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It’s almost Roevember, and tonight I’ll be on the @MeidasTouch podcast to talk about that, Texas politics, Gen-Z activism— and maybe a little bit about Matt Gaetz… Tune in at 8est/5pst on the Meidastouch YouTube channel:.

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So Florida is paying a gop-wired company tied to the state’s immigration enforcement czar ( and Matt Gaetz) for the flights. But it’s primarily a helicopter company. So it’s had to subcontract the flights to an Ohio co that specializes in executive travel..

IMHO, this feels to me like a page right out of the GOP playbook. They put out a lie, and get the media to repeat it, which gets us to repeat it, and then it feels true to everybody, esp GOP voters. Is meant to make us doubt witnesses against Gaetz, should he ever BE charged..

@RpsAgainstTrump His daddy paid somebody off. Gaetz will always be a pervert, alcohol will likely be his downfall. He does have several DWIs on record..

@tomiahonen With Gaetz, it it just a question of not enough evidence or credible witnesses at this time? Maybe later?.

Please tell me how Matt Gaetz is escaping prosecution when his buddy Joel Greenberg is going to jail???.

@KatePOBrien @BradMossEsq Check the files Trump took. What are the chances he had sexual kompromat on Republican & Democratic officials that he gave to Gaetz to use as leverage?.

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