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The Buffalo Killers Manifesto is on message from @EliseStefanik TV ads. @NEDemocracy Do you understand that. She is using the language of 1930’s Germany. A Sicker, violent person weaponized those words and the blood is flowing in Buffalo. Either remove her or close down..

BREAKING: 60 Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in western Germany to use the howitzer 2000 artillery system.

BREAKING: Germany says it can cope with a boycott of Russian gas as soon as this winter.

Congratulations Ukraine. Bottom two countries in #Eurovision2022 Germany and France, top two Ukraine and UK. Well done everyone..

ハーランドの穴埋め役は誰になる ドルトムントはオランダで暴れる大型FWにも目を付けた|theWORLD(ザ・ワールド)|世界中 ... ➡️やはらハラー来ましたか.

Moonsun moments : Korea - Germany 💕 I miss you #MOONSUN #MAMAMOO.

@BLSchmitt Shame Merkel ensured Germany was dependent on the Kremlin for its energy. Has anybody looked into why she might have done that?.

Going by some deeplore i found on youtube today Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz escaped Germany in 1945 and fled to Argentina where he has been hunted by mossad agent Perry the Platypus ever since. hrmmm.

edi wow sanaol kay pera pumunta sa germany. yung ticket papunta doon pwede nang pang one year na budget namin sa bahay🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲.

pipeline project to Germany — but the sanctions might not have much effect given that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is almost complete..

I remember when this was pretty much a non-issue and just grandstanding by likely because he hates Angela Merkel and The Senate has approved a defense bill that will see sanctions imposed on companies working on Russia’s massive flagship gas.

@RyanSarai1 They cost 1 cent on Amazon apparently, so we should be trying to find who paid for them to give them away. I’ll go first: Stephen Harper and his RW think tank based in (drum beat) Berlin Germany!.

You don’t scare me I grew up in Germany shirt.

Germany Photo,Germany Photo by Heaven T-shirt Shop,Heaven T-shirt Shop on twitter tweets Germany Photo

i-engenes and k-engenes going to germany. istg enhypen run. i don’t think it’s a joke anymore 😭 if u can’t run, prepare yourselves 😭.

Ladies of Germany, you can buy some great toys online. Save water. Buy yourself a vibrator on Amazon. You can thank me later. 😉.

@K_Moessbauer Germany has not got a good War Chancellor. Germany has not got good Peace Chancellor. Germany has a Great Finanz Chancellor..

@KolbenLp @ATC_BAND Münster is not really northern Germany, especially when judging from Hamburg, but could still be reachable..

@TheGuyInBlack13 Compare South Korea and North Korea Compare erstwhile West Germany and East Germany The difference is obvious. Countries that align with USA end up prosperous.

para sa mga pilipinong pupunta shuta galingan nyo ha iwagayway nyo bandera natin sa germany 😭🫰🏻.

Esha Singh And Saurabh Chaudhary Win Gold In Mixed Team Pistol Gold In ISSF Junior World Championship Suhl, Germany. #currentaffairs.

@KristinaA1994 Ukraine is not a trustful partner, neither the western countrys are. Remember the Minsk agreement where France and Germany guaranteed, was constatly broken and undermined by GER, FRA and UKR..

But not all was rosy, European allies started to feel the pressure, fiscal deficits were ballooning under high oil prices. Italy had to paws some of its gold to Germany. There were many bilateral meetings with oil producers. Consumers and producers.

@CoinLedger Serious question. Would moving to germany with fat bags be an issue or would I simply have to hold for another year to cash out?.

@kelephant20 People in Germany and Wyoming hacked my yahoo which I found odd bc nothing is tied to that account and I only use it for fantasy football… but maybe it was the email more than the yahoo account….

Asamkirche Church ⛪️ in Munich, Germany 🇩🇪 Photo © by Digitaler Lumpensammler.

Germany Photo,Germany Photo by Jerry Whitney,Jerry Whitney on twitter tweets Germany Photo

@louisxix_ @lijukic USA date for this question is 1776, but by that reasoning Germany is 1990..

Semi-Finals Germany 0-0 Netherlands (AET, Netherlands 5-4 on pens) France 1-0 Portugal.

now that dreamies are in germany, i realized fans can take pics with them in public place 🥹.

@rohantalbot Stop rioting. Accept the loss of land. you were the agressor and lost. Because that is what every nation had to do (germany, poland, russia, UK, France, Japan.).

@liberty_c0dex @shoe0nhead Privatization was literally coined in nazi germany because of how many businesses they took from public or jews and turned private.

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