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😳 “The biggest disappointment today was Coutinho. He was nonexistent.” 👀 “Gerrard has faith in him, but how long can you keep playing him??” Gabby Agbonlahor admits he was disappointed by Philippe Coutinho today.

Gerrard needs to remove his fucking ego and use the money he’s been given. Otherwise it’s a downwards spiral from here. Sign an 8 tomorrow morning. #AVFC.

Lampard losing 1-0 to Chelsea vs Gerrard losing 2-0 to newly promoted Bournemouth with a fully fit team.

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@lmechegaray You watch more than I do, but I would not be content about his work last season, especially with what he got in market. I scroll thru all the sites every Monday, I see criticism for Tuchel and others less deserving that what I hear for Gerrard..

I think there’s a high chance that gerrard turns out to be a just a really poor manager.

13/14 was peak football season: Atleti LaLiga triumph at the Camp Nou. EPL top scorers: Luis Suarez, Sturridge and Yaya Toure. Gerrard slip. Peak Conte at Juventus with Pirlo and Pogba winning the Seria A with 102 points. 7-1 host defeat and arguably the GOAT World Cup final..

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@DBGerrard @MichaelGerrard Remembering that Dad reads my tweets.

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Then it’s down to you then Gerrard and your “tactics” #avfc.


Can see Gerrard in a bit of trouble for the same reason I think every Villa manager is eventually fucked, the expectations the owners have is probably way above what’s actually achievable there and that dooms anyone from the start..

Onto villa next week. Oh Steven Gerrard the babies not yours 🎶🔵.

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@The_Gerrard_Era @btsportfootball The pitch was too dry for him to stay on his feet apparently. I think that’s the excuse anyway… #victimfc.

Could be us, I don’t even know if I care, this Gerrard situation has baffled me and I don’t know what to think anymore.

@larsthfc Gerrard since joining Villa has the same win percentage as G Nev at Valencia 😭😭😭.

I’ve had plenty of time to calm & reflect on today and I’m worried, because I can’t find a single positive or single defence for Gerrard. The way he set the team up and the way he conducted himself afterwards is embarrassing. I’m genuinely concerned for the next few weeks. #avfc.

@Bill_Gerrard @MichaelGerrard He’s reading this one now and Mom just asked me to explain it.

I hope we have a contingency plan in place for when Liverpool come knocking for Gerrard.

Para que dimensionemos el jugador que está hoy en Nacional. Si hoy el Aston Villa de Gerrard hubiera tenido a Suárez en el equipo no perdía ni en pedo en la primera fecha de la Premier League. Es demencial el peligro que genera en todo el juego..

@alex__mcpherson @iammrazul Gerrard & lampard will not be managers of villa or Everton in 2023..

So all those Villa fans who slate me off for being pessimistic and negative please post your apologies! The ones that insulted me for saying to criticise Gerrard and co have been blocked! But I know you will be secretly thinking this guy really did know what he’s on about!.


Gerrard bringing Coutinho is the exact same thing McGregor used to do with Artem Lobov.

One things for sure I don’t think we got to worry about Gerrard using us as a stepping stone for the Liverpool job #avfc.

we’ve not spent anything for 2 years now. where’s this war chest gerrard was promised? #AVFC.

We’ll win the next two then all of a sudden gerrard’s a genius and no one doubted him. Patience is key. We sold grealish for more than we’ve spent under gerrard. 2 new players won’t magically solve issues after one game..


I’ve actually never liked how Hendo constantly shouts at other players. I’d hate to play with him. Gerrard never did it, and didn’t need to because his aura. I honestly feel that Hendo only does it because you wouldn’t know he’s on the pitch if he didn’t do it..

Steven Gerrard bemoans ‘glaringly obvious’ Aston Villa errors at Bournemouth.

Gerrard will be out a job by October, and in December we’ll have a desperate interview from him where he says he regrets leaving Rangers and would go back in a heartbeat 👍.

@VillaMad3 She was the same when smith got the chop until Gerrard won a few games then was all loved up again 😂.

I’m not sure where I stand on McGinn being made captain - I think Gerrard has picked him as he is trying to make him ‘him’ when he captained Liverpool in that role. If he wanted to change it I would have gone Martinez all day - I don’t think McGinn plays every week either #avfc.

Looking forward to the Frank Lampard vs Steve Gerrard derby coming up next week @TalkAstonVilla.

Haven’t spoken much about today and the result. It’s clear Gerrard hasn’t got the personnel, balance or tactics of the team right. We were second best by a distance today. Managers change and develop, so do teams, but there’s a long way to go at the moment. #AVFC.

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