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For this week’s podcast I spoke to @andrewdoyle_com about the imminent launch of GB News. We also spoke about kneeling, tweeting & over-reaching. iTunes: Google: Spotify:

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DansLesCoulisses ()

Et ce, après que le principal intéressé ce soit fait agressé physiquement par des partisans après la victoire dans le dernier match →

f: vi + jeff + geoff + ranboo ✈ MET PARX
F: vi + jeff + geoff + ranboo ✈ MET PARX ()

l geoff: you say pink,💓 we say violet! 🖤 you say bieber,🤮 we say parx 🥰 you say emo,😥 we say parxie 😇 you say pop,💥 we say rock 🎸 you twerk? that’s cute. 🙄we cry over it all 😡 you have a fan group? we’re frickin parxies 🤟😚 /c

Canal Games Oficial
Canal Games Oficial ()

Geoff Keighley revela que Miyazaki e a From Software pediram para que Elden Ring fosse o último jogo do #SummerGameFest como uma forma de recompensar os fãs que assistiram o evento inteiro e para elevar/destacar todos os games apresentados antes

IcyRhythms ()

Geoff once again finessed gamers into watching his trash show for one worthwhile reveal. Even Sony’s stuff isn’t usually this boring.

PS5 Only
PS5 Only ()

Contemporary neo-Miami Vice avant-garde casual-boss fashion throwback from Geoff, looking good, GTA Vice City Remastered confirmed 🍸 🌇 ;) #TakeTwo @RockstarGames

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Dr Splenunculus 💙🇪🇸🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🔬🩸
Dr Splenunculus 💙🇪🇸🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🔬🩸 ()

I may be on the tele in a bit but they often edit me out!! #faceforradio #voiceformime

HylianHero98 ()

Good luck on the show today Geoff! Can’t wait to see what’s shown

Fish 🐟
Fish 🐟 ()

@UltimaShadowX This is why Geoff is kept in gamer prison, its the only thing that can hold his spectral form, like in ghostbusters

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La Caverna del Gamer
La Caverna del Gamer ()

ER al lado del melón de ¿ELDEN RING? Ya lo vemos por todas partes xD

Joe Perez
Joe Perez ()

@geoffkeighley @summergamefest GOOD LUCK GEOFF! Thanks for all you do, we’re super excited for the show! 🎉

Cole ()

@waterparks performs gladiator live but geoff and awsten play at each other like a duel

el nohitter 😎
El nohitter 😎 ()

la build para hoy hermanos y hermanas 👍 ahora --------> me saco la no-hit del DS3 20:00 ---> SUMMER GEOFF FEST ELDEN RING?? TAL estamos ya en directo, se viene tremendo dia 1 👇

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Geoff ()

@doctor911_cl Soy francés y no quiero parecer condescendiente. Pero creo que leer o escuchar un médico tan negativo solo da dépression a la gente y no incita la gente a vacunarse sino el contrario. Animo, pueden llegar! Chile es uno de los países más vacunados y eso es muy POSITIVO.

Ghash;ガッシュ ()

Eu ainda não sei pq a galera não ta falando disso Maa a iluminação ta formando um anel brilhante E ali do lado tem um ME que é olho em Japônes (país de origem do Miyazaki) E quando você da zoom na cara do Geoff, os globos oculares dele formam um anel também Ta confirmado porra

Raúl 👹🗝️
Raúl 👹🗝️ ()

@lektro_o Si, fecha le pegaría más a Nintendo. Es para que el Geoff se le salga más el pito a parte del eldelring y el silson.

Punkdefied #E32021
Punkdefied #E32021 ()

@CamFinalMix Geoff said yesterday after rehearsal that its running more than 90 but less than 120 so somewhere in there.

RIPE Labs ()

Why did a network technology like the Internet, designed to pass control away from the central network to the connected devices, succumb to the level of centrality we see today? Geoff Huston shares his thoughts on the topic of centrality: #RIPELabs

Boxing Social
Boxing Social ()

FROM FOOTBALL TO FIGHTING ⚽️ Ahead of her next bout on the #RitsonPonce bill, 3-0 pro @aprilhunterbox recalls how she was scouted by Geoff Hurst while playing football as a child. ➡️ 🔞 @Betfred Fight Odds: #Boxing

Nuala Lucas
Nuala Lucas ()

@DrEdebates @SusannaStanford I think Geoff has been exhausted by the massive amount of education shared already 😉#oaaasm2021

Travis Touchdown
Travis Touchdown ()

Gran tomo, eso se puede aplicar a muchos de los escritos por geoff Johns

Renan, Foca no Subnautica
Renan, Foca no Subnautica ()

Bom dia gente linda Quintou e hoje começa a E3 do Geoff. O que vocês esperam ver?

Adawes ()

@InclusionMoves Agree Geoff. I went to an expo the other day centred on disability products and services. I would estimate 75% of the businesses didn’t exist prior to the NDIS!

Garrus ()

Geoff es la mejor persona, solo lamento que el Summer Game Fest sea online porque eso le quita la posibilidad de meter a gente disfrazada de publicidad

Aegis| El Narrativas
Aegis| El Narrativas ()

Geoff, una cosa te digo, como hoy no nos des la World Premiere de Elden Ring te juro que extingo los doritos y el mountain dew

🎈Chel🎈 ()

geoff i fuckin hate the loud obnoxious ads with u on twitch just fuck off!! im tryin to enjoy a recent limmy stream,,

Mark ()

@RibbonGirlArms @xesusph Por mucho que nos joda “el chiringuito” de Geoff será visto por muuuuuuuucha gente y en Xbox no son tontos. Pasa lo mismo con los TGA, se guardan bombazos para ese evento. El tema es tener, por pequeña que sea, una participación en cualquier evento, sea con morralla o no.

Robert Beeson
Robert Beeson ()

@Geoff_Andrew Can be used very effectively in films. Besides the obvious ones, The Isle of the Dead to accompany stately driving in The Captive.

4theHouse #PlayStation
4theHouse #PlayStation ()

Muchos rumores apuntan a que será en el evento de Geoff donde veremos por fin nuevo material de Elden Ring, lo nuevo de Miyazaki.

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Sarah Parry
Sarah Parry ()

@Geoffre28194640 And you Geoff. We must’ve had quite a bit of rain in the night as everything in the garden is looking a bit waterlogged. I don’t think I’ll be mowing the lawn today

Geoff Norcott
Geoff Norcott ()

For this week’s podcast I spoke to @andrewdoyle_com about the imminent launch of GB News. We also spoke about kneeling, tweeting & over-reaching. iTunes: Google: Spotify:

☚ #あまふわWIN Andrea Bocelli ☛
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