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Jimmy Butler BALLED OUT in Game 1 dropping 41 points to power the @MiamiHEAT to the victory and take a 1-0 series lead! #HEATCulture Jimmy Butler: 41 PTS, 9 REB, 5 AST, 4 STL, 3 BLK Gabe Vincent: 17 PTS, 3 BLK Tyler Herro: 18 PTS, 8 REB Game 2: Thursday, 8:30pm/et on ESPN.

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Gabe Vincent and Max Strus are two of the most mentally strong young dudes I’ve seen Both undrafted Both two ways Both fearless.

I asked Gabe Vincent about his utilization of screening in game 1 to feed Butler mismatches “That’s the playoffs. It’s all mismatches and matchups.” @5ReasonsSports.

I asked Gabe Vincent about his value in screening in this game creating mismatches for Butler: “That’s the playoffs.” Mentions that his matchup forced him into that, and it could be someone else next game Almost like someone was screaming guard screening before the series lol.

Nigerian, Gabe Vincent helped the Heats overcome the Boston Celtics 118 - 107 in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference Finals with 17 points 2 rebounds and 3 assists. #NBA75 #NBAPlayoffs.

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Gabe Vincent acknowledges that the Celtics flattened the Heat out and then the Heat didn’t play the same way as in Game 1.

Que baita partida do Boston Celtics. Não dá pra culpar A ou B. O Heat funcionou até os 18-8 no 1° quarto, depois disso foi um atropelo nos dois lados da quadra. Menções honrosas para Gabe Vincent. A cada dia gosto mais! E o Jimmy foi Jimmy. Seguimos..

It’s wild watching Gabe Vincent starting in the Eastern Conference Finals with him just on Stockton a couple years ago..

PLAYOFFS 19/5 Encerrado: Miami Heat 102 x 127 Boston Celtics Placar da série: 1-1 BOS 📊 Jayson Tatum: 27PTS/5REB/5AST/1STL Marcus Smart: 24PTS/9REB/12AST/3STL/1BLK MIA 📊 Jimmy Butler: 29PTS/6REB/3AST/1STL Gabe Vincent: 14PTS/3REB/3AST #NBAnaESPN.

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🔥 Gabe Vincent : 17 PTS, 3 BLK 🔥 Tyler Herro : 18 PTS, 8 REB #NBAConferenceFinals #HeatCulture.

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Gabe Vincent needs to play a zillion minutes since hes the only one that wanna make 3s.

Bam Adebayo Agenda is over if he don’t have some pride, Gabe Vincent got more shots than u.

Gabe Vincent on the added switching from Boston tonight: “They flattened us out. The ball got stagnant. We didn’t move it as much and we saw the result of that when they went on their run.”.

Fun fact: Payton Pritchard outscored everyone other than Jimmy butler (13) this half. Gabe Vincent is tied for points (8). This Is also in 11 minutes !?! 😳😳😳.

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Took 2 years for Gabe Vincent 3 ball to translate to the league after scorching G League rims, now he’s giving Heat serious impact. Gonna be sad if Kings trade Davion man. Only up from here for him. I get it tho, esp if you can get a quality starting wing.

Jimmy Butler ERUPTS with 41 PTS to secure Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics! #NBA Tyler Herro: 18 PTS, 8 REBS Gabe Vincent: 17 PTS Jayson Tatum: 29 PTS, 8 REBS, 6 ASTS.

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It was hard to see the Heat going through a playoff run 16-0 when Gabe Vincent starts tbh..

Gabe Vincent: “We’ve lost a game in the playoffs before…” Bam Adebayo: “It’s the first to four (wins)”.

The hot-shooting Celtics jump all over the Heat 70-45 at halftime in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. #NBAPlayoffs Jayson Tatum 20 points Jaylen Brown 15 points Grant Williams 12 points Boston 12-19 on 3s Jimmy Butler 13 points Gabe Vincent 8 points Miami 6-19 on 3s.

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Jaylen Brown: 8 REB ✅ Gabe Vincent: 14 PTS Jimmy Butler: 29 PTS 2 points in the 4th during a blowout? 🤨.

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@BamonteAdebayo lol keep believing in gabe Vincent and mike strus🤣🤣🤣 Celtics in 6.

Gabe Vincent the only Nigerian I will ever acknowledge on that roster. The DHO Daniel theis merchant not accepted in the motherland.

Celtics hedged the Jimmy Butler-Gabe Vincent pick-and-roll twice in a row so Miami just flowed into a dribble handoff for Max Strus. Pretty stuff.

Butler vs Tatum looks like classic matchup we used to have with centers. Fascinating. #Heat #Celtics This Gabe Vincent dude from UCSB/Stockton came outta nowhere..

@LeBatardShow Man @Stugotz790 was right Gabe Vincent Also Butler is still crazy good and he had to do exactly what Tatum had to do in the first game. Also Al.

0-1 pero bastantes cosas que mejorar. Creo que la serie va a ser larga. Lo de Jimmy, me cago en su madre. Que pesado es contra nosotros. Y bueno lo de Gabe Vincent ha sido inesperado. El tercer cuarto ha sido muy malo de Celtics y tenemos que cerrar el rebote mejor..

C’est moi ou Gabe Vincent est plus valuable dans l’équipe du Heat que Kyle Lowry.

Oq o gabe Vincent e o struss vai meter de bola de 3 nesse 3° quarto o curry não meteu na carreira.

Heat need Lowry, besides Jimmy they are lacking play creating ability. Gabe Vincent played really well, but Lowry and Gabe bring different things to the table. Having both them available is gonna be necessary if the Heat are gonna win this series..

I’ve been nice this game so I won’t say Gabe Vincent looks like Shemar Moore with the fake cornrows.

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