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Congratulations Festus Keyamo @fkeyamo on your nomination as Spokesperson for our Campaign..

Festus Keyamo Photo,Festus Keyamo Photo by Chief Edward David Onoja,Chief Edward David Onoja on twitter tweets Festus Keyamo Photo

No end in sight for ASUU strike. Listened to Festus Keyamo this evening and all I can do today is feel sorry for everyone involved..

This government has handled the ASUU strike as it should. Parents should go and beg ASUU. - Festus Keyamo #PoliticsToday #CTVTweets.

@channelstv Festus Keyamo the hard working campaign strategist. Emi lo kan is a more pragmatic way to campaign? What was the emperical indicator the current govt used in 2014? This remark is quite silly to say the least..

Adams Oshiomhole isolated Tinubu from Buhari failed government but Festus Keyamo said otherwise tonight on Channels TV. He proudly told Seun that Tinubu would continue from where Buhari stops. It’s a tough job defending Buhari failed government and marketing Tinubu..

Even the opposition is campaigning for Peter Obi. Festus Keyamo just said on channels TV politics today that Peter Obi is far ahead of Atiku Abubakar in terms of administrative experience. We shall get there and take back our country..

PDP attack dogs will come for you on this Festus Keyamo. However, not only Atiku, he’s ahead of your principal too.

@fkeyamo Festus Keyamo, May God manage your life the way Buhari managed Nigeria…say amen!.

Poor Seun. He couldn’t bully Festus Keyamo he gave up, that’s what I’m talking about no time for Dindirin 💪🏾..

APC is a socialist party and Tinubu will continue the policies - Festus Keyamo. You people will learn in a very hard way.

Dear Pops @olusogaowoeye have you now see that Asiwaju Campaign Council is not Dissipating itself from President Buhari Administration. Festus Keyamo Did well this night..

Festus Keyamo has made it abundantly clear that BAT would be a definite continuation of this failed administration and that they are absolutely proud of their You can list some of their achievements in the comment Hunger, poverty, etc. @DavidHundeyin.

Even with the double digit inflation, overwhelming insecurity and grand style unemployment, Festus Werey Keyamo just said he is proud of APC’s achievement. Nigerians are in for a bad one.😌😌.

Asiwaju moved the IGR of lagos from 600 million to 51 billion, Tinubu is a wealth creator. Nigeria needs a well creator. ~ Festus Keyamo.

Festus Keyamo Photo,Festus Keyamo Photo by POMPIN,POMPIN on twitter tweets Festus Keyamo Photo

@channelstv Festus Keyamo is a spin doctor but unfortunately for him and APC, Nigerians are wiser now. This is not 2014 when some people fell for APC lies.

@BashirAhmaad The problem with Nigerians is we always take it that the government is always are facts Festus Keyamo is spewing the FG is at fault then ASUU is 65% if not 70% at fault imo.

@firstladyship A Festus Keyamo can be defined as any mass of human being whose conscience has been deadened, voice for the people silenced and passion for truth bought over and converted into the trumpeter for darkness. ☝️ That is a Festus Keyamo.

Welcome to Nigeria Level 2 BBNaijas7 Biggie National Anthem Obiano Fraud Mr Macaroni Festus Keyamo.

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