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Turn the lights off, CARRY THE CUP HOME!! #GoAvsGo x #FindAWay.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Denver Broncos,Denver Broncos on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

You know what time it is 😏 #NewProfilePic #GoAvsGo @Avalanche.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Denver Nuggets,Denver Nuggets on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

IT DID GO IN! @AltitudeSR and the rest of Avs Faithful probably. #GoAvsGo.

Burky with the third goal in the first period. Worth getting up at 6am for! #GoAvsGo.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Colorado Avalanche,Colorado Avalanche on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗙𝗘𝗖𝗧 sweater weather😌 #GoAvsGo X #Rockies.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Colorado Rockies,Colorado Rockies on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

The @Avalanche have 9 goals so far this MacKinnon and Makar have ONE combined point. 😳 #StanleyCup | #GoAvsGo.

@byesline and I talked about it on Friday. The Avs just need to get one game in Tampa. Tonight obviously wasn’t the night but game 4 will be!!! #GoAvsGo.

Welcome back home, @mattcalvert11 ❤️💙 We missed you. @RachRachlinski x #GoAvsGo.

Just woke up. Am I still dreaming or did last night really happen?! 7-0?! #findaway #goavsgo.

Odds on a MacK hat trick in game 4?? We all know mad Nate is the best Nate #GoAvsGo.

Does Kiszla actually exist, or does the Post just have a tank of those Family Guy manatees that select idea balls to produce each column script? #GoAvsGo.

Nico Sturm schießt, Andrew Cogliano fälscht ab: Der Deutsche ist entscheidend am 2:2 der Colorado @Avalanche bei den Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) beteiligt! 👏👏👏 #GoAvsGo | #Sturm.

Zwei Siege fehlen der @Avalanche #StanleyCup #GoAvsGo.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by NHL Deutsch,NHL Deutsch on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

This looks like a grade school watercolor painting on a slope. #GoAvsGo.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by SCF Analyst Donald Sanger,SCF Analyst Donald Sanger on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

Tampa made adjustments after losing to Colorado. I expect and hope Colorado does the same. Come back in game 4 Colorado #GoAvsGo #FindAWay.

One of the most frustrating things about sports is that, no matter how much we complain (rightfully so) about the officiating, it just does not change. #GoAvsGo #StanleyCup.

Up next: our heroes head to Tampa to push the defending champions to the brink of elimination in Game Three on Monday night! Until #GoAvsGo.

Everything has been put to the outside. Not a lot of work. Colorado does not give up a lot of shots. The Avalanche winning not because of goaltending but because of offense, hard forechecking and protecting their goalie. #goavsgo #stanleycup.

O’Connor didn’t even wanna drop them then decided screw it and owned him with some big rights! #GoAvsGo.

Update. Its 3am, June 27th, and the @Avalanche are the #StanleyCupChampions That is all #GoAvsGo.

Sweet Jesus, can anyone give the #GoAvsGo any credit in the first period? Maybe it was really the Avs making them look bad. But hey let’s just keep this narrative that Tampa is just not playing their type of game. #GoAvsGo.

The @Avalanche are the first team since 1985 to have at least four 7-goal games in a single postseason. #GoAvsGo.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Hockey Reference,Hockey Reference on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

The #Avs only gave up as many as six goals in a game four times all season. Their worst loss was an 8-3 defeat at Toronto on Dec. 1. #GoAvsGo.

Watching the replay: I think the @Avalanche needed that game. Their sloppiness comes with confidence. They’re confident, now it’s time to tighten up and get back to basics. I’m sure they’ll laugh a little at tape, and then get pissed. Avs in 5 at home. #GoAvsGo #FindAWay.

Poprvé ve finále naskočil Nazem Kadri. A se zlomeným prstem zápas rozhodl. Bohužel s příliš mnoho hráči #goavsgo na ledě..

Bad game for sure But despite what you may believe by the absolute ass kissing happening by espn right now the lightning did not in fact just win the cup and are still trailing significantly in the series Breathe, regroup and lift the cup in front of their fans #goavsgo.

The Tampa Bay Lightning get calls in their favour 9 times out of 10, and all 10 times they find a way to complain about something. #StanleyCup #GoAvsGo.

Lets fkn gooo lite lallish vinst sådära. Rätt på tippningen i finalen också, både rätt lag och antalet matcher🥰 #GoAvsGo.

Last night wasn’t a dream after all. They did it. They really did it. #GoAvsGo #FindAWay.

#GoAvsGo Photo,#GoAvsGo Photo by Mr. Steal Your Doughnuts,Mr. Steal Your Doughnuts on twitter tweets #GoAvsGo Photo

Come to Colorado. We’ll treat you right! Hope you stay awhile. #GoAvsGo.

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