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Dear Diane Feinstein, Thank you for your service. But if you don’t understand that our democracy currently hangs in the balance, it’s time for you to leave. New from @IAmPoliticsGirl.

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Corrie Cacciatore ⚖
Corrie Cacciatore ⚖ ()

Feinstein: Our democracy is alive and well. Also Feinstein: I think Lindsey is a good and decent man. 🙄

Tooey ()

@donwinslow @SenFeinstein Feinstein will be 88 years old this month. Why is she still in office?

Alex Pagliuca
Alex Pagliuca ()

Whatever Feinstein may jave done in the past to secure her the hero worship she This is going to get her into the history books, after the fascists have won and are writing all of them.

Crabman ()

Love watching liberals lose their shit over Feinstein. She’s been in office for a century and they are finally fed up with her. This is how far left democrats have gone.

joy meads 🩸🦷👻
Joy meads 🩸🦷👻 ()

@daveweigel hey, story idea: I keep calling Feinstein’s office (I’m a constituent) to ask about filibuster reform, and—since March—her staff keeps saying that she is in favor of it. But every time she’s quoted on the issue, she seems to have no idea it’s even under debate


Feinstein is so out of touch that she doesn’t think our democracy is at risk. Fuck all these people.

Dkdk459 ()

....,, Bill & Hillary sold our technology during his 8 years, Feinstein has a China spy driving her for 23yrs, Swallow-well was fckng a Chinese spy and the list goes on. SO WHO IS TO BLAME? YA, YOU GOT IT!

Ash Kalra 🌱
Ash Kalra 🌱 ()

This is a California Senator. Unbelievable but, unfortunately, not surprising from Feinstein. Incredibly wealthy and unbelievably out of touch with the state of our democracy.

Jonathan Oskins
Jonathan Oskins ()

Schumer had several serious and painful talks with Feinstein [about stepping down]. Compounding the problem, Feinstein seemed to forget about the conversations soon after they talked, so Schumer had to confront her again.”

MeidasTouch.com ()

Dear Diane Feinstein, Thank you for your service. But if you don’t understand that our democracy currently hangs in the balance, it’s time for you to leave. New from @IAmPoliticsGirl.

Erik Clarke
Erik Clarke ()

I’m going to go ahead & say it: Senator Diane Feinstein should retire & let the next generation step up to lead.

Derek ()

@AndrewSolender Feinstein if she backed into a tree with her car would look around and say “I don’t see any trees around here”

big Nalgene user
Big Nalgene user ()

This is a rare example of a true mask-off comment: “democracy is under threat” is a mainstream dem talking point. It’s not even particularly radical or progressive. Feinstein made the mistake of articulating the party’s actual position on this problem.

Harvey Cohen
Harvey Cohen ()

@AndrewSolender Feinstein’s senility has nothing to do with the GOP. This shit is on you.

Celery Caraway
Celery Caraway ()

@AndrewSolender What has changed @SenFeinstein? The filibuster was used to Stop #January6thCommission.

Girl Jo
Girl Jo ()

@lotsofuss @donwinslow I mean, she started her political career enthusiastically defending the flying of a confederate flag. I’d argue she’s never been great at her job

Vanessa ()

@Goss30Goss If Feinstein does not see democracy is in jeopardy, she truly is way past her sell-by date.

Stray Political Cat
Stray Political Cat ()

@Angry_Staffer I know Manchin is Manchin but Feinstein is SO frustrating.

Dr.Butter Vaccinated AF
Dr.Butter Vaccinated AF ()

@bluewaverider46 Seeing Diane Feinstein wanting to take a wait and see approach is sickening.

Lightbulbprincess ()

🤣🤣 funny how they see it with Feinstein, but turn a blind eye to ol bumbling sheesh 🤣🤣

Tess 🦔 - fully vaccinated, rocks a mask.
Tess 🦔 - fully vaccinated, rocks a mask. ()

@Angry_Staffer The trouble is terms limits are inherently sexist. Most women still enter politics later than men, and it takes them longer to rise up leadership rankings. I know Feinstein is something of an exception in terms of her career, but she is an exception rather than the norm.

Magoo ()

Yes Feinstein is too old. Come on 91. Give somebody else a chance with new ideas and can help the Democratic Party

Meidas_Oldie🇺🇸🇺🇸🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♀️STOP THE HATE!!
Meidas_Oldie🇺🇸🇺🇸🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♀️STOP THE HATE!! ()

@Angry_Staffer Time to call Diane Feinstein @SenFeinstein to end the filibuster!!! Washington # (202) 224-3841 San Francisco# (415) 393-0707

F. Tweet Fitzgerald
F. Tweet Fitzgerald ()

@SenFeinstein Senator Feinstein needs to resign. If you cannot see the threats to democracy today, you are unfit to serve. Resign, and give America a chance to survive.

Flora ()

@TomJChicago what’s your assessment of Feinstein? Her family should step in too.

Anna Adams 🇺🇲 🏀 🔆
Anna Adams 🇺🇲 🏀 🔆 ()

I find myself wondering if the 3 male Senators who are the same age as Feinstein get the same level of scrutiny. There have been old dude Senators forever.

Αντίσταση ()

#Feinstein doesn’t care that her legacy be the end of a 245-year experiment of government of the people, by the people, for the people. All that Americans need to remember is that she was born on the very year Hitler was named Chancellor. The rest is a sad caricature.

Bob Burger
Bob Burger ()

@AndrewSolender Feinstein is barely coherent most days. That should be the ONLY story you post about her.

Jason Lefkowitz
Jason Lefkowitz ()

When I was a Senate intern, I once saw the by-then-extremely-decrepit Strom Thurmond shambling down a hallway. Then a person I assume was an aide ran up to him, gently took him by the shoulders and turned him 180 degrees. I get the same vibes from Dianne Feinstein these days

Steve Marsh
Steve Marsh ()

@OlgaNYC1211 This is one of a series of words and actions from Feinstein that show how completely incompetent she has become. The massless hug with Lindsay? Disgusting

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