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🏆 FA CUP THIRD ROUND DRAW 🏆 We will face @OfficialPVFC at home in the #FACup! 🔵 #ManCity.

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Good morning Miller fans. Have you recovered from last nights late drama? #rufc #FACup.

SPORT: #Gillingham will host a premier league side in the third round of the #FACup! ⚽️.

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@sabrinafl_ @EzequielMontaa No es justos yo lo quería hacer y después ví que vos lo habías echo😢💔.

Probably my most cherished moment as a “Post-Invincables” Arsenal fan. Right up there with Andrei Arshavin’s game winner against Barcelona. #Arsenal #FACup.

If in his fourth attempts he is unable to beat this Wolves team, tactically, as football manager he is that bad. So, all things he has been talking about progress, improvement, getting better are pointless. For United fan, just accept that our club are sh*t. #mufc #facup.

Arsenal in the #FACup should be good fun. Brings back memories of Mark Viduka and Simon Johnson up front #LUFC.

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🏆 FA CUP THIRD ROUND DRAW 🏆 We will face @OfficialPVFC at home in the #FACup! 🔵 #ManCity.

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En route to Portsmouth! Biggest game for the club in 25 years and in all my time supporting the club, Up the Robins! #Alty #FACup.

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. @padraigamond21 fondness for the #FACup continues #rtesoccer.

@mrdanwalker thanks for making my sons day 💙 #facup #mascot.

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@NewportCounty @MaldonTiptreeFC Congrats on your 1-0 #FACup win tonight, and into the 3rd Rd for the 4th time in the last 5 seasons #NCAFC.

@padraigamond21 pulls another goal out of his foot hat. #magician @NewportCounty in the 3rd again #FACup.

#FACup very very unlucky tiptree and maldon much the better side and only lost to a goal from a good striker who has scored against top top teams. Good luck for the rest off the season.

Hats off to @padraigamond21. Missed decent chance early on, but was there right near the end to continue phenomenal #FACup goalscoring run with terrific header 👏👏👏. Big win for @NewportCounty who overcame severe injury blows to make R3 - again!!FT1-0.

@MaldonTiptreeFC - you can be so proud of the way your lads played tonight! Simply stunning representation of non-league football. Ex Seadog, @JoromeSlew, give the lads a pat on the back! 👏👏 #NonLeague #FACup.

It just had to be Amond didn’t it? Hard on Maldon and Tiptree but well done to @NewportCounty on making it into the #FACup Third Round. Leicester at home anyone? #NCAFC.

@MaldonTiptreeFC Bad luck guys on your #FACup exit tonight, but everyone at the club can be proud of your achievements in the FA Cup this season.

Well done Maldon and Tiptree. Extraordinary performance considering the difference in league positions. #FACup.

It’s all gone very quiet here. Horrible head injury for Kyle Howkins who looked to be having a fit on the pitch. Paramedics are not allowed to run to an incident - that’s why they took a while to get there. Hope he is ok 🙏🏻 @MaldonTiptreeFC @NewportCounty #FAcup.

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Another counter attacking opportunity, however Parish’s pass is intercepted seconds before reaching Slew #FACup #Jammers 🍓.

Can get back to watching Maldon (Essex) in the #facup now the debate is over. I wonder if the conservative candidate for Derbyshire Dales is doing the same from her hometown of Ashbourne..

A rare opportunity for Maldon and Tiptree to appear on TV, and the pundits are talking about Arsenal. #FACup.

FA Cup live 3rd round draw coming from the Etihad on Monday at 7pm. Live on bbc2. #FACup.

Of course @mrdanwalker talk about premier League football in a game between League 2 and Isthmian North teams! Just shut up about prem football and talk about the game that were watching 🙈 #FACup.

Jorome Slew - they call him the Maldon Messi! 💨 #FACup.

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