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Tim Röhn
Tim Röhn

Update: Gesundheitsminister @DrDanielSalinas erschien heute nicht vor Gericht. Richter forderte ihn daraufhin auf, bis morgen, 9 Uhr, 18 Fragen zur Impfung zu beantworten. Kläger fordern weiter Stopp der Impfung von Kindern. Am Donnerstag könnte bereits ein Urteil fallen..

many of us are angry/upset about the attacks on our democracy, freedoms, safety, so what are constructive ways to channel the anger: vote, organize, volunteer for an election 125 days away. Let us honor those who have fought and fallen before us by ensuring democracy exists..

zweite Halbzeit deutlich besser sehr positiv Bozdogan Pieringer Sane die fallen am meisten auf.

The speaker not challenging his lies has begat the lie fest he has fallen into. Time and time again!.

@LilithLucina Rere: Ok. *leans into her arms and sighs, holding her close and looking at her face*.

@BorisJohnson Your London Bridge has fallen down, fallen down now all your Kings horses 🐎 & kings men can’t now put your cracked egghead back together again!.

Even people who are non christians can tell you for free that the church has fallen and there is need for restoration. Jeremiah 10:20 #GlobalSuperWord.

@imperialesports Procure alguém que olha pra você do mesmo modo que o Taco olha pro Fallen.

Como para dejar algo mientras, había hecho un dibujo simple de la super forma estrella de Sonic and the fallen star, muy bonito fangame que me recordo a algunos de los juegos de lakefeperd..

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Fallen leaves? which children have their own beliefs a rational basis. You can be ؟? نمشے 🔹XX5🔹 🔹XX5🔹 🔹XX5🔹.

Once the Cosmodrome is secure, the great colony ships may fly again. And this location was chosen specifically to send a message to the Fallen House of Devils - You may be picking at the bones of our history, but we are still here, and we are still strong..

@Not_the_Bee “But they arose early the next morning, and behold, Dagon had fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of Yahweh. And the head of Dagon and both the palms of his hands were cut off on the threshold; only the trunk of Dagon was left to him.” 1 Samuel 5:4.

Alice has fallen into a puddle of tears The earth is inside a drop of water that is caught on a spiderweb.

Fallen power cables. Caution in #WestWilmerding on Monroeville Avenue NB/SB near Oak Avenue #traffic.

Fallen Raven T3 Loving u is a Sin Bonnie & Klyde 2 Caused Envy..

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I have been sitting here since 10:45am and I have sat the WHOLE time. I have nothing to do. I have another hour.

@mat1eus1k @fer admitir o que? tá pensando que é fácil ser o FALLEN!? não é fácil se reinvetar num cenário aonde cada vez mais a mlkdinha mais jovem só tem a preocupação de sentar e pegar tudo mastigado é fácil quero ver líderar um time e ainda ter que jogar bem..

@SGriffin_Lab @ReicherStephen …currently in the UK we have 90%+ of the population who have previously been infected, a majority have received 2 or 3 vaccine doses, and as a result, the Covid IFR is at or lower than seasonal flu, and continuing to fall….the argument for NPI’s has therefore fallen apart….

@sophielouisecc Being led by weakness, ruled by woke, waiting to be taken over by a bunch of Paedophile lovers in bed with Sharia and EU laws. Sorry 4 our fallen, this country has let you down..

@Markus_Wojahn Stimmt, Punkt für dich. Religion ist da, ob Gott da ist, weiß keiner so genau. Nunja: Man wollte wohl einen Sammelbegriff für alle machen, die eben aus der Norm fallen. Schade, dass es dafür überhaupt eine Bewegung braucht. Es ist noch viel zu tun auf der Welt..

@VandervestJames The biggest trick of all, arguably, is that this realm of Earth can be saved or fixed or healed to optimal health. That’s the hubris of the fallen, lost & confused by the shadows. Even Mom (“Sophia”) fell & forgot & had been motivated by this sinister temptation..

@StephorKila90 Rayla: *lays her head and whines at her sent, pawing at her back legs*.

@gettysburgmaam I think about that surrounding landscape, the gullies and valleys, the creeks, and even just near large rocks and outcrops, fallen trees..

You want what kind of milk?! Pink has fallen on hard times and has taken to elaborate means of earning money. Unfortunately, she fell into the trap of a dubious manager, who likes unorthodox uniforms. Poor Pink :(.

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The number of bank branches has fallen for the past six years in a row, leaving many, especially those in rural areas, living in banking deserts..


I’ve fallen deeply into a perpetual state of ungratefulness and I have no clue why..

These are US stats but Canada has fallen into line with the US do nothing policy so our numbers should be be similiar. We just don’t care anymore about those who die or those who become seriously ill..

@mocker_thomas Arbeitsvertrag Ja. Aber irgendwie fallen da keine Milliarden 🤔🤔🤔.

@derrickjeter @morgfair We host exchange students from France every summer. French kids are very hard to impress, but many of them have absolutely fallen in love with Dr. Pepper..

@Going___Clutch @moriabruv Yeah they should be more like you, the guy who invoked his fallen comrades and wished another guy was dead and would go to hell over what amounts to making fun of a movie. That’s how you handle a situation like any sane, non-piece-of-shit human being would, am I right?.

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