユリウス・カエサル」 でも英語っぽく読むと「ジュリアス・シーザー」ってコト⁉️.


@mitchpeotter I’m sure it’s awesome there too. It’s not really about which is better, but as a Hokie… Enter Sandman playing at Lane always awakened something in the crowd. I was in the stadium once when it registered on the Richter scale. It’s one of the few things I miss about Tech..

Metallica - Enter Sandman - 500 musicians cover - The biggest rock via @YouTube.

Virginia Tech always got such a hype opening to games with Enter Sandman just to stink on the field.

@kycoloneI I am biased but think Nebraskas tunnel walk is pretty awesome. Enter Sandman is cool but there are other good ones.

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