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Imagine paying for courtside seats at a playoff game just to have 7’6 Tacko Fall sitting in front of you.

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【試合終了】最終回、先発・東浜投手が3人で抑えてノーヒットノーラン達成!!打線は、今宮選手が先制タイムリーヒットを含む3安打猛打賞の活躍!先発・東浜投手は打者27人を無安打に抑える完璧な投球で7連勝を飾りました! #sbhawks.

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Appreciation Post Game 1: Tertinggal 6-10, cetak 11 angka beruntun, berbalik unggul. Game 3: Tertinggal 7-12, cetak 9 angka beruntun, menang. Debutan di Thomas Cup. Debut laga di 2022. Jd penentu kemenangan 🇮🇩 atas 🇰🇷. Penampilan yg inspiratif. Terima kasih 🙏 📸:PBSI.

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After being the only Oiler to play all 87 games to this point, Warren Foegele scratched tonight. Broberg inserted, scored in his last NHL game vs SJ in Game 81 as Jay Woodcroft goes 11/7..

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Your fans, for leaving w/ 7 mins left in a game, should be embarrassed..

Jeremy Swayman on Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand: “I’m grateful to be in the that locker room with them, wearing the same jersey. We’re gonna try to win Game 7 for them.”.

7 at the moment - could take one from Vikings and lose the Giants game as well.

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As a collective group of Celtics fans, can we please stop bringing up the 2010 Game 7 game. Im still not over it and never will be. STOP BRINGING IT UP 😭😭😭😭😭.

What a loser. The 6ers were the 3 seed in the East the year before he got there & were a game 7 buzzer beater away from the ECF. What is he talking about?.

This kinda remind me of that game 7 when the Suns beat the Lakers an**phone dies**.

Nos darán una manito los árbitros mañana? Un Game 7 de la mejor serie de estos playoffs el domingo en la tarde puede ser lo más visto del año en la NBA 👀.

@domluszczyszyn Tampa streak without back to back losses continues. Leafs will have to win a game 7.

All the pressure in a game 7 is on the home team. The Bruins will be a perfect team to play spoiler! LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@.

#NHLBruins Force Game 7 at @PNCArena with 5-2 Win at Home @tdgarden in Game 6 #StanleyCup.

Bruins /Haula has been a disappearing act that would make Houdini jealous None of the #56 fan club has said a word / Now the slug finally gets a goal and every yahoo is jumping all over it / I hope he and Carlo and Smith and the rest of the passengers bring it at game 7.

Can you please troll him and ask him this question after the Bs clutch game 7.

Magic found out bird crushed him in ROY votes and went out and won a ship and finals MVP [on a fictional show]. Embiid found out he got crushed in MVP voting and went out and shot 7-24 and lost a critical game 6..

Jeremy Swayman on how many times he’s envisioned playing in a Game 7: “Countless.” @ABC6 #NHLBruins.

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@NYRibbles For game 7 I got $289 per as a pair in the blues and a 20% Rakuten rebate on vivid.

@TitoBenach No game 7! Put the dagger in Philly and onto the East Conf Finals!!! 🔥.

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It’s very obvious the NHL is trying to have “ThE StAtE oF hOcKeY” push this to game 7.

@FlaPanthers47 Fair lol I just want them to go 7 I’m still pulling for Leafs to win series. But Lightning gotta win this game.

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