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Estonia’s President Alar Karis emphasised NATO’s defence character after Finland moves towards membership: “NATO is a defensive alliance. Moscow’s attempts to portray NATO enlargement as offensive are just fruits of their own failure to live at peace with neighbours”.

Putin thought his gas & oligarchs would buy our silence, our complacency. #Estonia was right. We were too reliant & sheltered them for too long. There can be no going back to a pre-24 February world. #lennartmericonference.

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I agree with the article, but we must point out that when we say EU we mean France and Germany. EU members - Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and several others - are doing a fantastic job supporting Ukraine, and the entire democratic world..

Any peace that rewards Russian aggression will not last, Estonia’s prime minister @kajakallas told me in Tallinn last week. My profile-interview with the leader who has rapidly emerged as the EU’s firmest voice for an uncompromising response to Putin:.

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale is now No. 1 on iTunes in Estonia Nicaragua Kazakhstan Trinidad & Tobago Dominican Republic Saint Kitts and Nevis Currently No. 2 in the US behind Florence + The Machine.

Goorel oü; Ravi 10i, Kohtla-Järve, 30325 Ida-Viru maakond, Estonia.

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Ya vieron las lindas referencias que sacó @Misscrex1? Cositas hermosas Btw ya me urgía hacer una orca y estonia tenía los colores indicados nggh.

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Hoy velitas para Suecia 🇸🇪 y Estonia 🇪🇪 Empieza la segunda semifinal! #Eurovision.

From 800km (Estonia) the rocket launch ie spy satellite can first be detected when it reaches 50km altitude (30 miles high) But from 450km (Finland) that same rocket is detected already at 16km altitude (10 miles) Putin absolutely HATES this kind of visibility to his spy stuff.

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Serbia Estonia y Rumanía tienen que ir a second half porque si no es imposible hacer el RO. Australia tiene que coger first half por cojones.

The lessons of a century-plus ago should make clear why Paris & Berlin are not going to allow small states to drag them & their peoples into a larger conflict with Moscow .... Not sure what Estonia is thinking, if it is thinking at all, here..

BLUE SPEAR coming. Range up to 300km, can hit mobile and static targets. One such complex is enough to sink the entire Russian fleet in the Black Sea. Wow! Thank you Estonia and Israel!.

estonia, australii, wlochy i polska i tak były dla mnie najlepsze dzisiaj. a teraz żegnam i życzę wam miłej nocy <3 #Eurovision.

Spy satellites will of course be seen once they are in in orbit. BUT it takes a while to calculate that orbit, to figure out where it is headed - & what that spy satellite will see Currently NATO can look at Plesetsk from Norway (green line) (900km) or Estonia (red line) (800km).

Estonia Photo,Estonia Photo by Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Ukraine,Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Ukraine on twitter tweets Estonia Photo

@andersostlund There are also too many EU actors who are too weak to take real action. Estonia has shown real leadership in helping Ukraine. Germany and France shouldn’t be able to dictate how many weapons the country can/cannot send to Ukraine..

@ZbigniewKozlow @uamemesforces Punkty ukraińskich widzów: Hiszpania - 1 punkt Norwegia – 2 punkty Holandia - 3 punkty Finlandia - 4 punkty Estonia – 5 punktów Mołdawia – 6 punktów Wielka Brytania – 7 punktów Islandia - 8 punktów Litwa - 10 punktów Polska - 12 punktów kochamy Polskę 🤍❤️.

So now that Ireland have been dumped out these are the songs I’ll be cheering for on Saturday: Spain 🇪🇸 Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Iceland 🇮🇸 Moldova 🇲🇩 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Romania 🇷🇴 Lithuania 🇱🇹 Estonia 🇪🇪 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #Eurovision.

On the Russian border with Estonia where 100s of Ukrainians have been streaming across daily, some having escaped from Mariupol. #UkraineRussiaWar.

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To finance the bloodshed and prolong the war in Ukraine : Estonia and Latvia spent 1/3 of their military budget, ⚡️ Poland - ⚡️Slovakia - ⚡️Lithuania -.

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อิสราเอล อนุมัติคำของของ Estonia ในการส่งมอบ Blue Spear 5G SSM rocket complex อาวุธอิสราเอล ไปให้ยูเครนจำนวน 1 ยูนิต ถือเป็นการเปลี่ยนจุดยืนครั้งสำคัญของอิสราเอลในสงครามครั้งนี้.

at least Estonia got onto the left hand side, I loved their song so much <3.

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Israel niega haber equipado a Ucrania con Blue Spear a través de Estonia.

i didn’t tweet yesterday so here we go. congratulations to ukraine. the did deserve to win- the song was sosoo good and i’m really proud. Im also very proud of Stefan. Estonia was placed 13th and i’m super hope y’all had an amazing esc season!! :) #Eurovision.

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@CottarelliCPI sì ma come convinci Putin a cessare il fuoco? Gli dai crimea donbass trasnistria finlandia svezia svizzera sanMarino moldavia lettonia estonia lituania polonia australia e timbuctù?.

Chce by Azerbejdżan Australia Estonia Polska Czechy i Serbia przeszli Plisss Będę spełniona #Eurovision.

una propuesta como la de ucrania, que no la de españita, por ejemplo xd cómo vais a impedir que una persona estonia (ej) coja su teléfono y los vote??? sois h1tler???.

All aboard: about to leave wonderful Estonia 🇪🇪 and sail to Helsinki 🇫🇮 @DublinDiocese @BlanaidMurphy.

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Estonia absolutely transcended their song with that performance, amazing use of the cameras Right let’s see who wins this shit.

Feature | The Estonians who fought for Norway in World War Two #Estonia #Norway.

🌎 #NFT Presidents: ⤵️ 🇺🇦Presidents of Ukraine - 🇪🇪Presidents of Estonia - 🇱🇹Presidents of Lithuania - 🇩🇪Presidents of Germany - 🇪🇬Presidents of Egypt -.

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