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Erik ten Hag: “Let’s get preseason training underway, we have Europa League football to prepare for” Cristiano Ronaldo:.

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🇮🇹 Happy birthday to Europa Conference League winner, Nicolò Zaniolo 🥳 #HBD | @ASRomaEN | #UECL.

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Let Ronaldo go, got no problem with what he’s wants. Rightly so. He was the only 1 to perform last season. If every1 done what he did last season, we wouldn’t be in the europa league.

@FabrizioRomano my man cristiano wants to play champions league not europa league 🇵🇹🐐.

Cristiano legacy and quality can’t let him play Europa league. No way he can’t play Cristiano Ronaldo league(UCL).

@ClinicalDawson @goal He took them from Champions League to Europa League now he wants to run away.

@thadwhizzle @iLatif_ The same team that was second the previous season and in the Europa league final.

@__SQ____ A Europa league in this shit show of a club is worth triple what a title is worth moving to Bayern.

@whufcbulletin A great question - in terms of sustainability and really building something - number 1 Two good league placements on the trot + a good second half to 2019/20, strong Carabao & fa cup runs(ish) semi finals of Europa, in conference this - I don’t think you can argue against it….

Ronaldo can’t go city & can’t go back Madrid & psg are stacked so where can he go that actually has a chance of winning the DAMN #UCL if he stays at United he can win Europa next season & play the champions league winner in super cup & still have his name up in lights 🤡 #mufc.

You guys actually thought Cristiano Ronaldo himself will play Europa league and stain his CV? lol.

@Shakytucker @afcstuff With Tierneys injury record + Europa league I think he’ll get minutes at LB in an inverted role quite frequently.

@FabrizioRomano A Premier League legend is leaving United after a historic season: -1 broken phone -1 Europa League qualification -0 Goals against Liverpool and City Goodbye Penaldo👋😂.

C’était sûr Il est en fin de carièrre il va pas gâcher ses dernières années en europa league.

@FabrizioRomano Ahhhh osea que lo que quiere es ambicion jejeje hombre pues ya que le ponen tanto los retos, despues de dejar al subcampeón de Premier en Europa League, qué mejor reto que devolverles a Champions???.

This guy took us from Champions league to Europa and now wants to leave 🙂.

The question: who is the replacement? Not like he just got to know that we are in the Europa league. Could have communicated a month ago. This disrupts the whole transfer plan(if there was one to begin with).

Too scared to play in Europa and conference league. All hail Messi the goat🐐.

@RedDevilTillDie Igual, de hecho la culpa es del United que se quiera ir. Que jugador de ese nivel en su sano juicio se quedaría con toda esa inestabilidad y europa league..

@goal Cr7 need to be on form coming this November world cup so he need to play on regular basis,They missed on champions league it impossible for him to play Europa. What the next destination for Cr7 maybe chealse where he can redeem himself..

@ali04kms ronaldo stays: hahahaha europa league he’s getting ready to retire ronaldo is ambitious and leaves: noo you can’t do that you always help your team when they’re down even tho ur 37!!.


@damben1 is it true that Ewure will like to leave ? He doesn’t wanna play Europa league football according to some sources..

@ShayneMoe He will leave, get that into your skull No way the so called Mr. Champions league is gonna play Europa.

Real Madrid and Juventus used Ronaldo to win trophies and play in the champions league. It reached Man United’s turn, they partnered him with Fred, made Maguire his captain, sent him to Europa League, signed Machala lai se Wizkid fc. You’re now suprised he’s to run from the club.

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Such pomposity. They think they still got pull power, Messi was the magnet that attracted players, everybody wanted to play with Messi. If not for unserious la liga clubs, this club should be playing europa league.

That’s one trophy Ronaldo ain’t won the europa league so why not win that eh 🤷🏻‍♂️😂.

@EuroFute Eden Hazard Champions League 21/22 Europa League 12/13-18/19 Premier League 14/15-16/17 La Liga 19/20-21/22 Ligue 1 10/11 Os outros títulos sei la.

@LaPulgafan10 @Messilizer HGH Hasbulla ran away from Barcelona when europa league was around the corner.

@leyti_km @Mustxfii Des larmes ?😹Frenkie a raison il veut pas rejouer l’Europa league dsl.

Llega a principios del 2019, allí sufre una lesión en el muslo y no juega por un mes. En 2019 juega 20 partidos y marca 2 goles en La Liga, además juega Europa League, donde marca un gol, sufre la rotura de fibras y una lesión en la pierna. En 2020 juega 5 partidos..

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