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Updated: January 15th, 2022 02:38 AM IST

Jeffrey Epstein brought EIGHT young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House

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Jeffrey Epstein Brought Eight Young Women To Visit Bill Clinton At White House According To Visitor Logs

@trumper_tantrum @BBCNews Wow you really like Bill express only flew to Epstein island

@Raf_Epstein Old raf being told what to write about by his goons in labor, yet undermining his own point. #peanutfarm

@g_vonlutzau @ChariteBerlin Ascherio, A., & Munch, M. (2000). Epstein-Barr Virus and Multiple Sclerosis. Epidemiology, 11(2), 220–224.

What 🇺🇸 SHOULD have done the second we knew Epstein was a longtime friend and affiliate of Trump. 💯 Disgraceful.

@benegotherit Which is something I imagine Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein may have actually done

Total lgtbi y amigo del Mason Jesuita del papá y sus Adrenocromo en la isla de Epstein. Que queres !!!!!

@SalinEero Ulkomaan lehdet ovat sentään vähän tasapuolisempia: tässa antisankarina Bill C.

Covid ómicron: ¿me puedo volver a contagiar tras haberme recuperado? y otras 6 preguntas sobre la variante - La Organización Panamericana de la Salud informó que las infecciones de covid-19 en América casi se duplicaron-- BBC News Mundo

@HillaryClinton Can you please talk about how Epstein brought young girls to the White House when your husband was in office???

Clinton no es referente mas que de escándalos . Otro personaje nada digno de recibir en el #GobiernoDelEncuentro

Jeffrey Epstein levou OITO jovens mulheres com ele em suas viagens para ver Bill Clinton na Casa Branca! (Sodoma e Gomorra são )

@sahouraxo Shes an evil twit but she probably has the list of people and videos of people who dealt with epstein and its her get out of jail free card. Who knows

Multiple sclerosis could be caused by the ‘kissing disease’ virus, scientists say

Esperanza afectados sólo en España Hay vida más allá del covid

Noticias esperanzadoras, con mil reservas, pero poco a poco. Que no paren de investigar por favor.

Jeffrey Epstein brought EIGHT young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House

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