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Final: #9 ND 30 | USC 27 Irish Nation is everywhere, even the Los Angeles Coliseum. #GoIrish ☘️.

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Every. Moment. ⤵️ The rivalry continues with another @NDFootball win over Southern Cal and we’re reliving every 🔥 play. #GoIrish.

Game Observations: Analysis of the Notre Dame defense from its 30-27 win over USC. It was tale of two halves for the Irish defense. #GoIrish.

#IrishWearGreen and they beat Southern Cal ☘️✌🏽 #GoIrish.

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Ask Georgia how #RivalryWeek went? I’ll take a 30-27 win over USC team structure is better than last year and waaaayy better than the year before that so yea we’ll take it. @CFBPlayoff isn’t a reality but an 11-1 New Years 6 is within our reach #GoIrish ☘️💚.

Irish hold on. USC had to use two timeouts on their TD drive. Irish hold on to the ball and win the game 30-27 #GoIrish #BeatSC.

Ha ha nanny nanny boo boo. #Goirish. Lol. Naw [email protected] was a good game.

Final: #9 ND 30 | USC 27 Irish Nation is everywhere, even the Los Angeles Coliseum. #GoIrish ☘️.

Big play for USC. St. Brown reels in a one-handed catch to get USC within a score. ND leads 20-13. #GoIRISH.

@NDrules43 Can’t watch the game because I’m up north, but #GoIrish 🍀🍀🍀.

How many calls are the refs going to miss or not call on USC? let’s go @pac12 refs. You guys are the worse refs in the country no wonder why no one from that conference makes the playoffs. Bad teams and worse referees. #USCvsND @NDFootball #GOIRISH.

When Hunter Renfrow tries to sleep at night ... all he thinks about is how he wishes he was Chris Fink cc: @NickHjeltness #GoIrish ☘️ #RaiderNation.

Why is #1 for USC keep changing numbers? I swear it is like the third time his number has changed. #GoIrish.

At the half we are leading 17-3!!! Let’s Go!!! #GoIrish #BeatSC ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈.

And @PeteButtigieg shouts out @NDFootball. A good time to mention that the Irish are up 17-3 against the Trojans. #goirish.

After a slow start, the Irish have scored on 3 straight drives and lead 17-3 going into the half! #GoIrish.

man you got some good friends adn you are a good friend. #GoIrish #BeatTrojans.

FG IRISH!! 17-3 Irish!!! Let’s Go!! #GoIrish #BeatSC 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️.

Doerer with the field goal, and it’s GOOD!!!!! With 15 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, it’s #NotreDame 17 - USC 3. #GoIRISH.

Pretty sure that’s the first QB sack by an Irish wearing pink pony beads. Where’s Bertchy?? #GoIrish ☘️.

No way Clay makes it back to his office with a job tonight #goirish #onecanhopethough.

My wife, watching the pocket break down and Irish going in for the sack, screams “EAT THEIR HEADS!” I don’t know what the hell that is supposed to mean, but I’m with her on this one! #GoIrish.

Nothing says Fall is here like a great @NDFootball 🏈 game, fire going and a great #StoutBeer #GoIrish🍀.

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Alan Page enjoying the Notre Dame game with the grands! #GoIrish.

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Sports are actually making me tired. Irish is a slow game and baseball is taking forever to start. #GoIrish.

One of the best #NFL executives I ever met is now running recruiting @NDFootball. Thank you Bill Rees for taking time today to talk @HutBridge. #GoIrish.

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