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.@MTV Unplugged Presents: @BTS_twt. The band performed a total of five songs during the special episode including Blue & Grey, Telepathy and Fix You by Cold Play. 💜

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Alex Shibutani
Alex Shibutani ()

BTS 🤝 ShibSibs Fix You

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KpopHerald ()

.@MTV Unplugged Presents: @BTS_twt. The band performed a total of five songs during the special episode including Blue & Grey, Telepathy and Fix You by Cold Play. 💜

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Fatima🌻 ()

The harmonies in Fix the rapline harmonizing with vocal their just wow they’re incredible. I haven’t even properly processed any of it yet.

🦄 Mistress Luck 💋
🦄 Mistress Luck 💋 ()

6pm on Tuesday & not a SINGLE coffee send? You broke lurking losers are so pathetic 💋🖕 Unless you are sending, you are useless to me 🤓🤣 Fix it before your ass is blocked. • findom femdom finsub paypig cashapp venmo sexy breakfastsub coffeesub onlyfans tribute •

•Melior•⁷ʰᵒᵇᶤᵘᵃʳʸ✿ ()

İtıraf ediyorum Fix you şarkısını hiç dinlemedim İtiraf bitti

Pooja Hegde
Pooja Hegde ()

Couldn’t choose one so uploading both! Congratulations Dr @RishabhHegde 🤗 years of studying all those fat books with fine print has resulted in you being able to fix those wobbly bones of mine! Yeyyy! #orthopedicsurgeon #haddikadoctor 🦴

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Derecka ()

hi, when you call for more Black cops to fix police violence, you could be calling for more Black spies, more Black informants, more Black undercover cops to surveil our activism. This is policing. No community policing, diversity, and implicit bias training changes that

Yego Ndi Cya Cyana🤴🏾
Yego Ndi Cya Cyana🤴🏾 ()

You have issues with yourself if you judge people. Think about it and fix yourself. I’m sending love tou you❤️ Namaste🙏🏽

🧜🏼‍♀️ ()

I really hate the fact that you’re hurting me again even if I never do anything to you. You fix your self and Think wisely man🥲

Darrin L. Haug
Darrin L. Haug ()

@StephenAtHome And you criticize the President? Fix your weirdest ear then talk sh@t!

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Minoxidil Nigeria
Minoxidil Nigeria ()

@bidemitweets @Day_veedd In Jesus name , No more comparisons ! Men, Do you want to grow beards or grow fuller beards ? Do you want to fix your hairline or baldness ? With Minoxidil you can !, dm me to get yours asap (Price: N5000)🤝.

Queso Quavo 🤑
Queso Quavo 🤑 ()

I just wanted to fix things cause I felt like we could be stronger than ever , you know like a winning team 🤷🏽‍♀️

ツ ()

Kenapasih orang orang suka bgt ganggu perdrakoran tanya nih nonton drakor apa kamu kak elen? fix you tentang? dia bahas isu kshtan mental gt. mau liat yg main dong ah gak ah jele yg maen tua, km kok suka sih yg jadul jadul kak, yg update dong. YA BASING GUE GAK SIH?!

Matshaya, Doyi
Matshaya, Doyi ()

@WesternCapeGov Nisebenzile apha. Consider the number of children pass through N2 road to nearby school. I wish and hope you can fix the robots nearby to open 2 minutes each turn to easy traffic in the morning.

Tade Thompson
Tade Thompson ()

@MandisiNkomo Why would you put the burden of racism on the victim? They need to fix their own shit.

Linds 💙🇪🇺 #FBPE
Linds 💙🇪🇺 #FBPE ()

@Keir_Starmer And it is long past time to fix the Brexit disaster. The young people of this country are planning to leave as soon as possible. You cannot ignore the millions of voters who did not vote for Brexit. We are not imaginary. Real lives wrecked. For what?

JBQ712 ()

Hey @NianticHelp, how can we able to complete the Go Tour Kanto: Raid Collection Challenge, when the Regionals are not in Raids anymore? You gave us over a week to complete it but we won’t be able to, if we have not raided the Regionals during the Event. This needs a fix imo. 😅


Finally took @hbomax long enough to fix the audio glitch from S1E12 of StarGirl from @TheCW. How about you quality check your programs before you release them, and then re-check them on an isolated server before you go further. #fuckingnoobs #pathetic

Janet 🌺
Janet 🌺 ()

“When I’m weak, you strengthen me, when I’m broke, you fix me, I’m assured, you’ll never leave me, you’re the lifter of my hands” 🙌🏾

르노와릉여 ()

Not at #brightxruangguru bright singing my fave song Fix you. 🤧🤧🤧 I’m loving him more and more.

Boricua Baddie😈
Boricua Baddie😈 ()

You can always free yourself. Face your actions, and fix what you can. It’s what amends is all about.

Joshua ()

@PhishR6 That’s a small regret lol. You can go back and upgrade your I can’t fix what I regret and it’s bigger, so are a lot of people’s. Be grateful.

Bad House!
Bad House! ()

@LettysLair “Having a kid might fix your endometriosis” so what you’re saying is you want me to spend $250,000, roughly 20 years of my life and a literal human soul on this medical bill

🏴‍☠️gloey panthera🦋 x+÷=I3:00C⁰ its raijn
🏴‍☠️gloey panthera🦋 x+÷=I3:00C⁰ its raijn ()

Not a visit not even maintenance you fix it yourself buy the land so you dont really get tax for possession its yours

Lona Dian
Lona Dian ()

Fix You @bbrightvc 😍 #BrightFutureRuangguru #RoboguruShow

Ollie ()

@abandonedameric I get it. I think its healthy to look at the issues that are making you depressed-why WOULDNT you feel the way you do? We cant fix the world,all we can do is handle our own little corner as best we can,and fix the larger issues when the opportunity presents itself.


🥺🤍 Penampilan Memukau Bright dengan Lagu Fix You! | Roboguru Show ผ่าน @YouTube

👊🏽Bea👊🏽 ()

@LewdRPtime “Hmmm but it feels like too many thoughts are rattling around up there, I can certainly fix that for you~” I give a devious grin

Ruangguru | Bimbel Online No 1
Ruangguru | Bimbel Online No 1 ()

Kumpulan screenshot Mas Bright nyanyi Fix You. Udah fix kok mas udah💕💕 Makasih ya teman-teman udah nonton #RoboguruShow & nemenin penampilan dari Mas Bright! Yuk jangan lupa posting keseruan kalian nonton acara Roboguru Show! Ramaikan pake hashtag #BrightFutureRuangguru ya

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Should you fix it or throw it away? A new French law now forces manufacturers to reveal how repairable their devices are. It could help in the fight against e-waste.

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