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We saw God of War trending today. So, we just wanted to say, THANK YOU ❤️🙏🎮.

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ps1: crash bandicoot ps2: resident evil 4 ps3: the last of us ps4: god of war 4.

um dia crio um canal no youtube de gameplay, só p botar nos título PM JOGA GOD OF WAR e a galera achar que é um pm jogando de vdd.

PS1: Cool boarders 3 PS2: GTA San Andreas PS3: Uncharted 3 PS4: God Of War Et vous? (Sans réfléchir le premier jeux qui vous vient en tête pour chaque génération de PlayStation).

@DylanWolfy_ Actually have god of war ready thanks to @kayfrizo, Definitely gunna try it out Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t seem like my game, but Spider Man is for sure in the future Thanks for suggestions 😌.

every day, twitter’s gaming section will manage to show you a new man with 128k followers who loves his tesla, god of war 2018, and has some opinions about epic exclusivity.

I don’t care if the base game itself is still good. I don’t care if I’m not affected by microtransactions. I don’t care if YOU’RE not affected by it. I’ll say it once more, clear as day: IT. DOESN’T. MAKE. IT. OKAY. Rant over. I’m gonna go play God of War to calm myself down..

@Gods_nerd PS1: Tony Hawk pro skater PS2: Gran turismo 4 PS3: God of War 3 PS4: Bloodborne.

Rappel : il y a actuellement une promo sur les PS4 : PS4 Slim 1 To + 2 manettes + CTR + Detroit: Become Human à € ➡️ PS4 Pro + God of War à € ➡️.

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PS1: Crash Bandicoot 3 PS2: Need for Speed Underground 2 PS3: Uncharted PS4: God of War.

@Brenda11641001 @gholland04 We are in the middle of a “silent war” - the war on ur mind. May God bless the broken path before of u seeking the truth. Think for urself. Trust urself. Research for urself. Be in control of urself. NEVER let someone else DRIVE U. Those who try to DRIVE U are not ur friend..

If Sony would make a PS2 Classic console, what games you think will be included? Here is what i think. Socom 1 Killzone The Getaway Tekken TT MGS 2 FF 10 God of War Fahrenheit Sly Cooper Ratchet & Clank Jak & Dexter GTA 3 Star Wars Battlefront NFS U RE CV Siren Yakuza Max Payne.

Ps1: Crash Bandicoot Ps2: GTA San Andreas Ps3: Call of Duty Black Ops Ps4: God of War.

PS1: Xenogears PS2: Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec PS3: The Last Of Us PS4: God Of War.

PS1: THPS2 PS2: San Andreas PS3: Resistance PS4: God of War.

PS1: Digimon World PS2: Shadow of the Colossus PS3: The Last of Us PS4: God of War.

@NMZscape @Mars_god_of_war would you like to wear the rainbow graceful? no thanks.

Never heard of that series till now, sorry. First impression from a trailer makes me think of going neutral in Shin Megami Tensei but with Kingdom Hearts or God of War gameplay. Seems neat..

PS1: Twisted Metal PS2: Kingdom Hearts PS3: God Of War 3 PS4: Persona 5.

@The_CrapGamer I’m waiting for someone in the comments to hype this like it was God of War on the Xbox.

Ps1: Crash Bandicoot Ps2: God of War 2 Ps3: God of war 3 Ps4: Project Diva DX Psp: Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep.

15 God of War 16 Halle 17 Catrina 18 KAROL Y JUANPA CON ALTURA 19 Saoirse Ronan son tendencia en México.

@PlayStationUK PS1: Mega Man Legends PS2: Ape Escape 3 PS3: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time PS4: God of War.

PS1: Tomb Raider PS2: Socom PS3: The Last of Us PS4: God of War 4.

We saw God of War trending today. So, we just wanted to say, THANK YOU ❤️🙏🎮.

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*NEW: America, for the love of God, get rid of these weapons of war. My column:.

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