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“Quem é a ONG dona da plataforma que criou o site do Sleeping Giants”, Gazeta do Povo

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Verde e Amarelo
Verde e Amarelo ()

“Ditadura é quando você manda em mim e democracia é quando eu mando em você” @slpng_giants_pt #SleepingGiantsAnonimosCovardes #SleepingGiantsFascistas

President 46
President 46 ()

@aubrey_huff @SFGiants Truth. Dude, I’m a lifelong Giants fan, but organizations has lost its base. Keep your head where it’s at my man.

SportsCentre ()

“He looks too nonchalant out ” @DavisSanchez & @KateBeirness on the performance of Carson Wentz this year and the play of Giants QB Daniel Jones: #NFL

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The #Giants finally snapped their losing streak to the Eagles, as Daniel Jones had his strongest performance of his career. Grading Jones in win:

Shawn ()

Giants Dolphins 🤝 Making the playoffs this year after a 3 year drought

G.T Bobby Thompson
G.T Bobby Thompson ()

Report: #Giants and K Graham Gano agree to a 3 year $14M extension with $ guaranteed per @RapSheet

Burgers and Blitzes
Burgers and Blitzes ()

Carson Wentz played 4 quarters vs the New York Giants without one turnover and finished the day with a 26. 1 QBR and the L.

New York Giants
New York Giants ()


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pissed off, funny and warm
Pissed off, funny and warm ()

@Giants_do_Caos @NFLdaDecepcao tão dexando os RB deles fazer o q eles quiserem. tá difícil de ver.

Joe Burgos 🇵🇷🇩🇴
Joe Burgos 🇵🇷🇩🇴 ()

I’ve taken so many shots and drank so many beers The Giants better now fuck this up!!!!!

Ella Renée
Ella Renée ()

🎵i want to be where the moss giants are🎵 spending my weekend inside and making the best of it by looking at hiking photos and watching amazing people stream. i hope everyone has/had a wonderful weekend! 🦝🧡

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Michael Cleighton
Michael Cleighton ()

Giants 13 1st downs and 4-6 on 3rd downs. Not good enough from our D. When will this team go in a new direction with our defense. I can’t stand seeing McLeod, Mills and Maddox

Justin Cirillo
Justin Cirillo ()

I need a John Oliver “And Now This” featuring Fox NFL Jets/Giants game bumps to break featuring Billy Joel’s Big Shot

Chase Senior
Chase Senior ()

@DGough94 Understand that. Wentz under duress, coaching staff changes, injuries, not much stability, but the Giants have been terrible for years and Jones is pushing through that, developing nicely with the exception of turnovers

Jaded Mets Fan
Jaded Mets Fan ()

@Neberenz @EvanRobertsWFAN The giants were 1-6, Markus Golden was terrible all year and he was on a 1 year deal. There is literally nothing wrong with trading him.

Charles Lockerman
Charles Lockerman ()

@sethjoyner Was thinking same thing. We scored blitz and giants audible to different play on 5 yard line, we s fluid have switched to man coverage. We don’t and dion Lewis beats zone on sideline. If you bump him no way that catch occurs. Terrible.

Rafael Moura
Rafael Moura ()

@EaglesBrazil E o time teve duas semanas pra se preparar pra jogar contra o time limitado dos não dá mais pra defender nenhum setor do time, principalmente o coach staff

Cedric ()

@Eagles have some terrible linebackers damn. Giants running the ball without any resistance

Thomas Stelzer
Thomas Stelzer ()

I’m really just over this entire coaching staff, I know I say it weekly. But we are the more talented team. Giants are better coached.

E-Radio.US ()

#e_RadioUS NFL picks for Week 10: Giants used to tight games and will cover

福島G党 ()


David Campanile
David Campanile ()

@Overnundergirl Washington is clicking with Smith at the helm. Big plays against the Giants defense last week which is a better defense than the Lions. Washington covers and may win outright

Mitch Rubin
Mitch Rubin ()

@NYPost_Schwartz Worth mentioning that many of those games saw the Giants leading deep into the 4th quarter only to lose in heartbreaking fashion. There may indeed be a curse involved

츠 ()

@jongshinlottev3 아 잘 지나가도 너무 잘 지나갔다구요 가족 여행 숫자 안 맞잖아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ()

@gazetadopovo Sérgio Moro defendeu o Sleeping Giants como milícia digital ... cuidado gazeta o bumerang volta !!!

讀賣巨人軍応援歌 ()

背番号18 杉内俊哉 静かにされど熱く 胸に秘めた想いよ マウンドの華となり 鮮やかに咲き誇れ #giants #kyojin

福島G党 ()

>RT まじでこれ。ピッチャーに打席立たせるメリットが俺には分からん。

👑KingCap🧢Locks🔑 ()

1 o’clock: Giants +4 (3U) Jaguars +14 (3U) 4 o’clock Chargers +2 (3U) Rams (3U) Bills +3 (3U) 49ers +10 (3U)

Sports Junkie
Sports Junkie ()

Titans and lions were losers which means a 3-2 week 8. Took week 9 off didn’t love the board. Season record 28-14. Favorite 5 for week 10: Niners +10 Giants +4 Hawks + Ravens-7 Vikings

Ana Paula Henkel
Ana Paula Henkel ()

“Quem é a ONG dona da plataforma que criou o site do Sleeping Giants”, Gazeta do Povo

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