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Still can’t get over this catch by George Pickens 🔥 #PITvsCLE on Prime Video Also available on NFL+.

Steelers rookie WR George Pickens has been targeted six times in two games; he says he was open 90 percent of the time against the Patriots..

Please just give me a play-action deep shot to George Pickens on the first or the second play of the game. Don’t care if he’s even; throw it up and give him a chance. #Steelers.

.@nateburleson reacts to George Pickens’ OBJ-esque catch, previews Packers-Bucs, and remembers his favorite moments from #GMFB in London 🇬🇧.

Apparently WR George Pickens started out 5/65 and is the next coming of Jesus while Christian Watson is 5/43 and is a bust. Lest we forget it could easily be 6/118 with 1 TD. Slow your roll folks..

In honor of the catch of the year. Take $36 (yards) off our George Pickens jerseys! Regular $130.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by Definitely You,Definitely You on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

George Pickens continued his ascension toward NFL stardom on Thursday night, making a one-handed grab that left onlookers stunned..

Fantasy Recap to the Browns and Steelers Nick Chubb 👑 George Pickens 🔥 Najee Harris 🤔.

Steelers WR George Pickens grabs national attention with improbable catch #Steelers.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by Steelers Depot 7⃣,Steelers Depot 7⃣ on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

I just know because I’m not starting George Pickens tonight, he’s gonna get all the points..

Highlight of the night. Get this man involved more! Catch of the year by George Pickens.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by SteelTwins | (1-2),SteelTwins | (1-2) on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

@pay_way32 @jayosexy #1 WR in his class, immediate impact at Georgia day 1. Torn his ACL in the spring and came back in the natty didn’t skip a beat. Tore Pittsburgh DBs a new ass all preseason, great blocker and you need him to prove his has talent? Just say you don’t know George Pickens 😂.

@Steelersdepot Pat Freiermuth and George Pickens both have over 50 yards receiving AND touchdowns tonight..

@jeromesgrandson Najee TD score, Jacoby Brissett under 190 passing yards Mitch Trubisky under 185 passing yards. George Pickens TD score. Under points. Steeler moneyline.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by Gil Faizon,Gil Faizon on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

George Pickens been doing this 😤 ( 📸:@mattfreedpghpg).

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by NFL on ESPN,NFL on ESPN on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo


It’s only the third game of the season and George Pickens looks to be a sour apple already, interesting.

Friday Dawg Bites Is A George Pickens Appreciation Account.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by National Champions HBTMFD,National Champions HBTMFD on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

¡La jugada del año! George Pickens sorprende con espectacular recepción en derrota de Steelers VIDEO.

George Pickens Photo,George Pickens Photo by La Afición,La Afición on twitter tweets George Pickens Photo

@bordanjuff Skyy Moore outperformed George Pickens in the first 2 weeks and Skyy barely getting any snaps, yall really overreacting over a catch lmfao.

Bears twitter would have y’all thinking George Pickens went 10 for 150 and 2 TDs last night Man went 3 for 39, 36 of which came on one catch. Y’all wild 😂😂.

It’s so damn sad we about to play week 3 game and y’all still sitting here crying over George Pickens.

Here is the difference, if George Pickens does something stupid, you know Tomlin will be all over him. When Hayes and Castro blatantly break team rules, they are not even benched one game (out of 162) excuses are made for them like “it’s an outlier). There is zero accountability.

@jbchoknows The thing I took away is as Mitch gets more comfortable throwing the ball in this offense and if they begin to have a faster pace of play, then I want George Pickens second half of the season.

Took the under on George Pickens bc he really gets no targets as it is and he’s the 5th option at best lol.

@Steelersdepot George Pickens pulls a rookie move from Moss and puts up 3 catches, 3 Td’s and 100+ yards.

@Steelersdepot George pickens catches 4 for 60+ and a td. Offense gets 2 tds. And the most Chubb and hunt COMBINE for <120yds and 1 td. Steelers W 17-10..

Just got a notification that Josh Jacobs is now listed as Questionable… I’ll take it as sign from the Fantasy God’s to Flex in George Pickens for Prime Time TNF 😤 #HereWeGo 🙌.

ANNOUNCEMENT: George Pickens has been brought up to WR4 for tonight’s game. #GoWolves.

If Mitch Trubisky can’t beat the Browns with the deep ball on Thursday night, is it time to see if Kenny Pickett can?.

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