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Cameron Payne became unplayable for the Suns against the Mavs, so Monty Williams benched him George Hill became unplayable for the Bucks against the Celtics, so Budenholzer decided play him more?.

The Bucks flamed out early and regressed in 2020 with George Hill and Wes Matthews on the roster. Milwaukee won the championship without them, and regressed again when they were brought back for significant playoff rolls in 2022. They are not the answer. Move on..

The Bucks really thought it was a good idea to get Wesley Matthews and George Hill as help for Giannis. These are probably the worst role players in NBA history at this point in their careers, and the front office literally knows this and did it anyway like this is a joke..


@big_business_ George Hill has scored 5 points TOTAL this series in 16 minutes per game.

Bud has to go George Hill has to go Grayson Allen has to go Get some actual Wings not 6’5 guards.

muito obrigado jrue holiday e giannis antetokounmpo deram a vida nessa série, mas infelizmente bobby não jogou 1 (um) jogo bem nessa série, allen só jogou o jogo 1 e pat fez o dele na maioria dos jogos sobre george hill, APODRECE NO INFERNO. se aposenta filho da puta..

i need that decrepit old ass of a coach to take grayson and george hill OUT of the fucking game. i can’t stand the 3 of them any more.

@IKE_Bucks Wes been aight but what the fuck Bud thinking when he thinks putting George Hill on one of the best scorers in the league.

@statmuse Grayson, Bobby, George Hill. MUST be dealt this off season. This series really showed how inconsistent and liabilities these players really are.

@Ingrxm__ @big_business_ Bud’s fetish with the fossil of George Hill MUST be investigated.

@Speakeasy35 @Bucks Lol, you should be mad at bum ass coach Bud (the dumbest coach in the league) for playing Grayson Allen and George Hill.

George Hill and Derrick White playing key minutes in a Game 7 is shameful. I expect a formal apology from Adam Silver..

@Thanasis_ante43 go the locker room and yell at Giannis to snap at Grayson Allen, George Hill and Jrue to score buckets and Stop being passive.

@adayday1210 @AndyHermanNFL For some reason he’s just infatuated with George Hill from the Spurs days and his previous stint with Milwaukee. But he’s just not that guy anymore.

@zach_thomass If I see George hill get one more minute or jrue miss another layup I may send my remote thru the tv.

@quadjo_jr How can you choose George Hill over Jevon Carter when your team needs defense?.

Oh hell naw Jevon playing the garbage minutes is the ultimate irony. The George Hill curse is as alive as ever..


@jamesontario12 @IKE_Bucks I agree playing George hill at all this series was a mistake due to Jevon’s momentum in the playoffs.

And fire budenholzer…..him insisting on George hill and Grayson Allen lost the series fr.

@BonnerMVP_ E com George Hill tbm né. Todas as bolas de 3 são em cima dos dois e esse velho do caralho, fica insistindo nessa..

@Drie_215 Kyrie may have the deepest bag in the league he was non existent after game 1 as well. And Giannis is seeing those same double and triple teams in the paint cuz they aren’t worried about Grayson Allen Wesley Mathew George hill any of them..

@mollyhannahm He can shoot, he lit up the bulls. The real question is what does George hill have on him 😂.

@Bucks If I don’t see a change next half they gotta fire coach Bud in the off-season. Idgaf Giannis has led his coaching career. It’s the same shit with dominant players in the league. Take George hill out and put carter..

@JimOwczarski George Hill wouldn’t be playing on any other team. Just dumb that he’s playing minutes on this team. Should be Carter.

Pleasssssse pleasassee take George Hill off 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #Bucks.


Bucks need to look at playing javon carter over George hill. Hill is giving them absolutely nothing..

@BucksFilmRoom Nothing like George Hill getting beat on the drives that leads to a lay up or a wide open 3..

@Bucks As a true bucks fan I think I speak for us all when I say George Hill and Grayson Allen need more minutes.

@BengalHappiness they will tweak the roster the Donta trade did not work out. He might have helped some this Grayson did not work out, and George Hill is probably done..

@CerronJr @low__kei__ Lol Cerron😂 I just really don’t get it. Then we have George Hill? Wtf we suppose to do with that. Idk why Mike still the coach.

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