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A real é que a melhor coisa desse ep 1 mixuruca que tivemos da 8ª temporada de #GamefThrones foi a revisão fodástica da entrada da série:.

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I saw the first one, felt gross, and never watched another #GamefThrones.

Welcome back @GameOfThrones #GamefThrones #S8 Ready to defend the North..

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A real é que a melhor coisa desse ep 1 mixuruca que tivemos da 8ª temporada de #GamefThrones foi a revisão fodástica da entrada da série:.

The @GameOfThrones recaps n reviews will be out Tuesday nights down under time. I need 2-3 long sittings and a decent amount of junk food to edit ‘em together ay. Faaaaark yesssss. #GamefThrones #ozzymanreviewsiscoming.

It’s only Monday morning after the season premiere and I’ve already offended at least 8 people when I’ve told them my least favorite character is Daenerys. I might have no friends left at the end of the season. (& yes I love pragmatic Sansa). #GamefThrones.

#GoT #GamefThrones literally the only thing that surprised me was Tormund and the Nights Watch gang still being alive, that’s it.

Did you all miss the moment where Daenerys smirks and laughs at Jon Snow? #GamefThrones #GOTs8.

I just keep thinking about Cersei wanting elephants. Did I miss something? 😆 #GamefThrones.

@BBCan3Bruno I heard your favorite was having a special on #GamefThrones 😂.

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People who don’t watch GOT and brag about it, just makes me want to throat punch em. 👊👊🖕🏼🖕🏼 #GamefThrones.

Bran morphs into diva mode as Three Eyed Raven and becomes the least likeable character since Joffrey. #GamefThrones.

My roommate was gone was so nice to not give this face of shut the fuck up #GamefThrones is on.

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Quédate con el que te vea como Daenerys, pero te cuide como Drogon #GamefThrones.

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Anyone else wanting Yara to go save Ellaria from Cersei’s dungeon torture and nurse her back to health and sanity? #LesboLove #GamefThrones.

Solo tengo algo que decir: excelente fin de semana y cerro con broche de oro con ese cap de #GamefThrones.

#GamefThrones prediction: The White Walker king is actually the Mad King reincarnated..

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“Just because she likes you doesn’t mean I won’t eat you.” It’s soo cute how he loves his mom. 😂🔥#GamefThrones #Drogon.

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How am I supposed to go to bed and then go to work in the morning when I just want to stay up and talk to everyone about #GamefThrones ??.

Debo admitir que me agrada el hashtag #Missandei porque es como si yo tuviera un emoji. Y bueno, me voy a dormir sin ver #GamefThrones porque el karma del suspenso es así....

Love #GamefThrones is back but also love that its event tv. Once a week. Old school. In a world of bingeing box sets, there’s something to be said for having to wait. Harks back to the golden days of 24 + Lost..

Bran is the official spoiler/foreshadower the looks he gave danys and tyrion were very telling #GamefThrones.

Euron - Como no te traje tus elefantes te voy a dar un cogidón te parece? Cersei - Jalo #GamefThrones #GameOfThrones8.

In the books Jaime hung his own men for rape. In the show he’s a rapist. Show Jaime is trash (and let’s not excuse both version where he tried to kill a child?) and I will never revere him as a “redeemed” character. #GamefThrones.

Of all the characters in #GamefThrones , Sansa has gained a lot of my respect over the past season. Showing off the smarts and being skeptical when she needs to..

Mi cara al saber que tengo que esperar 7 días para el siguiente capitulo de #GamefThrones.

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