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Dope to see Pau Gasol still HOOPING 💪 @paugasol (via @swishcultures_)

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LakeShowHööpsᴾᴴ ()

@SOULbeautifulme @pickuphoop they need the refs help just to beat us by 5 points without LeBron and Schröder and Marc Gasol playing as our backup point guard.

Sam Quinn
Sam Quinn ()

Here all five Anthony Davis big-big pick-and-rolls: - The Lakers scored two points on these plays. One turnover. Three misses. All jumpers. - Three came with Drummond. Two came with Gasol. - The Lakers rarely run this (see below). - The last one is my favorite design.

HisandHerLakers ()

You all hating on Kuzma and yah he had a bad game but look at what Drummond gave us tonight. Nothing. I hope ppl who were advocating for Drummond over Gasol learn about the game of basketball from this scenario. Athleticism only takes you so far. Why Joker is the league MVP

Francisco Pinto
Francisco Pinto ()

par de cobros que terminaron siendo claves. Ustedes saben cuales. 6. AD y Marc Gasol deben ser la pareja interna titular de Lakers. Más aún cuando no tenemos a LeBron (quien se las va a ingeniar para maximizar el aporte de Drummond) pero Marc es clave en la creación de juego

ѕυє вιяᴅ єɴтнυѕιαѕт 🦈
ѕυє вιяᴅ єɴтнυѕιαѕт 🦈 ()

@Kameron_Hay bron and ad missed a combined 60 games or something. dennis missed around 10ish now. ac i have to imagine has missed around 20. gasol who knows.

The NBA Monster
The NBA Monster ()

Yo veo gente impresionada con lo que sabe de esto Marc Gasol y con lo inservible que es la mayor parte del tiempo Andre Drummond. No parece que miraran NBA en estos 10 años. Uno es un jugador de basquet, el otro alguien que tuvo la suerte de nacer con ese físico

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

After trailing by as many as 14 early, the Lakers battled back in the 2nd Q to get within 4 at the half, at 59-55. Marc Gasol and Wesley Matthews were again key off the bench, with 6 points apiece on 4 for 7 combined 3-point shooting, plus quality defense.

Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson ()

Pau Gasol asking the Lakers to give Marc his starting job back

Gasol Photo,Gasol Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Make or miss league
Make or miss league ()

I be feeling bad saying wait until Harden plays but then I hear wait until Gasol plays and feel way better about myself

Nicho ()

Langsam machen mir die DNPs von Marc Gasol Sorgen. Drummond hilft dem Team (wer hätte das ) gar nicht. Hoffentlich kommt da noch Einsicht von Vogel.

𝒦𝒶𝓃𝑒 💜💛
𝒦𝒶𝓃𝑒 💜💛 ()

In no way tonight was this slandering Drummond. I’m just frustrated that Gasol isn’t getting mins every game

Dave McMenamin
Dave McMenamin ()

Kyle Kuzma endorsed giving Marc Gasol playing time as one potential tweak the Lakers can do to get out of the funk they’re in.

Joe Duncan
Joe Duncan ()

@bron_brow @LakersNation I’ve been saying this for weeks! Gasol top of the key, Trez down below.

Bron Brow
Bron Brow ()

@LakersNation Play Gasol, try Trezz/Gasol together, make AD play the 5, practice be a fucking coach.

⬛🟧 Patriotismo Socialista 🚩🇪🇦
⬛🟧 Patriotismo Socialista 🚩🇪🇦 ()

Decir que Unidas Podemos es comunista es como si dijéramos que Los Ángeles Lakers es un equipo catalán porque allí jugaba Pau Gasol Imposible no reírme con Inna

LakeShow Italia
LakeShow Italia ()

😕 Lakers alla deriva, altra pessima prova contro i Kings 👑 Per James 32 minuti 🦄 Sprazzi di Davis ⁉️ AD2, Trezz e Gasol: caos sotto canestro 💬 Le enigmatiche parole di LeBron 📊 Plus & Minus @TonMarzola 📰 Recap @spawnix #LakeShow #SacramentoProud

Skyhook Magazine
Skyhook Magazine ()

Duda de sábado. ¿Jugadores en activo que haya jugado con o contra Michael Jordan? Pau Gasol

Letting Go
Letting Go ()

I am frustrated with what the Lakers are doing. LA didn’t have issue at the 5. Lakers Twitter did. Only 5’s we need in the playoffs are AD, Gasol, Kief. If Vogel wanted a lob threat/rim protection/rebounding, Damion was perfect fit. What need does Drummond’s skillset helps with?

Brandon Stettenbenz
Brandon Stettenbenz ()

@forumbluegold Also Schroder has a hard time making an entry pass to AD due to his lack of length. The second best passer on the team is Gasol and he gets limited run. Is passing and defensive IQ being overlooked by Vogel?

Richard Staple, BSN, RN🇯🇲
Richard Staple, BSN, RN🇯🇲 ()

Watching Drummond’s stat line is like an optical illusion at this point. He had 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks on 7/11 and he did not play well at all to me. A lot of defensive awareness issues, especially on Holmes. There’s no excuse for having Gasol ride the pine.

LeBron James en español
LeBron James en español ()

+/- de los titulares Schroder -18 KCP -11 Davis -8 Drummond -3 LeBron +5 ¿Si el mejor momento del equipo fue con LeBron, Ben (+10), Talen (+12), Morris (+4) y Gasol (+12) por qué no le das ni un minuto en la segunda parte? Despierta un poquito, Vogel. Un poquito nomas.

(Raquel) KOBE 🖤🐍
(Raquel) KOBE 🖤🐍 ()

It really is WEIRD that Laker fans always do this pitting our players against one another. Like you either gotta like Drummond or hate on him. Gotta like Gasol or hate on him. We NEED both of it’s okay to appreciate them both

Lakers France
Lakers France ()

Concernant Gasol, Vogel lui doit une lettre d’excuses, des minutes dans la rotation et une bouteille premium de sangría.

Dräñthöñÿ🏪jãmíš ()

So now y’all don’t want Drummond you want Gasol. There’s just no winning sometimes man. STOP

Tom (Deni Avdija Stan)
Tom (Deni Avdija Stan) ()

@LakeShowSeason We saw AD dominate at center just last game. You think in 10 games AD wont be able to score with ease playing next to Gasol or at center without Drummond? Please

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

We’ve already seen 11 Lakers in this game, as Gasol replaced Harrell at backup C (Harrell got hit in the face) and McLemore enters for his first minutes with LeBron. LAL trail 34-26 early in the 2nd Q after LeBron got Morris a dunk with a pretty pass.

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

LeBron returned, and so did LAL’s energy. After a THT layup, LeBron hit a pair of FT’s, then converted a layup plus the foul with seconds left. He missed the attempt, but Gasol ultimately tipped it tin, capping an 8-0 run to close the quarter that has LAL down 30-23.

David Zozaya
David Zozaya ()

Os acordáis cuando dije que me alegraba que Gasol fichara por el Barça? Pues ahora me da pena.

Luccia2021🇲🇩🎗 ()

@palauresist @FCBbasket No entiendo las rotaciones desde que llegó hemos pasado de tener a un Smits, a un Oriola, a un Sergi a no tener un Pusto aportaba más joder!!!!

Overtime ()

Dope to see Pau Gasol still HOOPING 💪 @paugasol (via @swishcultures_)

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