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Serious injury for Ben Godfrey. Always horrible when you see a player react like that. #CFC #EVECHE.

Doesn’t matter if we win the division or not. Dodgers look scaryyy, it’s their WS to lose..

Jorginho penalty earns Chelsea victory over Everton in game marred by Godfrey injury.

Godfrey Photo,Godfrey Photo by Indy Sport,Indy Sport on twitter tweets Godfrey Photo

#Colombianos #PremierLeague ¡Afuera Yerry! 🙁 Esto dijo Lampard sobre su lesión 👇 😑 No pudieron blindar al colombiano. A los 70 minutos salió de la cancha y estará un largo rato fuera..

🚨 Ben Godfrey Mengalami cedera patah di pergelangan kaki kanannya saat berduel dengan kai saat melawan Chelsea dini hari tadi . Gws godfrey 🙏.

#गौरवशाली_भारत वैदिक संस्कृति और संस्कृत भाषा ही प्राचीनतम है; उनका उद्भव भारत में ही हुआ; उसका सभ्यता स्तर श्रेष्ठ था और पादरियों ने उस सभ्यता के श्रेष्ठत्व को छिपाए रखने का भरसक प्रयत्न किया. (The Celtic Druids, by Godfrey Higgins) शुभ प्रभात! आपका दिन मंगलमय हो!!.

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@OptimisticSpurs @ProTTBasu Godfrey got injured too. I feel sorry for Everton. Chronic mismanagement despite significant investment. And now they end up with such a colossal dimwit for a manager. Would be surprised if they finish any higher than 15th with Lampard..

Lots of positives yesterday defence was much better but with godfrey and mina injured does that mean keane😳 considering I was worried about doucoure and iwobi in midfield they did OK get onana and gueye in we will be much better and if we can add a striker I think we will be Ok.

@CarlosXArguello Se lesiona Godfrey a los 20 minutos de iniciada la temporada, le cobran un penalcito, Koulibaly le saca un pelotón a Gray que era gol y encima pierden. Puro ADN Everton este comienzo..

Everton er for tiden uheldige med skader, da Rob Godfrey senest udgik i nederlaget til Chelsea lørdag aften..

@Philatty Gordon on the left, a proper striker up top and McNeil on the right will create chances. Especially in games we have more possession (can we play 433 when we have Onana and Gueye, especially with Godfrey and Mina injured?).

Everton offer Ben Godfrey injury update as ace heads to hospital after grim Chelsea scenes #ChelseaFC | Daily Express.

Just an appreciation tweet to Everton working on set pieces perhaps midweek? 16 corners face yesterday against Chelsea. Every single one met with brilliant headers from Holgate, Tarkowski and Mina/Godfrey. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

@nickgartland Nick Godfrey isn’t good enough and Mina won’t be going anywhere this season as who will buy him? His body has a not suited to an athletic sport. The signings up to now have given me confidence we are improving.

@garrigan_john They looked solid. Just so unreliable. Want him gone. As for Godfrey what was he doing? Should have passed ball forward and then chasing a lost cause where ball already out. 🤦‍♂️.

@jannerpilgrim Exactly what I thought when I read it, although further down it mutters something about ‘high social value’, which you’d assume includes teaching and nursing, although with this bunch of criminals, who knows? They measure everything in monetary terms. It’s their only interest..

With no Mina and Godfrey for a while plus Onana and gueye coming in we have to now go 433 for me.

@Paddy_Boyland Thought we had a good shape and showed moments of decent stuff. Definitely need a focal point though. DCL injury sent us back to the drawing board. Any news on Godfrey?.


Ben Godfrey suffers fractured fibula against Chelsea as Everton boss Frank Lampard rues ‘freak injury’ and discusses prospect of entering transfer market for replacement.


#NowPlaying On Triumphant Radio : Nara || [30JV] by Tim Godfrey Ft. Travis Greene listen at download App Buy song.

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Everton defender Ben Godfrey suffers a HORROR ankle injury after tackling Chelsea’s Kai Havertz.

Everton defender Ben Godfrey suffers a HORROR ankle injury after tackling Chelsea’s Kai Havertz.

Player Status Change 👍 Begović GK EVE 👎 Mina DF EVE 👎 Godfrey DF EVE 👍 Bissouma MF TOT 👎 Thiago MF LIV #FPL #GW2.

#FantasyAuction Status Alert: Godfrey (EVE) Leg injury - Unknown return date @NooneSimon.

I’m hearing Ben Godfrey injured . Might have a think about challenges he throws out himself now . GWS tho.

Espeluznante lesión de Godfrey en el Everton - Chelsea: fue evacuado con el tobillo roto.

In a lovely hotel in London with a resident cat called Sir Godfrey ♥️❤️♥️ 🐈.

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