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Updated: September 16th, 2021 05:38 AM IST

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@callmedollar And keepin it a buck…Remy, Vita and Lil Mo are from the same era. Fat Joe was in women’s pockets & business last night on some sucka shit. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Remy Ma comes to Fat Joe’s defense when Lil Mo demands an apology after he called her and Vita dusty bitches during the #Verzuz battle

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@backup_ek Fat Joe is a nasty piece of work Idky the culture likes him and I swear he snaked Remy while she was in jail 😂

@saharvey75 @TheShadeRoom But she was there when it happened🥴. And instead of the girl saying something directly to Fat Joe, she made a posts on social media. So yes a witness like Remy Ma did need to step in. I’m Tired of females being wrong for defending men smh.

@SaycheeseDGTL These must be new fans and never listened to his music over the years lol. Fat Joe been saying it for years. This new generation is so damn sensitive lol

Fat Joe tried his best to channel the energy of Jada Kiss 😂 Those Ja hits were like a wave hitting an amateur surfer 😂

Just watched the Verzuz from last night in 20 mins. Ja kinda mopped the floor with Fat Joe. I’m disappointed.

So I was playing Def Jam Fight for NY yesterday and WHY DID THEY MAKE FAT JOE SO DAMN OVERPOWERED????? I probably upset my neighbors with my yells of frustration

Fat Joe was disrespectful AF last night steady unnecessarily calling the women of Murder Inc out of their name and commenting on Vita’s size as if she hasn’t been skinny af forever. His fat ass trash AF for that.

a fat joe, ashanti and ja rule #verzuz tour would do extremely well, and i for one would love to see it.


@Black54__ Lean back the his only hot song cause of Remy Ma he terrible 😂 you never heard a nigga say put Fat Joe on 😂😂😂

Diddy crashes Ja Rule + Fat Joe #Verzuz tp declare Dr. Dre is his only worthy opponent ⏩ READ MORE:

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I didn’t watch the VERZUZ battle, but if you thought for a second that Ja Rule was gonna lose to Fat might have just been an extra Covid symptom.

@Deetroit_Dave Fat Joe was a little too disrespectful…but it was great. JaRule had way more hits though!!!

Lol Ja Rule smoked Fat Joe. Seems like half of Joe’s songs only him and his DJ knew. #VERZUZ #FatJoevsJaRule

Fat Joe killed Ja when he took Ashanti and dropped what’s love and Ja acted like a back up singer 😂😂😂

Yo Fat Joe Second Look Why Bro Come Out looking like a Since of 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😭😭🤣🤣💀💀 #VERZUZ

Fat Joe Photo,Fat Joe Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Damnnnn, i missed ja rule and fat Joe?! That’s my middle school days right there. Ugh! lol


One thing I’m not gone do is wait for JA RULE & FAT JOE. Lmk when they there. #VERZUZ

@hazelhottie good morning Hazel!! #RxRequest do you have I Want You by Thalia ft Fat Joe on the playlist? Requesting for it 🙏 sending it out to someone jk. Happy hump day! #TheMorningRush

@TheCrewHHC You crazy. Fat Joe a legend. Ja was a dope rapper back in the day. There’s a difference. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I Forgot Ja Rule #VERZUZ Fat Joe I Had Fat Joe But I Went Through Ja Rule’s Catalogue Just Now 🔥🔥🔥 😬

@mistamonotone I really hope there’s a Fat Joe hour-long recap still coming tomorrow like he did for the LOX-Dipset one even though he’s the A side in tonight’s battle. 👏😂

Fat Joe is cool and all but you would be straight up lying if you try to deny @jarule wasn’t that dude! So many classic hits that defined my teen years. He’s a hip hop legend, it’s time for people to stop denying it. #VERZUZ

So the Ja Rule vs. Fat Joe verzuz is tonight and just like everyone else, I wanted Ja and 50. ... I think Ja would win either way 🤷🏾‍♂️

Fat Joe, DJ Drama & Cool & Dre - What Would Big Do (2021) via @hiphop_portal

If Fat Joe plays Big Pun, brings out Remy or Joe…I’ll have to hold back a tear. Teenage Rita will be re-emerging. #VERZUZ

If fat Joe do what the lox did he gone win you can’t do all radio hits. It ain’t gone feel right thats what dipset did last versuz and played them radio hits. The whole Madison square garden was booing dipset for doing that. The lox freestyles alone are bigger than dipset records

If Fat Joe brings this type of energy to the #VERZUZ tonight he’s gonna be hard to beat 😭😭

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