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Updated: October 25th, 2021 09:38 AM IST

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Bucs defense shut down Justin Fields 😳 0 TD 3 INT 3 FUM (2 lost) 3 total points

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@79illwill @Tylow237 Facts. What sucks is it took soo long for Bears & nat media to realize this & they pretty much wasted 2 years making excuses for him lol. I would of fired him after 2019, 2020 at latest. No reason to go into 2021 with Nagy & Dalton & waste year of Fields development under him

@TheRealFTP @TheMMQBL Our D tends to get called for PI on those long passes and as it turns out, Justin Fields loves to sling it.

27 Deleted tweets for VanAMOfficial 9 Deleted tweets for AmericaVanguard 6 Deleted tweets for VanGuardAM 4 Deleted tweets for TrueAmVanguard 6 Deleted tweets for TheNewGiantDad - James Alex Fields, Jr.

Patriot Front was formed when Thomas Rousseau hijacked Vanguard America after participating in UtR. Rousseau marched in the same group with Fields, the person who murdered anti-racist protester Heather Heyer.

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Dillon Ulysses Hopper aka Dillon Irizarry was the leader of Vanguard America before being ousted by Thomas Rousseau. Hopper was a Marine Corps veteran.

James Alex Fields, Jr. was a member of Vanguard America. Fields was convicted and sentenced to 2 life terms in prison for murdering anti-racist protester, Heather Heyer, when he plowed his car into her and injuring dozens more

@raviroyalcomeup OB is so right. Why the hell is Fields almost always sitting alone on the bench? Why are there no coaches next to him going over plays? What the hell is going on with that team?

Pretty cotton fields made for a quick photo opportunity after church!

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Bucs defense shut down Justin Fields 😳 0 TD 3 INT 3 FUM (2 lost) 3 total points

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@Balakay @LucasOnTap Mitch was pretty decent as a rookie. And Fields has better weapons then what Mitch had as a rookie. I’d take Allen Robinson and Mooney over Kendall Wright and Dontrelle Inman any day.

All I need is for Justin Fields + Darnell Mooney to combine for 60 fantasy points in the second half to cash in on late swapping onto Mike Evans and D’Andre Swift

@CWilliamsNFL I’m so bummed Fields was selected by the Bears. Shit organization from top-down. The only exception is the team owner-Aaron Rodgers.

Not only is Tom Brady-Justin Fields the largest age differential between two starting QBs in a game in NFL history, it also marks a first for Brady: Fields is the first opposing starting QB from Ohio State that Brady has ever faced in his career.

Leaving million lettuces to rot in the fields, culling pigs that may be wasted - #BBCFoodChain talks to UK farmers about the effects of widespread worker shortages Listen:

Cardinals now have a +77 point differential on the road - in only 4 games. They are blowing out teams on their own fields by an average of points a game

Imagine a Bears trash talking with Brady 😂😂😂 what happened to Fields??

Fox in the fields and overcast fall days. The nostalgia is heavy

@dwcprodz Imagine if ARob actually cared about practicing with Fields like Mooney does. Dude wants a payday… maybe some other team can take him. Also, he blocks like my niece. She’s 11.

Rodgers vs. The Bears lose to the Packers 24-14 Sunday in Chicago.

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My Packers fan buddy texted me after the game saying he thought Fields played pretty well and that the future is bright, so I will take solace in that 🤣

@MrPaulHutsonJr Not gonna win when Justin Fields has 300 yards rushing (behind the line of scrimmage and for his life). That was a painful watch.

@RamblerMountain my dad told me that virology is among the most primitive fields of scientific study. he was very right

@BearsNationCHI I feel like they have a good defense and a below average offense. I’m not blaming Fields, he’s a rookie and with the right players and coaching he will be good. The Bears need a good coach, one that can do more than pregame planning.

It’s so funny that every new movie takes place in the middle of nowhere. Just a bunch of fields. Broke ass industry.

Dallas wouldn’t of had Parsons so I’m cool with it, but fuck Carolina and Darnold. Should’ve got Fields instead of Horn 😌

@ErikLambert1 At what point do you take Fields out for his own good? He clearly has no answer and the game is going 200MPH for him.

Bears will be 3-4 after next week. Just looking forward to watching the team trying to develop down the stretch. Take the pressure off Fields and try to open the offense

So the Bears are down 17-7 and the overall feeling on Twitter is gloom and doom. The defense cannot be continually asked to stop teams with little to no help from their offense. Fields has not been good thus far today.

Im so sick of engineers & cashiers & accountants saying “do your own research” about infectious disease & vaccines -fields that take 14 years of study to even begin. A hint: if you can “do your own research” while sitting on the toilet with your phone, you’re not doing research.

For the sake of our health and the health of our planet, our food system needs to change. We can’t continue destroying forests to make way for vast fields of monoculture and livestock. #WorldFoodDay

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